Dodecanese, Greece

Astypalaia or Astypalea: The old city! The butterfly of the Aegean! Astypalaia is the first island of Dodecanese. One of the least famous, but most beautiful islands of Greece! If you want to fall in love and you have already been to Santorini, Astypalaia is the right choice for you!

Ferry tickets and schedules to Astypalaia

Astypalaia is well connected to Piraeus, Naxos, Amorgos, Irakleia, Donousa, Koufonisia, Schinousa, Kos, Chios and the rest of Dodecanese with regular and highspeed ferries (during high season). It is true that the trip to Astypalaia from Piraeus can last 11 hours, but the butterfly-island will reward you!

Holidays in Astypalaia ...

The most impressive Chora of Cyclades! Astypalaia’s main town, aka Chora, is literally one of a kind. Built at the slope of a small hill, with its own port (the old port), windmills and magnificent view steals your heart from the first sight! There are many rooms to let in Chora and in the other villages, but the option of doing camping is proposed. Astypalaia’s Camping is one of the best and is the right place, to meet people, hang out with friends and sleep by gazing at the night sky. 

According to Greek mythology, Astypalea was the sister of Europa and Poseidon was madly in love with her. Poseidon seduced her, by carrying her away having the form of a fish-tailed leopard. She had two sons by him: The King of Samos and the king of Kos. After her death, Astypalaia island was named after her, in order to be close to her sons and protect them.

Activities in Astypalaia

Astypalaia is a small island being almost separated in two parts. Going for a swim at this island requires having a car or being willing to do auto stop. There are many beaches with many different characteristics: rocky beaches, sandy beaches, lonely beaches and beaches with a great view. The most famous ones are Tzanakia, Plakes, Ble Limanaki, Steno, Vatses and Kaminakia.
If you love hitchhiking and walking you will love the path network of the island! Having the opportunity to enjoy fresh fish at the old port or go for a drink at “Kastro” Caffe Bar in Chora, will certainly enrich your vacations. Of course, Chora is not the only destination if you want to taste delicious treats and drinks. Maltezana, Livadi and Vathi are the other villages that you could visit during your vacations.
Island hopping or a one-day cruise around Astypalaia is also an excellent option. You can spend one day of your vacations sailing around the island and reaching the near small islands like Kounoupi, Koutsomiti and Plakida. The beaches there are amazing and the whole experience is really worth. To enjoy it to the fullest be sure to bring plenty of food and water with you, because these small islands are uninhabited.

A summer story from Astypalaia

“I visited Astypalea in 2014 and 2016, both times for summer vacation in August with a company of friends. We stayed at the camping which is the nicest I have been in Greece, full of nice shades, very clean and nice café and restaurant. Both times we had a car and I consider it necessary since many of the famous beaches are far and there is no bus service, however, hitchhiking and bus are very common means of transportation especially for the campers. The island is quite small and we visited most of it apparat from some distant beaches like Agios Ioannis that needs 2 hours hiking to reach. I would miss the great food at the cantina of Megalo Steno beach and sitting on the top of church close to the castle in Chora enjoying the incredible view. If I had to describe Astypalea with a short phrase this would be: “the most impressive Chora in Cyclades”.
Christos, 31 years old

Astypalea has direct ferry connections with 12 ports:

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