The ‘WorldChampion Jet’ takes you from Piraeus to Mykonos in only 2.5 hours!

The ‘WorldChampion Jet’ takes you from Piraeus to Mykonos in only 2.5 hours!

Take a look at the new high-speed ferry by Seajets

WorldChampion Jet, the fastest Greek ferry

The Greek ferry company Seajets has recently added a new and impressive ferry to its fleet, the ‘WorldChampion Jet,’ which is one of the fastest high-speed ferries in the world. The WorldChampion Jet can reach a speed of up to 50 knots and it can carry up to 1200 passengers and more than 200 vehicles.

Traveling to Mykonos, Naxos, or Santorini with the ‘WorldChampion Jet’

Traveling to your favourite Greek islands has now become easier - and definitely much faster - with this new ferry, which is a speed champion. The ‘WorldChampion Jet’ by Seajets is a large, comfortable and lux high-speed ferry that allows you to travel to the Cyclades fast and in style. 

Travel from Piraeus to Mykonos in less than 3 hours

Piraeus - Syros - Mykonos Seajets

Travel from Piraeus to Naxos in 3,5 hours and to Santorini in less than 5 hours 

From Piraeus to Santorini WorldChampion Jet Seajets

WorldChampion Jet Ferry Routes 2020

On its way to Santorini the WorldChampion Jet will also be making intermediate stops at the ports of Syros, Sifnos, Paros, Milos, Ios and Folegandros. Don't miss the chance to travel around the Cyclades with one of the fastest ferries in the world!

Book with the ‘WorldChampion Jet’ and take your picture with an original Formula 1 car 

The Seajets company is synonymous with speed and comfort in the Greek seas, while it also supports the Greek Car Championship. On this new vessel, a world champion of speed, travelers can find an original Minardi Formula 1 car, which was driven by racing driver Jos Verstappen in the 2003 - 2004 season. While traveling to the Greek islands with WorldChampion Jet, the fastest Greek ferry, you can have a look at this impressive Formula 1 car, take a picture and feel the speed! 

Seajets WorldChampion Jet Formula 1

Where to book ferry tickets with the WorldChampion Jet?

Do you want to take advantage of every minute of your holiday break on the Greek islands and get to your favorite destination as fast as possible? Then you should definitely book your ferry trip in the Aegean with the WorldChampion Jet! On the Ferryhopper search engine you will find all the available ferry routes that the WorldChampion Jet serves: from Piraeus to the ports of Mykonos, Santorini, Syros, Naxos, Sifnos, Paros, Milos, Ios and Folegandros. Choose the time and date that you want to travel and book your ferry tickets with this new high-speed ferry in just a few clicks!