Online booking modification: introducing Ferryhopper's latest feature

Navigate with ease, modify your tickets as you please! 🎫

With our latest feature, unnecessary communications are a thing of the past. Ferryhopper has been working diligently to introduce a brand-new booking modification service. This innovative feature makes changing ferry tickets easier than ever before.

What exactly is the online booking modification feature?

Ferryhopper’s latest booking modification feature enables stress-free changes to ferry trips, offering flexibility and autonomy. Now, you can change your online ferry tickets automatically in just a few minutes!

How does the online booking modification work on Ferryhopper?

Thanks to Ferryhopper's new booking modification service, it's possible to change your ferry tickets online through the Ferryhopper website and the Ferryhopper App!

Booking modifications are made through the 'My booking' section. By adding the e-mail address and the Ferryhopper code, you can change your ferry tickets automatically.

More specifically, with Ferryhopper's new online booking modification service, it’s possible to change the date and time of travel, the type/size of the vehicle, and the type of seat/cabin for you, other passengers, and your pet.

Once the booking modification is finalized and completed, your new ferry tickets are available right away.

Tip: booking modifications are usually allowed for ferry trips operated by the ferry company of the original booking. Additionally, booking modifications are allowed up to 12 hours before the scheduled trip.

Change ferry tickets with the new online booking modification service on Ferryhopper

Online booking modification with Ferryhopper's newest feature

Which ferry companies support the new booking modification service?

Currently, several ferry companies support Ferryhopper's innovative online booking modification service, and we anticipate that more ferry companies will join soon

Here, you'll find the list of 10 ferry companies that already support the new booking modification service:

  • Seajets 
  • Golden Star Ferries
  • Dodekanisos seaways 
  • San Lorenzo Ferries 
  • Aegean Flying Dolphins 
  • Aegean Sea Lines 
  • Triton Ferries 
  • Goutos 
  • Porfyrousa 
  • Kerkyra Lines

Depending on the ferry companies operating the route(s) of your booking, it is possible to change tickets directly through Ferryhopper’s new booking modification service or seek assistance through our chat in the 'My booking' section. 

Tip: up to 2 trips can be modified at the same time in the same booking. In case you have booked several trips in the same reservation (e.g. island hopping), then you will have to follow the modification procedure separately for each trip. Also, ferry companies usually allow only one modification per booking.