A Ferry(tale) to Naxos 2020

A short guide about Naxos Ferries

Naxos is the biggest island of the Cyclades and a very popular destination for all travelers. Located in the center of the Aegean Sea it is ideal for island hopping. The island is well connected to Athens and almost all other islands of the Cyclades. In this article, we provide a short guide about ferry information for Naxos in 2020.

How to get to Naxos from Athens in 2020?

All ports of Attica (Athens) are connected with Naxos throughout the year:

  1. Piraeus - Naxos: All through the year there are 2 daily ferry crossings from the port of Piraeus to the island of Naxos. The ferries are operated by Blue Star Ferries and the duration of the trip ranges from 5 to 6 hrs. The ferry ticket for single footing passengers costs 20 to 30 € and you have the option to book a bed cabin and to transport your vehicle. Starting from March, Seajets will operate this ferry route with an additional high-speed ferry that reduces the trip duration to 3 hr 30 min and the ferry ticket will cost 60  €. Keep in mind that during July and August, there are many more daily crossings between the two ports. Compare all ferries for the route Piraeus - Naxos.
  2. Rafina - Naxos: From February and until April, you can travel by ferry to Naxos from the port of Rafina with intermediate stops in Tinos and Syros. The ferry route is operated by Blue Star Ferries and its duration is 15 hr 45 min. The ferry connection between Rafina and Naxos, with an intermediate stop in Mykonos, starts in April and the ferry trip takes approximately 7 hrs. From May onwards, there are over 5 direct daily sailings from Rafina to Naxos operated by Blue Star Ferries, Seajets, Golden Star Ferries and Fast Ferries. This ferry duration ranges from 3 to 7 hrs and the price of the standard ferry ticket starts from 33 . Book your ferry for the trip Rafina - Naxos.
  3. Lavrion - Naxos: From February onwards, there is a direct ferry route from the port of Lavrion to Naxos every Friday. The ferry ''Artemis'' of Blue Star Ferries travels for 8 hr 30 min and the ferry ticket costs 24 . Find all ferry itineraries for your dates for the route Lavrion - Naxos.

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Island hopping around Naxos in 2020?

Naxos is connected with almost every island in the Aegean Sea, which makes it an ideal starting point for island hopping.

  1. Naxos - Mykonos: From mid-March, the direct ferry route from Naxos to Mykonos will be operated by Seajets. The route is served daily by a high-speed ferry and the journey lasts approximately 40 min. Keep in mind that this ferry doesn’t carry vehicles, but the company supports e-ticket. Starting from around Easter time (April 12th, 2020), several ferry companies apart from Seajets serve this ferry route, such as Golden Star Ferries, Blue Star Ferries and Fast Ferries. There are over 10 daily crossings in total and the duration of the ferry journey ranges from 35 min to 1 hr 35 min. The ferry ticket costs 25-40 and you can also take your car on board. Book your ferry for the Naxos - Mykonos trip.
  2. Naxos - Santorini: If you want to travel from Naxos to Santorini, there are 1-2 daily ferry routes starting from February 2020. During the high season (May-September 2020), the number of daily sailings increases to at least 8 and the duration of the ferry trip ranges from 1 hr to 2 hr 30 min. The ferry companies that operate this crossing are Blue Star Ferries, Golden Star Ferries and Seajets, which offer high-speed vessels and conventional ones with garages in case you want to transport your vehicle. The ferry ticket prices start from 24  for single footing passengers. Compare all ferries for Naxos - Santorini route.
  3. Naxos - Crete: The direct ferry connection between Naxos and Crete starts in mid-April 2020 with 2 daily crossings to the port of Heraklion and with a weekly one to the port of Rethymno. The ferry companies operating this ferry route are SeaJets and Golden Star Ferries. The ferry trip to Heraklion lasts 3 hr 50 min and the ferry ticket costs around 75 . Furthermore, the duration of the ferry trip to Rethymno is around 4 hr 20 min and the average price of the ticket is 78 . Find ferry crossings for your dates for the trip Naxos - Crete.
  4. Naxos - Paros: These 2 neighboring islands are connected with 1-2 daily crossings from February to mid-May 2020. The ferry operator that serves this ferry route is Blue Star Ferries, the ferry ticket price is 11.5 and the journey lasts 45 min. From mid-May, Seajets also provides high-speed catamarans that make this crossing in 30 min and their ticket costs 23 . From June 2020, there are additional vessels with garages from both operators. If you are looking for a cheap option to travel from Naxos to Paros, there is the vessel ''Artemis'' of Blue Star Ferries that makes this crossing in 1 hr 15 min and the passanger ticket costs only 6 . Find all ferries for your Naxos - Paros travels.

