The top day trips from Santorini

Greek islands: bet you can’t just visit one!

The island of Santorini is a world-renowned holiday destination, famous for its amazing volcanic landscape, idyllic beaches, breathtaking views, and whitewashed houses. Located on the southernmost part of the Cycladic archipelago, Santorini is ideal for island hopping!

White terrace with blue door in Santorini, Greece

The whitewashed houses of Oia overlooking the Aegean Sea

The compass points to Santorini and tells you to prepare for your next destination! During your visit to the cosmopolitan island, you can hop on a ferry to the islands near Santorini. 

You can reach Crete, the Dodecanese or the Cyclades from Santorini in just a few hours. Whether you want to go on a one-day trip or multi-day tour, there are many options for ferry trips from Santorini! 

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Find more info and tips about the best Santorini island-hopping tours and enjoy your Greek adventure:

Dream big and have a day trip from Santorini to Mykonos

The Santorini to Mykonos day trip is one of the most popular as it combines two of the most beloved Greek islands! Mykonos is the island of luxury and cosmopolitan experiences.

It attracts many travelers who are after intense nightlife, fine-dining restaurants, exclusive beaches, and top-notch holiday services. You can go island hopping from Santorini to Mykonos for the day or longer as the island is rich in attractions and activities.

Ferries serving day trips from Santorini to Mykonos are available up to 6 times daily during the summer. The Santorini to Mykonos ferry departs from the port of Athinios in Santorini and arrives at the new port of Mykonos in Tourlos.

The ferry from Santorini to Mykonos takes about 2-9 hours. The fastest ferry takes 1 hour 55 minutes and tickets usually start at €50.

Tip: find out how to plan your 2024 day tours from Santorini to Mykonos and Crete for the ultimate island-hopping experience in Greece.

The sandy Elia beach with turquoise waters in Mykonos, Greece

The sandy Elia beach in Mykonos

Follow up the leads for a day trip from Santorini to Paros

One of the ultimate Cycladic destinations is Paros. It’s a cosmopolitan yet relaxing island with azure waters circling heavenly beaches.

Swim to the famous beach of Kolymbithres, visit the majestic village of Lefkes, go shopping, and try exceptional traditional delicacies in Naoussa or take a stroll in Paros Park. Already packing? 

Then, jump on the ferry from Santorini to Paros and spend a day exploring the magnificent island! If you're wondering how long is the ferry from Santorini to Paros, the answer is that it depends on the type of vessel. 

The fast ferry takes less than 1.5 hours with a ticket cost starting at about €60, while the ride with a conventional ferry takes about 3-7 hours with a ticket price of around €13.

Tip: the ferry time from Santorini to Paros can change depending on the type of vessel and the weather conditions.

Explore Naxos island from Santorini

Naxos is the perfect destination to visit after Santorini if you’re eager to find out more about the Cycladic tradition. The largest island of the Cyclades has something for everyone!

Try the delicious arseniko and graviera cheese, swim in magical beaches such as Plaka and Agios Prokopios, visit archaeological sites, and explore remote villages maintaining their authentic character.

You can go on a one-day trip from Santorini to Naxos daily with at least 6 ferry crossings. The earliest ferry from Santorini to Naxos departs at 06:45 from the port of Athinios, arriving around 08:45 or 09:10 in Naxos.

Both high-speed ferries and conventional vessels are operating on this route. The ferry ride lasts from 1 hour 15 minutes to almost 6 hours, depending on the vessel and the itinerary. As for the ticket price, it normally starts at €12.

Tip: see more useful information about 2024 ferry schedules for the Greek islands to plan your island hopping from Santorini.

The remains of the Temple of Apollo with the white gate in Naxos, Greece

The imposing Portara of the Temple of Apollo in Naxos

Santorini to Crete (Heraklion) day trip

Visiting Crete is one of the best day trips from Santorini in Greece. The island of Crete is great if you want to explore the untamed Greek nature and get familiar with the traditional way of life. In Crete, you can swim on amazing beaches of exquisite beauty such as Matala, Elafonisi and Lygaria.

Moreover, we recommend that you visit the mountain villages of Crete to drink raki with the locals and taste amazing dishes. As for cultural sightseeing, the Minoan Palace of Knossos in Heraklion is a must!

Is it possible to go on a day tour from Santorini to Crete? Yes, it is! Although Crete is not in the Cyclades, high-speed vessels are traveling from the port of Athinios in Santorini to Heraklion, Crete. The fast ferry from Santorini to Heraklion takes 1 hour 50 minutes.

In the summer, ferries for the day trip Santorini to Crete (Heraklion) are in operation daily with 2-3 crossings. The ferry from Santorini to Heraklion usually arrives in the early evening. Tickets for day trips from Santorini to Crete with a high-speed ferry start at €59.

Tip: if you’re already in Crete, keep in mind that you can normally go on a Santorini day trip from Crete via 3 ports: Heraklion, Rethymnon and Sitia.

