4 dog-friendly islands in Greece

The best islands to travel with your dog

Are you thinking of traveling with your dog in Greece this summer? Have your furry friends been guilting you into taking them to Greece with you? Hmmm, typical, but what can you do? At Ferryhopper, we love pets and we love traveling with them! So, here's a list with the best Greek islands to go on holidays with your dog.  

Top 4 dog-friendly islands in Greece

Here’s a list of Greek destinations that are suitable to travel with your dog

  • Agistri
  • Aegina
  • Samothraki
  • Kythira

Read more about the islands and see the photos below, to choose the best destination for you and your best friend. Also, have a look at Ferryhopper's Map of ferries to see all ferry routes and available crossings.

Getaway to Agistri

Agistri is a popular destination for holidays close to Athens. The ferry ride from the port of Piraeus lasts about 1.5 hours. It’s a beautiful island with great beaches, splendid nature and a lot of peace. Agistri is ideal for walking or hiking with your pet without stress or overly long distances. Plus, there's plenty of natural shade to rest during a much-needed break.

Chalikiada beach in Agistri

The beautiful sandy beach of Chalikiada in Agistri

Strolling around Aegina

Aegina is just 1 hour by ferry from the port of Piraeus and it’s perfect for holidays or day trips to an island close to Athens. It’s also ideal for relaxation and quality time in nature. In Aegina, you will find plenty of pet-friendly hotels, as well as many areas for great dog walks. Many of the island's beaches are sandy and spacious for fun games with your dog by the sea. 

The port of Aegina

The picturesque port of Aegina

Hiking in Samothraki

Samothraki is one of the best destinations in northern Greece to travel with your pet. We recommend bringing a car to Samothraki for more flexibility and comfort. The ferry ride from the port of Alexandroupoli to Samothraki is about 2 hours. The island has impressive natural landscape with forests, waterfalls, wild animals and birds, as well as trees and rare flowers. In Samothraki, you will find dog-friendly accommodation, as well as many trails to explore with your best friend. 

Natural pool in Samothraki

Natural pool with an impressive waterfall in Samothraki

Beach life in Kythira

The island of Kythira is located south of the Peloponnese and it’s a destination of wild natural beauty. We recommend traveling to Kythira with your own car as the island is big and you might have to drive long distances to get from A to B. There are many dog-friendly beaches in Kythira that are either sandy or combine sand and pebbles. The numerous secluded beaches of the island will also be ideal for games in the sand, running and swimming with your dog. From Kythira you can also organize a Greek island-hopping trip to the sand dunes of Elafonissos or the peaceful Antikythira, as well as a road-trip to the southern part of the Peloponnese. 

The beach of Avlemonas in Kythira

Swimmers at the beach of Avlemonas in Kythira

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