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Ferry schedules and ferry tickets to Ios

Ios is located in the south of the Aegean sea and is well connected to Athens (Piraeus and Rafina), other islands of the Cyclades like Mykonos, Santorini or Naxos as well as Crete. The island’s location, beauty and lifestyle make Ios a very popular summer destination so we recommend you search and book your ferry tickets and accommodation in advance. Use the Ferryhopper search engine to find all the available itineraries, book your tickets and start planning your holidays to Ios as soon as you can!

How to go from Athens to Ios

Ios is well-connected to Athens with ferries operating throughout the whole year. In the winter, the ferry route is served only from the port of Piraeus. During the summer months, due to the increased demand, there are ferries also connecting Ios with the port of Rafina. 

Ferry from Piraeus to Ios

The port of Piraeus is connected to Ios with frequent itineraries throughout the year. During low season, there is at least one ferry per day serving the Athens (Piraeus) to Ios route. The departure times are usually early in the morning, around 7am - 7.30 am and the ferry ticket costs from 30€ to 40€ for a standard economy seat.

During high season, there are many ferry options from Piraeus to Ios both in terms of departure time and the duration of the ferry trip. There are at least 2 ferries departing from Piraeus to Ios every morning at around 7am and at least 2 ferries departing in the afternoon. The ferry route is served by both conventional and high speed vessels so the ticket prices depend on the type of ferry that you choose for your trip. Indicatively, the prices range from 20€ to 60€. These are data based on 2019 and we would recommend that you check the ferry schedules as they are subject to change every year.

Ferry from Rafina to Ios

The port of Rafina connects to Ios only during the summer months with frequent itineraries. There is at least one ferry departing daily from Rafina to Ios, usually early in the morning, and the ticket prices start from 45€. 

How long is the ferry trip from Athens to Ios

The ferry trip from Athens to Ios depends on the port of departure as well as the type of vessel that you choose to travel with. The port of Piraeus is approximately 200 km (125 miles) away from the port of Ios and the ferry trip can last from 4 hours to 12 hours depending whether you travel with a conventional ferry or a high speed vessel. The distance between the port of Rafina and Ios is approximately 180 km (110 miles) and since the route is mainly operated by high speed ferries the duration of the trip is from 4 hours to 6 hours. 

Island hopping around Ios 

Ios is in a key location among the Cycladic islands and for that reason it is an excellent option for island-hopping! During the summer Ios is very well connected with the nearby islands of Santorini, Naxos and Paros as well as with Mykonos and Herakleion. Check ferryhopper for all the available ferry routes and start planning your island hopping to the Greek islands as soon as possible! 

Holidays in Ios 

If you like the combination of beautiful beaches, impressive sunsets and intense night life then Ios is definitely your ideal holiday destination! Entertainment and nightlife are two of Ios’ strongest points that have contributed to the island’s popularity over the years, particularly amongst young people. 
The areas of Gialos (the port), Mylopotas and Chora have a great selection of restaurants, bars as well as night clubs that usually stay open until the morning hours. Throughout the summer the island hosts parties, dj sets, and big events so that in Ios the party never stops! 

Ios has a charming character that combines the party atmosphere with crystal clear waters, beautiful views of the Aegean, and a diverse option of activities to do across the island. No wonder that many of its visitors make Ios a holiday tradition and return to the island every year! 

Beaches of Ios

Ios has many beautiful beaches, few of them also awarded with the iconic Blue Flag eco-label for their quality (Mylopotas, Ormos and Magganari). The beaches of Ios give a wide range of options, from sandy long beaches to hidden bays only accessible by boat or hiking paths. Below you can find a list with few of the best beaches in Ios:

  1. Mylopotas
  2. Magganari
  3. Kalamos
  4. Koumbara
  5. Psathi
  6. Papas
  7. Tris Ekklisies

Activities in Ios

The island of Ios offers a wide range of outdoor activities that are for all ages and can satisfy different tastes.

  1. Windsurfing 
  2. Kitesurfing
  3. Watersports
  4. Diving
  5. Hiking 

Things to do in Ios  

When you visit Ios it is hard not to follow the party rhythm that defines it, however the island is also full of beautiful spots and sites to explore. 

  1. The Windmills above Chora, indicative of the traditional cycladic architecture
  2. Panagia Chremiotissa, a church on the top of Chora which is the island’s landmark - one of the first things one sees when entering the port of Ios
  3. The remains of the Venetian Castle in the area of Paleokastro, with a breathtaking view to Naxos, Amorgos and Donousa.
  4. The archaeological site of Skarkos, an ancient organised settlement of as early as c. 2600 BC.
  5. The archaeological museum of Ios, in the centre of Chora
  6. Odysseas Elytis theatre, an ancient Greek style theatre built in 1997 with a breathtaking view to the Aegean sea. Over the summer, you might get lucky and see a music or theatre performance there!

How to book your tickets to Ios

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Ios has direct ferry connections with 24 ports:

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