Best Italian islands for romantic holidays

Love is in the air...and in Italy!

Ah, l’Italia! “When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine, that's amore”, sang Dean Martin back in 1953. However, these lyrics still speak to our soul because Italy is and will always be a place to fall (or stay) in love!

Here, you can find the top 6 Italian islands for romantic getaways that perfectly combine romance, adventure and originality:

  1. Giglio Island
  2. Ischia
  3. Elba Island
  4. Pantelleria
  5. Stromboli
  6. Ponza

View of the Sant'Angelo village in Ischia

Stunning view of the Sant'Angelo village in Ischia

1. Giglio Island

One of the best Italian islands to visit with your significant other is the beautiful island of Giglio. Just off the Tuscan coast, opposite the promontory of Monte Argentario lies a small paradise cradled by deep blue seas. Within its 21-km-long coast, you can find monuments evidencing its fascinating history and its legends.

Medieval walls surrounding the charming village of Giglio Castello, cobblestones alleys alternating with cute, little squares, emerald waters, and beautiful sunsets from the beach are the perfect scenery for an amazing, romantic getaway with your partner.

If you already picture yourselves enjoying the crimson sunset, reach Vaccarecce Lighthouse, also known as “the Lovers’ Lighthouse" for a stunning panoramic view!

Tip: from Porto Santo Stefano in the province of Grosseto, you can reach Giglio Island in just 1 hour. Take advantage of the Porto Santo Stefano - Giglio ferry connection active all year round and discover the hidden beauties of the Tuscan islands!

View of the Campese beach and the bay of the Giglio Island

Magnificent view of the bay of Giglio Island 

2. Ischia

The largest of the Phlegraean islands is certainly one of the most romantic destinations for the ultimate week(end) getaway. The seaside village of Sant’Angelo, the Aragonese Castle, and the picturesque, little shops will make you both head over heels about Ischia.

From Monte Epomeo, you will enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the “Green Island”, you can enjoy a delicious dinner by the sea and try local delicacies accompanied by a good glass of wine! Also, a swim at night in Sorgeto, famous for its hot sulfur springs would be the cherry on the cake of your romantic trip.

You can easily reach the island by taking the ferry to Ischia from Naples and turning your romantic dream into reality!

The Aragonese Castle of Ischia illuminated in the evening

The Aragonese Castle of Ischia in the nightlight 

3. Elba Island

If you are looking for a quiet corner far away from the city noise, we’ve got you covered. Lush landscapes, birds tweeting, and waves splashing on the shore are just a few images that will mesmerize you on the Island of Elba.

The largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago is probably the perfect refuge of love with its medieval fortresses, hilltop villages, and fiery sunsets.

Take the ferry from Piombino to the Island of Elba, explore the hidden coves of the coast, and take a dip in the moonlight! The starry sky is just magical! Don’t you believe us? From the Gabbiani beach, you can even see the Milky Way in all its beauty.

Fun fact: in 2010, the Island of Elba was the location of an underwater wedding with 261 guests. If you haven't picked your wedding date yet, you can always consider this option😏.

4. Pantelleria

Have you ever heard of the “Black Pearl” of the Mediterranean? No, not that one from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. We are talking about the island of Pantelleria which is located between Europe and Africa.

It's one of the most popular destinations for couples (especially for honeymooners) with an amazing seaside promenade for long walks in the sunset, a fairytale-like castle, and beautiful bays offering striking views.

In addition to relaxing at the seaside, you can also take advantage of the island's natural hot springs. Take a day trip to the Mirror Lake of Venus. Legend has it that the Goddess Venus was reflected in its waters before meeting Bacchus.

Reach Pantelleria from Trapani thanks to Liberty Lines connections and surrender yourself to the magical island!

The natural surroundings of the Mirror Lake of Venus in Pantelleria

          The beautiful scenery of the Mirror Lake of Venus in Pantelleria

5. Stromboli

Next on our list is Stromboli which is probably the most “fiery” of the 7 Aeolian Islands. Its active volcano is one of the most awe-inspiring attractions!

Take a boat trip at sunset and enjoy the lava-ly Stromboli show from the sea. The lava eruptions from the side of the Sciara del Fuoco are an eyeful but the spectacle isn’t over.

Thanks to Stromboli's minimum use of night lights, you will admire a clear, starry night sky in which you can see about 2,000 glimpsing stars!

Tip: in addition to the ferries that depart from the Sicilian ports of Palermo, Milazzo, and Messina, you can catch a ferry to Stromboli from Naples all year round!

6. Ponza

Located off the Gulf of Gaeta, Ponza is the largest island and the most popular of the Pontine Islands. If you and your soulmate love the sea, a romantic weekend in Ponza is great for relaxing on the beach.

The picturesque Bourbon port seen from the ferry will welcome you with open arms and the magical beaches will put a spell on you. Don’t miss a boat tour on the Ponza coast to explore hidden coves, secret caves, and natural pools!

You can also climb Mount Guardia to admire stunning views from the highest point of the island and finish an amazing weekend with fresh seafood at a restaurant near the port.

Tip: from the town of Anzio (60 km south of Rome) you can get to Ponza in about 1.5 hours during the summer. In winter, however, ferry departures for the Pontine islands are scheduled from the port of Formia.

The colorful houses and buildings of the Bourbon port of Ponza

                    Colorful buildings in the scenic Bourbon port of Ponza 

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