white and blue ferry of Kalymnos Maritime Co, sea, rocks

Ferry tickets from Kalymnos Maritime Co. S.A

Kalymnos Maritime Co. S.A. is a greek ferry company that operates in the Dodecanese and is based in Kalymnos. Its goal is to meet the needs of ferry itineraries between the Dodecanese, often and safely.

Kalymnos Maritime Co serves 3 ferry lines. One of them is towards Pythagorion of Samos with intermediate stops in Leros, Lipsi, Patmos, Arkioi and Agathonisi. Another is from Kalymnos to Astypalea and the last one is from Kalymnos to Mastichari of Kos.

The fleet of Kalymnos Maritime Co consists of 3 ferries: Nissos Kalymnos, Kalymnos Star and Kalymnos Dolphin. Nissos Kalymnos is the largest of the 3 and operates the routes Kalymnos - Samos and Kalymnos - Astypalea, while at the same time it has a garage for the transport of vehicles. Kalymnos Star and Kalymnos Dolphin are dolphins that serve only the route Kalymnos - Kos.

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