Croatia ferries 2023: a complete guide

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Summer is here, so if you are looking for your next holiday destination, the enchanting coast and magical islands of Croatia will steal your heart. And what better way to travel to Croatia and get around than by ferry?

On this page, you can find all ferry schedules and companies traveling within and to Croatia in 2023. Pick the ferry routes that suit you best, compare prices, and explore the Croatian wonders of the Adriatic Sea with cheap ferry tickets online!

The port and waterfront of Split city in Croatia

The magnetic Dalmatian port city of Split

Ferry routes within Croatia

In 2023, it’s really easy to travel across the Croatian coast, as well as from the mainland to the Croatian islands.

The companies TP-Line, Kapetan Luka - Krilo and Jadrolinija are the protagonists in the Croatian passenger ferry market, serving numerous connections with frequent crossings. Some routes are active all year round, while others operate from April to October.

You can reach so many destinations in Croatia by ferry. Some of the most popular ones are Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar in mainland Croatia, and the islands of Hvar, Korčula, Mljet, Lošinj, Brač, and more.

Check the most popular ferries in Croatia, organized based on the destination:

Ferries to Dubrovnik

The impressive Dubrovnik is a tourist favorite, and well connected by sea with many Croatian towns and ports. You can pick one of these ferry routes to reach Dubrovnik from mainland Croatia:

Split - Dubrovnik ferry

You can usually catch a Split - Dubrovnik ferry from April to October with up to 28 weekly crossings. The ferry trip takes 4.5-6 hours and ferry tickets start at around €45.

Makarska - Dubrovnik ferry

You can normally reach Dubrovnik from Makarska by ferry in the high season with 1 daily crossing. The trip duration is around 3.5 hours and tickets start at €45.

Ferries to Split

The largest city on the Croatian coast is also well connected with the mainland and the islands. Apart from the port of Dubrovnik (check route info above), you can reach Split from one of these mainland ports in Croatia:

Makarska - Split ferry

The Makarska - Split ferry connection is served in the high season, usually with 1 daily crossing. The ferry trip duration is around 1.5 hours and tickets start at €20.

Ferries to Hvar

You can travel to the sunniest island in Croatia from 2 mainland ports: Split and Dubrovnik.

You can also reach Hvar from the neighboring Croatian islands of Brač, Mljet, Korčula, Vis, Lastovo, and Drvenik with many daily ferries in the summer. Tickets to Hvar from the islands are around €7-25. Find out more about the connection from Brač to Hvar: Milna - Hvar and Bol - Hvar ferries.

Split - Hvar ferry

There are up to 20 daily departures from Split to Hvar in the summer months. Split - Hvar ferry prices range from €6 to €20, and the ferry trip takes about 1 hour.

There are also 1-2 daily ferry crossings available in the low season.

Dubrovnik - Hvar ferry

Ferries from Dubrovnik to Hvar are seasonal and there are about 3 crossings a day. The ferry crossing takes around 3.5 hours and tickets usually start at €45.

Ferries, yachts and boats at the port of Hvar island, Croatia

The magical coastal town of Hvar

Ferries to Korčula

An island with idyllic beaches and an enchanting medieval old town, Korčula can be reached from 3 mainland ports in Croatia: Split, Dubrovnik, and Makarska.

Korčula is also connected daily with several Dalmatian islands, such as Hvar, Lastovo, Brač, and Mljet. Ferry tickets to Korčula from these islands are at €9-25. Find out more about the popular Hvar - Korčula ferry route.

Split - Korčula ferry

Ferries from Split to Korčula travel all year round, and there are at least 5 daily crossings to the island in the high season. The trip duration is around 3-3.5 hours and ferry tickets start at €23.

Tip: from Split, as well as from the island of Hvar, you can also reach the port of Prigradica in Korčula.

Dubrovnik - Korčula ferry

There are 4-6 daily ferries from Dubrovnik to Korčula in the summer months and some weekly crossings in low season. The crossing usually takes 2 hours and ferry tickets range from €13 to €25.

Makarska - Korčula ferry

The Makarska - Korčula ferry route is normally served once a day by Kapetan Luka - Krilo. The connection is active seasonally. Ferries take a bit over 1 hour to reach the island and tickets start at around €25.

Ferries to Mljet

Mljet is Croatia's greenest island, with beautiful clean waters and a sandy shoreline. The island has 3 ports, Pomena, Polače and Sobra, and can be reached by ferry from Dubrovnik, Split and Makarksa.

Like most Dalmatian islands, island hopping from Mljet is super easy. You can travel from Mljet to Šipan, Korčula, Hvar, and Brač, with ferry tickets ranging between €5 and €25. Discover more about Hvar - Mljet ferries, Korčula - Mljet (Pomena) and Brač - Mljet ferries.

Dubrovnik - Mljet ferry

Dubrovnik is pretty close to Mljet and you can reach all 3 ports in Mljet with many daily ferry crossings:

Sobra is the closest port to Dubrovnik, with a trip duration of around 1 hour and ferry tickets starting at just €8.

Split - Mljet ferry

You can travel by ferry from Split to Pomena with around 3 daily crossings in the summer. The trip takes 3-4 hours and ferry tickets are at about €25.