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Island hopping in the Small Cyclades in 2020

Naxos is connected to all the islands of the Small Cyclades with several sailings during the week. For 2020, the ferry companies that provide the ferry routes from Naxos to Amorgos, Donousa, Koufonisia, Schinoussa and Irakleia are Blue Star Ferries, Seajets and Small Cyclades Lines with the well-known vessel ''Express Skopelitis’’. In February, there are daily crossings and in April, their number usually is increased. More specifically:

  • Naxos - Amorgos: Naxos is connected with both ports of Amorgos; Katapola and Aegiali. There are high-speed vessels by Seajets that travel only to Katapola and the trip lasts 1 hr 30 min. The ferry ticket costs almost 30 . Express Skopelitis travels to both Katapola and Aegiali, the ferry ticket is around 12 and the ferry journey ranges from 3 hr 50 min to 6 hr 20 min.
  • Naxos - Koufonisia: Starting from May 2020, there are daily crossings from Naxos to Koufonisia by Seajets and Express Skopelitis. The duration of the ferry trip to Koufonisia ranges from 30 min to 2 hr 30 min and the cost of the ferry ticket from 8.5  to 26 .
  • Naxos - Donousa: From mid-April 2020, there are 3 weekly sailings to Donousa operated by Express Skopelitis. The ferry duration is almost 4 hrs and the ferry ticket costs 8.5 .
  • Naxos - Schinoussa & Irakleia: You can travel to Schinoussa with Express Skopelitis as well. During the high season of 2020, there will be 1 daily crossing from Naxos that lasts 1 hr 15 min and the ferry ticket costs 7.5 . From there, you can reach the island of Irakleia in only 10 min with only 5 .

Naxos is connected with more islands of the Cyclades like Syros, Andros, Tinos, Milos and Folegandros, as well as with the Dodecanese (Astypalea, Patmos, Leros...). 

Check the interactive Ferryhopper Map of ferries to find all available connections between Naxos and the Aegean Islands. Plan your island hopping with a few clicks and enjoy your ferrytales on the Greek islands!

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What discounts are there for the ferry routes to Naxos for 2020?

Depending on the ferry operator, there are special discounts and offers for different groups of people. The most common discounts are:

  • for Children 
  • for the Elderly
  • for Students
  • for Locals
  • for Large Families

You can check the relevant FAQ page on ferry discounts or contact our customer service for more specific details! 

What to do in Naxos in 2020?

Naxos is a big island of the Cyclades and a very popular summer destination due to the wide variety of beaches, sights and, of course, food! Many festivals and concerts are planned for 2020 in Naxos, with the main attraction being the well-known Potato Festival. This is a big festival where Naxos' famous potatoes are celebrated! There, you can taste local products and traditional recipes, drink wine, dance and have fun until early in the morning! 

Find more information on Naxos and on how to make the best out of your vacation, on the relevant Ferryhopper page! 

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Where to book ferry tickets for Naxos for 2020?

Find on Ferryhopper all available ferry routes to and from Naxos for 2020. On our pages, you can compare ferry ticket prices, companies, schedules and book cheap ferry tickets online in just 4 clicks. For further information on the Naxos ferry routes for 2020, don’t hesitate to contact the Ferryhopper customer support via email or at +30 2109241453.