Luggage, Bikes, Pets

Luggage, Bikes, Pets

What about taking my pet on board? Are there any restrictions on the luggage that I can carry with me? Can I take my bike on board? Is there any extra cost? My luggage was damaged or stolen. Can I claim reimbursement?

What About Taking My Pet On Board?

February 25, 2019

You can safely take your pet with you! Under Greek law, Greek ships longer than 25 meters should have specially designated areas for pets travelling with their owners. Please, be respectful of others by using a special case for small animals and a muzzle for larger dogs.

Are There Any Luggage Restrictions?

February 26, 2019

You are allowed to carry up to 50 kg or 1 cubic meter of hand luggage free of charge. If you would like to carry more luggage or special sports equipment, please consider using the cargo services that are also available during boarding.

Can I Take My Bike On Board?

February 25, 2019

Most of the large ferries that can carry cars, will carry bikes free of charge. This means that if you are travelling to the Cyclades, Dodecanese, Crete or North Aegean, then you will most likely be fine. Take care if you are going on any of the closed-style high-speed ferries or catamarans. Most of the Saronic islands, for example, are connected to Piraeus through flying dolphins catamarans.

My Luggage Has Been Damaged Or Stolen

February 25, 2019

At first, we have to state that this is something that rarely happens. In fact, none of our customers has ever reported such an issue.

But in the unfortunate situation that something like this has happened to you we have to express our real sorrow. It is not a nice way to start or finish your holiday. 
In such case, you should contact directly the ferry company so that you report the loss or damage as soon as possible. If you are still on board, you should report the loss or damage to ferry crew.

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