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Volos: the getaway to the Sporades islands

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Volos is a beautiful city in the Greek northeast coast, and its location in between the sea of the Pagasetic Gulf and the Mount Pelion makes it an ideal destination for both summer and winter breaks. The port of Volos is the main getaway to the islands of Sporades: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos. 

Ferry routes and ferry tickets from the port of Volos

The city and port of Volos, in the region of Thessaly, can be easily reached from the largest Greek cities, Athens and Thessaloniki, by car, bus or train. Here are some indicative distances and useful information to plan your trip from, and to, Volos

  • Athens - Volos: The distance between the two cities is 325km (200 miles) so the trip lasts approximately 3,5 hours by car.
  • Thessaloniki - Volos: The distance between the two cities is 207km (128 miles) so a car ride lasts approximately 2 hours. 
  • During the summer months, you can also fly to Volos from European destinations. The ‘Nea Anchialos National Airport’, located 45km outside of the city of Volos serves flights from central and northern Europe.
  • The ride from the Anchialos airport to the port of Volos is approximately 30 minutes and there are local bus services that serve the arrivals and departures of the planned flights. 

The ferry routes from the port of Volos to the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos are regular throughout the year, which allows you to plan your ferry trip to the Sporades island complex easily and in the best prices

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Ferry from Volos to the Sporades islands

From the port of Volos, you can travel by ferry to the islands of the Sporades complex and choose between high speed or conventional ferries. The ferry companies that usually operate on the Volos - Sporades routes are Blue Star Ferries, ANES, and Aegean Flying Dolphins. 

Ferry from Volos to Skiathos

The port of Volos is frequently connected by ferry with the island of Skiathos, which is the closest one to mainland Greece. The distance between Volos and the port of Skiathos is approximately 79 km (42 nautical miles) so the ferry trip lasts from 1,5 to 2,5 hours. 
The ferry route from Volos to Skiathos is the fastest way to reach Skiathos by ferry from mainland Greece. During the summer months, there are at least 4 daily crossings from Volos to Skiathos while during the winter the ferry route operates 3 to 4 days per week.  

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Ferry from Volos to Skopelos

The island of Skopelos has two ports, Glossa located on the northwest side of the island and Skopelos port, which is located on the east side of the island. The Volos - Skopelos ferry route usually serves both the island ports and the ferry trip lasts from 2 to 4 hours depending on the ferry that you choose to travel with. 

During the winter the route is usually served by conventional ferries that operate 3 to 4 times every week. During the summer, both conventional and high-speed ferries travel from Volos to Skopelos with 5 to 6 daily crossings. 

Tip: Usually the ferry route from Volos to Skopelos includes a stop to the island of Skiathos which allows you to easily organize an ideal island-hopping experience in the Sporades islands!

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Ferry from Volos to Alonissos

Alonissos is located approximately 120 km (64 nautical miles) from the port of Volos, and for that reason, the ferry trip lasts at least 4 hours. The Volos - Alonissos ferry connection is frequent during the summer, with 3 ferries per day, while during the winter there are 3 to 4 ferries every week. 

Usually, the ferry from Volos to Alonissos passes through the ports of Skopelos so we would recommend combining your holidays on each of the beautiful and lush islands of Sporades! 

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Ferry from Volos to Skyros 

The island of Skyros is the southernmost of the Sporades island complex and at the moment there is no direct ferry connection from the port of Volos. You can, however, travel from Volos to Skyros indirectly via the islands of Skopelos or Alonissos. The indirect ferry trip can last around 11 hours. 

If you want to travel to the island of Skyros from mainland Greece the fastest ferry route is from the port of Kymi in Evoia. 

On our search engine, you will find all the available ferry routes to the Sporades islands from Volos and mainland Greece as well as all ticket options and prices.

