Ferry companies traveling from Athens to Mykonos: guide

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, we’re not crazy, we know Christmas is over. Summer's here for good and it's time to plan your dreamy holiday in Mykonos for 2023. 🙃

On our complete Athens - Mykonos guide you can find out all about ferry companies traveling to the “island of the winds”. Compare prices, schedules and vessel amenities, and book ferry tickets with the operator that best meets your needs!

View of Mykonos town and pink sunset from a windmill on a hill

Ready for breathtaking views and burning sunsets in Mykonos?

Athens - Mykonos ferry companies

There are 5 ferry companies operating on the Athens - Mykonos ferry route:

  • Minoan Lines: it operates on Athens - Mykonos crossings from June to September with high-speed vessels.
  • Blue Star Ferries: it serves routes to Mykonos all year round, with standard ferries.
  • Seajets: it operates on the Athens - Mykonos ferry route from mid-April to early October, mostly with high-speed vessels.
  • Fast Ferries: the company travels to Mykonos all year long, with standard and high-speed ferries.
  • Golden Star Ferries: it connects Athens and Mykonos all year round with both conventional and high-speed ferries.

Which company has the cheapest ferry tickets?

The ferry companies Golden Star Ferries and Fast Ferries offer the cheapest tickets from Athens to Mykonos, with a single passenger ticket starting at about €38. This price applies for conventional ferries from the Rafina port to Mykonos.

If you are looking for the most affordable ferries to Mykonos from the port of Piraeus, it’s Blue Star Ferries that offers the cheapest tickets, starting from around €43.

High-speed ferry tickets to Mykonos usually range between €68-85.

Which ferry company traveling to Mykonos is the fastest?

The fastest ferry ride to Mykonos from the port of Rafina in Athens is offered by Blue Star Ferries. In the summer months (June - early September), the high-speed Flying Cat 3 vessel takes just 2-2.5 hours to reach the island. The Seajets Champion Jet 1 is almost equally as fast.

The fastest ferry to Mykonos from the port of Piraeus is the Seajets Worldchampion Jet, which runs from April to October and reaches Mykonos in just over 2.5 hours.

Tip: check how you can reach Mykonos in 2.5 hours with the Seajets high-speed Worldchampion Jet.

However, if you wish to get to Mykonos from Athens in less than 3 hours, there are more options, such as the Minoan Lines Santorini Palace, the Fast Ferries Thunder, and the Golden Star Ferries Superexpress.

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Seajets’ “Worldchampion Jet” high-speed vessel sailing from Athens to Mykonos

The extra-fast “Worldchampion Jet” sailing to Mykonos in full speed

Amenities on Athens - Mykonos ferries

All Athens - Mykonos ferries have several amenities that can make your trip easier and more comfortable, such as air-conditioned indoor lounges, open-deck seats, café-restaurants and kiosks with beverages and snacks, and shops. Moreover, all companies have car decks, so you can transfer your vehicle with all 5 companies.

Note: all 5 companies are fully equipped to accommodate people with disabilities and assist them throughout the ferry trip.

Can I book a cabin on Athens - Mykonos ferries?

As the Athens - Mykonos ferry ride is generally short (up to 5 hours, including stopovers), most ferries operating on this route don’t offer cabin accommodation. You can book a cabin with only 2 companies that serve the route with large conventional ferries:

However, you can enjoy maximum comfort on your trip even without a cabin. You can book airplane-type seats instead. In fact, if you want some extra privacy and relaxation, you can even book a business-class or VIP seats with all ferry companies.

Airplane-type seats inside the Fast Ferries “Thunder” high-speed vessel

Class and comfortable seating inside the Fast Ferries high-speed “Thunder”

Can I travel from Athens to Mykonos with my pet?

You can travel with your 4-legged friend on all Athens - Mykonos ferries, which have special pet accommodation facilities, such as kennels and on-deck pet areas. However, pets are not allowed in indoor areas, and should wear a muzzle and be on a leash when walking on the open deck, always accompanied by a guardian.

Blue Star Ferries and Golden Star Ferries (Superferry) are the only ferry companies traveling to Mykonos that have designated pet cabins.

Tip: remember to bring all updated health documents and necessary care supplies for your pet.

Note: pets travel for free on Athens - Mykonos ferries.

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The “Superferry” vessel of the Golden Star Ferries company

The extremely spacious “Superferry” of Golden Star Ferries

How late do ferries run to Mykonos?

In the high season, the last ferry to Mykonos from Athens is normally scheduled at 17:30 and is serviced by Fast Ferries. However, the ferry company serves crossings later in the evening on some days, for example at 18:45 (Fridays) and at 22:45 (Sundays).

The first crossing to Mykonos is usually scheduled at 07:00 and is operated by a Seajets high-speed ferry. In general, there are normally up to 11-12 daily crossings to Mykonos departing from both the Piraeus and the Rafina ports. Most ferries run in the morning until 09:00. In the afternoon, there is an earlier Seajets crossing (at around 14:50) and 1-2 later ones by Fast Ferries.

Fast Ferries serves up to 5 daily crossings, while Seajets usually serves up to 4 crossings a day. Golden Star Ferries runs up to 2 times a day, and Blue Star Ferries and Minoan Lines ferries normally travel to Mykonos once daily.

Which port is best from Athens to Mykonos?

You can actually reach Mykonos from 2 ports in Athens: the port of Piraeus and the port of Rafina.

The port of Piraeus is the largest port in Attica, serving many routes to the Aegean islands daily. It is easy to reach by public transport (metro and train) and takes about 45 minutes starting from the city center. It’s your best option if you have already spent a few days in Athens and don’t wish to hire a car or a taxi.

Rafina is a smaller port town on the eastern coast of Attica, 33 km east of the Athens city center. This port is your best option if you're flying to Athens and heading directly to Mykonos by ferry, as it’s only 20 minutes away by car or taxi from the airport. If, however, you are using public transport, Piraeus is easier to reach from the airport.

Also note that the Rafina port is closer to Mykonos by sea (71 nautical miles) than the Piraeus port (86 nautical miles). That means that, if you are traveling with a conventional ferry, the trip from the Piraeus port usually takes a little longer.

The “Blue Star Paros” ferry sailing in the sea

The popular “Blue Star Paros” connecting Athens with the Cyclades

Whether you are traveling on a budget or want luxury in your trip, whether you are rushing to get to Mykonos or you are cool to take your time, whether you are an open-deck type or need your cabin privacy, there is at least one Athens - Mykonos ferry that is right for you. And now that you have found it, why not book your ferry tickets today on Ferryhopper at the same prices as ferry companies?

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