Go to an adventure to Ios from Santorini

If you’re wondering what islands are close to Santorini, the one-day trip from Santorini to Ios perfectly answers your question! This is one of our favorite island hopping tours in the Cyclades, as the islands are very close and you can make the most of your visit, even if you’re just heading to Ios for the day. 

The Greek island of Ios is known for its wild nightlife, party atmosphere, heavenly beaches, and distinct architecture! Ferryhopper suggests you swim at Mylopotas and Magganari, watch the sunset at Palaiokastro and spend a night dancing in Chora.

You can travel by ferry from Santorini to Ios throughout the year. Ferries serving day trips from Santorini to Ios are more frequent during the summer months. There are up to 7 daily ferry crossings during summer. Ferries to Ios depart from the port of Athinios in Santorini, which is 22 km from Oia and 8 km from Fira.

The ferry duration from Santorini to Ios ranges from 30 minutes to around 4 hours, depending on the type of vessel. Tickets range from around €7 to €65.

Tip: except for the majestic island of Ios, you can also catch the ferry for day trips from Santorini to other islands such as Amorgos, Anafi, Milos, and Folegandros.

White houses of Cycladic architecture in the Chora of Ios, Greece

The beautiful Chora of Ios under the morning light

Speed up your pace for a Santorini to Milos day trip

This is one of the most romantic island hopping day trips from Santorini, as it combines two of the best destinations for couples' vacation.

In Milos, you will swim in quaint beaches such as Sarakiniko, visit picturesque villages, go on boat excursions, and enjoy cocktails at easy-going bars around the island. Plaka, the island capital, is one of the top viewing spots in Milos, where you can also find local restaurants and cute shops.

Day trips from Santorini to Milos are available year-round, as there are frequent ferry routes. According to 2024 ferry schedules, there are 2-3 daily crossings from Santorini to Milos. Ferries depart from Athinios port in Santorini and arrive at the port of Adamas.

The ferry from Santorini to Milos takes around 2-5 hours depending on the type of vessel. If you’re going to Milos just for the day, we recommend that you catch a fast ferry and be in Milos in just 2 hours 5 minutes. Tickets for this crossing start at about €93.

Tip: discover more beautiful Greek islands for romantic holidays and keep in mind that you can also go for a Santorini day trip from Milos or Folegandros.

Hop on a ferry from Santorini to Amorgos

Going island hopping from Santorini to Amorgos is a great summer experience! Amorgos is distinguished by its untamed nature, beautiful hiking trails, relaxing vibes, important monuments, and inviting blue waters!

If you visit Amorgos just for one day, we recommend that you visit the beautiful Agia Anna beach, explore the villages of Katapola and Aegiali, see the shipwreck “Olympia,” and go hiking on Palia Strata trail.

Day trips from Santorini to Amorgos are available from April to October. There is at least 1 daily ferry crossing to the island of Amorgos during the summer. Ferries depart from the port of Athinios, the main port of Santorini, and arrive in Katapola.

The duration of the trip ranges from 1 hour 15 minutes to 5 hours depending on the type of ferry. We recommend you travel with a high-speed ferry to have a smooth and fast journey. Ticket prices start at €11.50 for standard vessels and around €77 for fast ferries.

Tip: if you’re more of a last-minute kind of traveler, no worries! You can book Santorini island hopping ferry tickets on your mobile through the Ferryhopper App, with just a few taps and swipes!

Agios Pavlos beach in Amorgos, Greece

The crystal-clear waters of Agios Pavlos beach in Amorgos

Set off for a day trip from Santorini to Folegandros

If you are looking for an unspoiled island with traditional character, idyllic secluded beaches and relaxation then, congratulations! You just found the perfect island for you, Folegandros

Named after the son of king Minos, this off-the-beaten-path destination dazzles visitors with its wild rocky landscape and the picturesque Chora. We suggest you visit the beaches of Agkali and Karavostasi, explore the Castle of Folegandros and follow hillside hiking trails leading to the Church of Panagia in Chora.

The ferry schedule from Santorini to Folegandros depends on the season. During summer, there are up to 4 ferry crossings taking about 50 minutes to 3 hours. The earliest ferry departs from the port of Athinios at 08:25 and arrives at 10:45 to the port of Folegandros. 

Therefore, we recommend you take the ferry from Santorini to Folegandros, spend the day on the paradisiacal island and catch the ferry the following day leaving at around 13:00 to Santorini or continuing your island hopping. The ticket price for day trips from Santorini to Folegandros starts from €7.

Tip: you can continue your island hopping from Folegandros to Milos which is around 1-2 hours of travel depending on the type of vessel.

For more Santorini island hopping ideas, you can check Ferryhopper’s Map of ferries. Find up-to-date ferry routes, book day trips from Santorini to Athens or plan your personalized island-hopping tour in the Cyclades with no hidden fees!