Makarska - Mljet ferry

Ferries from Makarska to Mljet normally travel to the port of Pomena once a day. The trip duration is around 1 hour 50 minutes and tickets cost around €25.

Panorama of the green Mljet island in Dalmatia, Croatia

The green paradise of Mljet island

Ferries to Brač

The largest island in Dalmatia is full of sights and outdoor activities opportunities. You can reach the ports of Milna and Bol from Dubrovnik, Split, and Makarska on the mainland.

You can also take ferry trips to Brač from the islands of Hvar, Korčula, and Mljet, with ferry tickets starting at €15.

Dubrovnik - Brač ferry

Ferries from Dubrovnik to Brač travel to the ports of Milna and Bol with around 3 crossings a day. The trip duration is 4-4.5 hours and tickets are at around €45.

Split - Brač ferry

From the port of Split, you can travel to the ports of Milna and Bol:

The ferry trip takes 25 minutes to 50 minutes, depending on the port of arrival, and ferry tickets start at around €9.

Makarska - Brač ferry

You can usually travel by ferry from Makarska to Bol in Brač once a day. The ferry trip lasts only 35 minutes and tickets are at around €20.

Tip: there is also a ferry route from Makarska to the port of Sumartin in Brač, operated by Jadrolinija.

Ferries to Zadar

The unique city of Zadar is a historical destination combining Roman and medieval sights, lots of art and white-sand beaches. If you want to reach it by ferry from the mainland, you can catch a ferry from Pula in the north.

Moreover, there are many daily crossings connecting Zadar with several Croatian islands, such as Lošinj, Ilovik and Silba, with ferry tickets starting at just €10.

Pula - Zadar ferries

You can easily travel by ferry between Pula and Zadar, as there are usually up to 5 weekly crossings connecting the 2 ports. The trip lasts around 4.5 hours and tickets are at around €26.

Ferries to Lošinj

One of the most popular Croatian islands, Losinj is well-known for its lush green landscape and cultural attractions. Mali Lošinj is the island’s main town and large natural harbor, and you can reach it from Pula and Zadar on the mainland. There are also ferries to the village of Veli Lošinj from Zadar.

Lošinj is also the ideal starting point to reach smaller islands around it by ferry, such as Ilovik, Unije, Silba, and Susak. You can find ferry tickets at less than €5!

Zadar - Lošinj ferry

You can catch a ferry to Lošinj from Zadar all year round, with 1-2 daily crossings in the high season. The trip duration is approximately 2 hours and ferry tickets start at €10-13.

Pula - Lošinj ferry

The Pula - Lošinj ferry connection is served all year round. In the summer months, there are usually 5 crossings a week. The crossing lasts around 2 hours and 20 minutes and tickets cost €10-13.

More ferries within Croatia

Other popular routes to the Croatian islands are:

Aerial view of Mali Lošinj and its port in Lošinj island, Croatia

The amazing natural harbor and landscape of Mali Lošinj

Ferries to Croatia from abroad

If you wish to reach Croatia from another country by ferry, you can catch a ferry from Italy and travel easily and comfortably. There are ferries to Croatia departing from 6 ports in Italy: Trieste, Venice, Cesenatico, Pesaro, Ancona, and Bari. From there, you can get to the Croatian towns of Pula, Poreč, Rovinj, Umag, Lošinj, Novalja, Split, Zadar, and Dubrovnik.

In 2023, there are 15 ferry routes in total connecting Italy and Croatia. Bear in mind that you can transfer your vehicle on some ferries from Italy to Croatia, so you can also plan a Croatia road trip.

Find out all about Italy - Croatia ferry routes, companies, prices and offers and plan your trip in the Adriatic Sea!

FAQs for planning a ferry trip in Croatia

What about vehicles on Croatia ferries? Can you travel by high-speed ferry within Croatia? Find answers to these and more questions below.

Which ferry companies operate in Croatia?

The main ferry companies serving routes within Croatia are:

  • TP-Line operating
  • Kapetan Luka - Krilo
  • Jadrolinija

The first two operate with high-speed catamarans, while Jadrolinija has conventional ferries, hydrofoils and catamarans.

The main ferry companies serving routes from Italy to Croatia are:

Can I bring my car on Croatia ferries?

Most vessels operating on domestic Croatian connections are catamarans that don’t have car decks. Therefore, you can’t bring your vehicle on the vast majority of ferries traveling from the Croatian mainland to the islands or between the Croatian islands.

However, you can board your vehicle on certain ferries running between Italy and Croatia. More specifically:

  • between Ancona and Split
  • between Ancona and Zadar
  • between Bari and Dubrovnik

What is the cheapest ferry in Croatia?

The cheapest ferry route starting from mainland Croatia is the ferry from Split to the island of Brač (Milna). You can find ferry tickets for just €9. This is also the fastest ferry running from the mainland to the islands.

There are also very cheap tickets for ferries running between the Croatian islands. For example, tickets for the Lošinj - Susak crossing start at only €4.65.

Overall, tickets for domestic Croatia routes are pretty affordable, as the most expensive ferry is at around €45, while most Croatia ferries are under €25.

Boats at the port of Milna in Brač island, Croatia

The picturesque port of Milna on Brač island

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