4 reasons to visit Milos in June

Hey vacay!

It’s time for vacay! Take your swimsuit (the one with the flamingos), your flip-flops and hop on the ferry to Milos because June is the best month to visit the island!

The Ferryhopper team made a list of the 4 main reasons that will take you to the island soon:

  1. Lower prices
  2. Relaxed beach hopping
  3. Amazing photos with no photobombing
  4. Incredible hiking trails

Kleftiko beach in Milos, Greece with turquoise waters and white rocks

The turquoise waters of Kleftiko beach in Milos

1. Lower prices

Are you thinking of going to Milos for your vacation this year? We totally get it! It’s one of the most popular destinations in the Cyclades with enchanting beaches, lunar landscapes and relaxed vibes. However, in order to make your dream vacation a reality, June is the ideal month.

And no, it's not too late! You can take advantage of lower prices in accommodation, restaurants and beach bars, as well as great deals on ferry tickets for 2024, reducing your holiday budget.

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2. Relaxed beach hopping

Assuming that booking your ferry tickets to Milos for your vacation in June is your top priority, what's next on the agenda? The best part! Deep dives, sun loungers and relaxation! Some of the best beaches on the island are only accessible by boat so how about a relaxing beach hopping?

Without a doubt, June is the best month for beach hooping in Milos. In the first summer month, you won’t see any cramped boats or fully-packed coasts and you can explore Sarakiniko, Kleftiko and Fyriplaka. Plus, the reaping winds of the Aegean Sea, also known as meltemia appear in the following months.

A photo of Sarakiniko beach on Milos Island, Greece, showing white volcanic rocks and blue water

White volcanic rocks and deep blue waters on Sarakiniko beach

3. Amazing photos with no photobombing

Do you want to enjoy the picture-postcard landscapes of Milos and explore the multi-colored fishing villages without the crowds? Good news! June, being the epitome of summer relaxation, remains the optimal time to visit Milos yet again.

The village of Klima with its two-story colorful houses and the picturesque harbor in Mandrakia are ideal spots for instagrammable photos without photobombers in Milos! 

So, you can take a walk, take your photos and enjoy beautiful sunsets at your own pace. After all, would a holiday be without relaxation, seaside delights, ice cream indulgence, and capturing unforgettable moments through photographs?

The colorful 2-storey houses in the village of Klima, Milos, Greece

Colorful houses in the picturesque fishing village of Klima

4. Incredible hiking trails

Did you know that Milos is the fifth-largest island in the Cyclades? Over an expanse of 151 square kilometers, you'll encounter lunar landscapes and pristine white rocks against turquoise waters, as well as quaint chapels, pastel-hued houses, and catacombs.

And if you're seeking more than just a leisurely stroll in Plaka, Milos' capital, you can embark on captivating hiking trails to delve deeper into the island's wonders.

Embark on the trail starting from Tripiti village, climb the hill, discover the old windmills, and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. Follow the downhill path to the catacombs and conclude your journey with a visit to the ancient Roman theater.

Discover the beautiful island of Milos in June, where the sun shines warmly without scorching, and it’s less crowded.

Two windmills, one white, the other made of stone, on a hilltop in Milos, Greece

Stone-built windmills in Tripiti village

Take advantage of the lowest prices in June for carefree summer holidays in Milos and book your ferry tickets on Ferryhopper without hidden fees. Don't forget your sunscreen and see you aboard!