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Holidays in Volos 

Volos is a unique destination as it perfectly combines the landscapes of the blue sea and green mountains with vibrant city life and great food. The city of Volos is built at the foothills of Mount Pelion, and it oversees the Pagasetic Gulf, so the city port is a getaway to the northwest Aegean sea. If you find yourself for holidays or passing by the city of Volos make sure that you walk across the seafront, from the church of Agioi Konstantinos and Eleni to the Argonauts Avenue in the port and up to the ‘Palia’ neighborhood. Above all though, Volos is renowned for its tsipouradika, small taverns that serve tsipouro and seafood or meat meze, so make sure you save some time to get the full gastronomic experience of the city!

The port of Volos

The port of Volos is at the center of the city, easily accessible on foot or by car. The city bus station (KTEL Volou) and the train station are both located close to the port, 5 minutes by car or taxi and around 15 - 20 minutes by foot.

In walking distance from the port of Volos, you can find cash machines, supermarkets, mini markets, pharmacies and of course..tsipouradika! 

Where to park in Volos?

If you arrive at the port of Volos with your own vehicle and want to spend some time exploring the city, or if you have some spare time before your ferry departs, you can find the most convenient parking spot for you with our partner ParkAround. This easy-to-use online platform helps you find and book parking spaces quick, easy and affordable in the port of Volos.

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Beaches in Volos

Near the city of Volos, you can find beautiful beaches and coves, for a swim as well as to do watersports, diving or sailing. Here are some of the close-by beaches to the port of Volos: 

  • Anchialos
  • Alykes
  • Agios Dimitrios
  • Pigadi
  • Glyfa
  • Kala Nera

Sightseeing in Volos

  • The Athanasakio Archaeological Museum of Volos
  • The Museum of Industrial History in the Tsalapata complex
  • The Neolithic archaeological settlements of Sesklo and Diminio
  • The Entomological Museum of Volos
  • The city's train station
  • The district of ‘Palia’, in the western part of the city

Trip to Pelion

Pelion (or Pilio) is an area of great natural beauty, and we highly recommend that if you visit the city of Volos you arrange a short trip to Pelion too. The diverse landscape of Pelion will charm you straight away: green mountains, forests, small picturesque villages, breath-taking views of the Aegean sea and the Pagasetic Gulf, and some of the most beautiful beaches of the Thessaly region.

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The Pelion villages are famous for their traditional architecture as well as their surrounding nature and the tasty food. A road trip in the mountain will reveal you hidden gems and we suggest that you make a few stops on your way to have a coffee or a tsipouro in a local kafeneio. Just a few kilometers out of the city of Volos you can find some of the most picturesque mountain villages: 

  1. Milies
  2. Tsagarada
  3. Agios Lavrentios
  4. Vyzitsa
  5. Zagora
  6. Mouresi
  7. Kissos
  8. Portaria
  9. Makrinitsa

After crossing the mountain villages of Pelion, with the amazing views and the delicious food, it is worthy to take the road to the coastal towns and beaches of the area. The beautiful landscape of the Pelion coast combines crystal waters and impressive nature. Some of the best beaches in Pelion are: 

  1. Chorefto
  2. Ovrios
  3. Ai-Giannis
  4. Papa Nero
  5. Mylopotamos
  6. Fakistra
  7. Ntamouchari

Tip for your trip to Pelion: During the weekend you can get the old railway from Volos to Milies and Ano Lechonia and explore the amazing nature of Pelion as the traditional train passes through forests, bridges, and villages. Pelion is also great for hiking-lovers with a lot of paths and hiking routes to discover. 

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How to book your ferry tickets from Volos

Are you looking forward to exploring the natural beauty of Thessaly and the landscapes of Pelion? Do you dream of your holidays in the Sporades islands? The party life in Skiathos, the delicious food of Skopelos and the National Marine Park of Alonissos? Then don't think of it any further...Volos is the destination to choose and Ferryhopper is here to help you find all the available ferry routes from and to the port of Volos. Book your ferry tickets from Volos to Skiathos, Skopelos or Alonissos fast, easy and in the best prices!

Volos has direct ferry connections with 7 ports:

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