The port of Mykonos

The top day trips from Mykonos

The Cycladic wind will carry us

Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands, perfect for summer vacation and a dream destination for travelers around the world. The cosmopolitan island of the Cycladic archipelago attracts visitors who are after majestic beaches and intense nightlife. Mykonos is also well-connected by ferry with more Greek islands and it’s a perfect starting point for island hopping!

Large ferry by the Little Venice of Mykonos

Little Venice by the old port of Mykonos

So, what islands can you go to from Mykonos? Lucky for you, you can go on day trips from Mykonos to other islands in the Aegean Sea. You can catch a ferry from Mykonos to Paros, Naxos, Ios, Milos, Santorini, Delos, Siros, Ikaria, Chios, Tinos, Crete, and more beautiful Greek destinations.

Whether you decide to go on a one-day boat trip from Mykonos or visit for more than 2-3 days, you are guaranteed a wonderful summer experience. You can book ferry tickets online from Mykonos on Ferryhopper in just 4 clicks!

Let’s have a look at the best islands for day trips from Mykonos!

Day trip from Mykonos to Santorini

Can you do a day trip from Mykonos to Santorini? You can and you should! Santorini is one of the most sought-after Greek destinations and it is distinguished by its beautiful volcanic landscape and quaint architecture. In Santorini, you can enjoy amazing views of the caldera, dine at roof-top restaurants and roam the alleys of Fira, Oia and more picturesque villages.

In the summer of 2021, there are up to 8 daily ferry crossings from Mykonos to Santorini. Ferries for day trips from Mykonos to Santorini depart from the new port of the island, located in Tourlos, and arrive at Athinios port.

The Mykonos - Santorini ferry route is mainly serviced by high-speed ferries and the trip duration is 2-3 hours. Tickets for the trip from Mykonos to Santorini normally start at €40.

Tip: You can continue your trip by catching a ferry from Santorini to Crete. The Mykonos - Santorini - Crete island hopping tour is one of the greatest ways to explore the Aegean Sea!

Island hopping from Mykonos to Paros

The day tour from Mykonos to Paros is one of the greatest island hopping trips! Paros is known for its pretty beaches, delicious local cuisine and vivid nightlife. Naoussa and Parikia, the 2 largest villages on the island, are great for families, couples and friends! Try water sports at Golden Sand beach, visit the Venetian Castle of Naoussa or hop on a boat to Antiparos.

Day trips from Mykonos to Paros are available daily with more than 3 ferry crossings in 2021. Ferries to Paros depart from the new port of Mykonos, located 2km from Chora.

The route from Mykonos to Paros is serviced by 5 ferry companies and the journey duration is 1 hour on average, depending on the vessel. Tickets for the crossing start at €20.

Seaside restaurant in Naoussa

Seaside restaurant in the village of Naoussa in Paros

Day trip from Mykonos to Naxos

Is Naxos worth visiting from Mykonos? According to experienced ferryhoppers, it is! Naxos perfectly combines the Cycladic tradition and authentic way of life with top-notch visitor amenities. In Naxos, you can attend local festivals, enjoy delicious cocktails at cute bars, swim in crystal-clear waters at Plaka and more amazing beaches, and follow mountain hiking trails to discover peaceful villages.

Day trips from Mykonos to Naxos are available daily with more than 4 crossings, operated by up to 5 ferry companies for 2021. You can catch a ferry from Mykonos to Naxos at the port of Tourlos in Mykonos.

It takes approximately 40 minutes to reach Naxos from Mykonos with a high-speed ferry. There are also conventional ferries operating on this route. Tickets start at €20.

Tip: See more useful information about 2021 ferry schedules for the Greek islands to plan your island hopping from Mykonos.

Travel from Mykonos to Delos

Delos is the closest island to Mykonos and one of the most impressive destinations in Greece. The uninhabited island of Delos is a true gem of the Aegean Sea as it is home to many ancient monuments and archeological sites worth exploring! Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage site with important sights, such as the Terrace of the Lions and the House of Cleopatra. Bear in mind there are no visitor amenities on the island.

Day trips from Mykonos to Delos take place daily during the summer months. If you’re thinking of visiting Delos from Mykonos in 2021, you can catch the boat at the old port of Mykonos in Chora. Tickets to Delos are only available at the old port.

The journey duration from Mykonos to Delos is around 40 minutes. Return tickets to Delos cost €20.

Tip: Discover more about Delos and other Greek destinations perfect for sightseeing!

The House of Dionysus in Delos

The impressive peristyle remnants at the House of Dionysus in Delos

Explore Syros island from Mykonos

Visiting Syros is one of the best day trips from Mykonos. The cosmopolitan laid-back island is known for its distinct architecture and rich cultural heritage. Syros is great if you’re after amazing beaches, quaint alleys and historic buildings. You can wander through the narrow paved streets of Ano Poli, try local delicacies such as loukoumia or shop at the cute stores. If you’re interested in traditional Greek music, Ferryhopper suggests that you visit the Markos Vamvakaris Museum, which presents the history of rebetiko music.

You can go on a day trip from Mykonos to Syros year-round. According to 2021 ferry schedules, there are around 3 daily routes from Mykonos to Syros during high season. Ferries to Syros depart from the old port of Mykonos in Tourlos.

The Mykonos - Syros ferry ride lasts from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. There are both high-speed ferries and standard vessels operating on the route. Tickets for the crossing start at €11.

Hop on a ferry from Mykonos to Tinos

Catching the ferry to Tinos is one of the most convenient day trips from Mykonos, as the islands are really close to each other. Tinos is one of the most significant islands in Greece, due to its spiritual tradition, cultural wealth and impressive landscapes. We recommend that you visit the magnificent church of Panagia, head to Kolymbithra beach and try delicious local cheeses at one of the kafeneia.

You can go on a day trip from Mykonos to Tinos throughout the year in 2021. The ferry crossing is one of the most popular options for island hopping from Mykonos, with around 8 daily crossings during the summer months. Ferries to Tinos depart from the port of Troulos in Mykonos.

The crossing duration from Mykonos to Tinos is 15-35 minutes, depending on the type of vessel. Tickets start at €15 for the high-speed ferry and €8 for the conventional vessel.

White chapel in Tinos

Breathtaking view from a white-rock chapel in Tinos

If you want to discover more ideas for island hopping from Mykonos, you can check Ferryhopper’s Map of ferries. Find up-to-date ferry routes from Mykonos to more Greek islands, book day trips from Athens to Mykonos or plan the ultimate island-hopping tour in the Cyclades with no extra fees!