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Cyclades, Greece

Milos is a very popular Greek island of the Cyclades, which is right next to Kimolos. It is a volcanic island with a rich archaeological history and beautiful landscapes and beaches. Milos is a lovely summer destination and an ideal starting point for an island hopping, since it is connected with many other beautiful islands of the Cyclades, the Dodecanese or even Crete. You can find further information about the island of Milos, including all ferry connections and their respective itineraries on Ferryhopper!

How do I get to Milos?

You can travel by ferry to Milos from mainland Greece through the port of Piraeus in Athens. The main port of Milos that is connected with Athens and other islands is Adamas and it is located in the center of the island. The ferry route from Piraeus to Milos runs regularly with weekly trips and the ferry journey between the two ports lasts from 3 to 7 hrs. Keep in mind that there is the option of vehicle transportation through the ferries’ garage

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Island hopping from Milos

Milos is located in the southewestern part of the Cyclades. There are many direct ferry routes from Milos to almost every island of the Cyclades such as Santorini, Mykonos, Sifnos, Paros and Naxos. In addition, Milos is connected to Crete, since you can easily travel to the port of Heraklion and Sitia. Finally, you can take a ferry from the port of Adamas in Milos and travel to the Dodecanese like Rhodes or Karpathos

Tip: For most of the ferry routes, there is the option to travel by conventional or high-speed ferry. You can check all the types of ferries and their ticket prices on the Ferryhopper pages!

Milos has a lot of ferry connections with other islands and you can find all of them on the interactive Ferryhopper map of ferries! Plan your ferry trip and island hopping in the Aegean in just a few clicks!

What kind of ticket discounts are there for Milos?

Ferry companies operating ferries to and from Milos offer various categories of discounts such as “students” and “children”. All you have to do is choose the right category as you book your Ferryhopper tickets and don't forget to bring the corresponding certificate when boarding! You can find more information about the ferry offers that you have on our site.

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What to do in Milos

Milos is an island of great beauty with many beaches, archaeological sites and great food. It is an ideal destination for couples since Milos is considered one of the most romantic greek islands. 

Beaches in Milos

Milos has over 90 beaches that can satisfy even the most demanding visitors. From the famous lunar Sarakiniko with the white rocks to the sandy Firiplaka, there is a beach or every taste with crystal clear waters! Some of our most favourite beaches in Milos are:

  • Sarakiniko
  • Tsigrado
  • Kleftiko
  • Firiplaka
  • Paleochori
  • Agia Kiriaki
  • Provatas
  • Gerakas
  • Firopotamos
  • Papafragas

Settlements of Milos

The settlements of the island follow the picturesque character of the Cyclades, colored in white and shades of blue, with paved alleys, which are ideal for an evening stroll. We suggest that you visit:

  • Plaka
  • Tripiti
  • Triovasalos
  • Adamantas
  • Pollonia
  • Skinopi
  • Klima
  • Mandrakia

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Sightseeing and Activities in Milos

Milos is an island which is inhabited since ancient times until now. Various civilizations have passed and left their heritage, such as the ancient city of Phylakopi, the Roman Theatre, the Christian Catacombs and the Byzantine Castle. It is also the island where the famous statue of Aphrodite of Milos was discovered. Here is a short list of Milos cultural sites to visit

  • Archaeological Museum
  • Archaeological Site of Phylakopi
  • Ancient theater
  • Catacombs
  • Mining Museum

Apart from sightseeing, you should explore the natural beauties of Milos. With one of the many boats that make the tour around the island on a daily basis you can see most of the island's beaches in one day. Also, the ferry route from Milos to Kimolos is daily and the journey takes about 1,5 hr, giving you the opportunity for a one day excursion to an equally beautiful smaller island!

Food in Milos

In Milos, you can find excellent quality products and many tasty local recipes. It is famous for its traditional watermelon pie and spoon sweets, while in Paleochori, you can enjoy goat baked in the sand. The traditional “ladenia” of Milos and Kimolos is a great choice for breakfast, while nothing better suits the sunset than a chocolate pie with ice cream.

Useful information about the island of Milos

Milos is a well-developed island with all the necessary services for your vacation! Gas stations are located around the island and the health center is just outside Plaka and most supermarkets are located in Adamas. In Milos there are also camping facilities near the beach of Achivadolimni. 
Useful telephone numbers for your holidays in Milos:

  • Milos Health Center: 22873 60000
  • Milos Port Authority: 22870 23360
  • Milos Police: 22870 21204
  • Milos Citizens Service Center: 22870 22894
  • Milos Information Office: 22870 22445
  • Municipality of Milos: 22873 60100

Where to book ferry tickets to Milos?

You can book your ferry tickets to Milos online, in just 4 clicks! Check the Ferryhopper search engine, find and compare all schedules and prices and organize your vacation on the beautiful island of Milos!

Milos has direct ferry connections with 29 ports:

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