Dodecanese, Greece

Ferry schedules and tickets to Nisyros

Nisyros is well connected with Piraeus 3-4 times per week with regular ferries that are operated by Blue Star Ferries. Another option to go to Nisyros is through an indirect ferry connection through Kos. There are several daily ferry schedules that connect Kardamena (Kos) to Mandraki (Nisyros). There are also more options via Kalymnos, Astypalaia and other Dodecanese islands. As there are frequent ferry connections between these islands, Nisyros is also suggested for island hopping.

Vacations in Nisyros ...

Nisyros is a beautiful island formed by a volcano that is still active (don't be afraid, it's totally safe!). Nisyros is an extraordinary island as its volcano (the name of one of the main crater is Stefanos) has formed the island in a quite unique way where volcanic landscapes are mixed with the sea and the nice villages. And the villages are really nice! Starting with Nikia which has a very picturesque square, continuing with Emborios with has been destroyed by a severe earthquake in 1933 and is currently being rebuilt keeping the old aesthetics and serving great food, taking a cocktail in Palloi with the small port and ending in Mandraki with the nice alleys and the beautiful squares. If you visit Nisyros, you should also take a warm spa in Loutra, which are operated by the locals in a beautiful building from the '80s...

Regarding the beaches, the nicest beach of the island is Pahia Ammos (20' of walking) which is a long beach with beautiful black volcanic sand. Avlaki and Hohlakoi are also nice and worth a visit!

Hint: If you visit Nisyros you should go to the sauna cave in Emborios, a small cave of 3 sq. meters, where volcanic heat is creating a small natural sauna!

Nisyros has direct ferry connections with 21 ports:

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