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Venice is the main getaway of the northeast Italian coast to the Adriatic and Mediterranean sea, as well as a destination of unique beauty. On Ferryhopper you can find more information about the port of Venice, what to do there, ferry connections and routes in order to book your ferry tickets from or to Venice easy, fast and at the best prices!

Ferry schedules and ferry tickets from Venice

The port of Venice serves many ferry connections to Greece and Croatia, and it’s a great departure option if you are traveling with your vehicle from central Europe to Greece and the Greek islands. On our blog, you can find more information about the Italy-Greece ferry routes as well as tips on how to transfer your vehicle or caravan by ferry to Greece. 

Apart from a passenger port and a transit point, Venice is a tourist destination that attracts millions of travelers every year. The city is indeed one of the most famous places to visit in Italy. Below you can see the most popular ferry connections from the port of Venice:

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Ferry from Venice to Igoumenitsa

The ferry connection from Venice to Igoumenitsa is the easiest way to reach western Greece from the northeast coast of Italy. The Venice-Igoumenitsa ferry trip lasts approximately 27 hours and there are at least 3 itineraries per week for this route. 

Ferry from Venice to Patras

The ferry line from the port of Venice to the port of Patras takes longer yet it gets you straight to the Peloponnese, a great place for road trips in mainland Greece as well as a gateway to the south Ionian islands like Zakynthos or Kefalonia. The Venice - Patras ferry connection lasts around 30 hours and there are ferry itineraries twice a week for this route.  

Tip: Since the ferry trip duration from Venice to Greece is long, and usually the ferries travel overnight, we recommend that you book a bed cabin for a more comfortable journey. On Ferryhopper you can find all ferry ticket types including cabins, numbered seats, tickets for pets and vehicles. 

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What to do in Venice

The city of Venice is built on a group of more than 100 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by bridges, in a lagoon at the Adriatic sea. The city is a famous tourist destination due to the beauty of the landscape, as well as due to the city's rich culture and history. Venice has been an important cultural and financial center since the Middle Ages and Renaissance, a fact which is evident in the city's impressive architecture. Before you take your ferry from the port of Venice to the ports of Greece or Croatia, we recommend that you spend some time in this romantic city. 

Venice is famous for its carnival that takes place in February every year, while it's also the hub for contemporary art hosting the Venice Biennale of Art and of Architecture as well as for film, with the Venice International Film Festival. Apart from a rich cultural life, Venice is one of the most picturesque cities in Italy and we suggest that you explore its canals, bridges and secret corners, and experience the lifestyle of this charming, 'floating city'.

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Sightseeing in Venice

Venice is full of places of interest to discover and explore so make sure that you have enough time to wander around! From impressive palaces to grand cathedrals, and from picturesque canals and bridges to museums and galleries, Venice is a real feast for the eyes! Here are some of the city’s famous landmarks

  • St. Mark's Square
  • Rialto Bridge
  • Grand Canal
  • Bridge of Sighs
  • St. Mark's Basilica
  • Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute
  • Doge's Palace
  • Guggenheim Museum
  • Venetian Arsenal
  • Giardini della Biennale
  • Ca' d' Oro
  • Gallerie dell'Accademia

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Food in Venice

The location of Venice on the north coast of Italy, in the lagoon setting, has influenced the Venetian cuisine which is based on fish, vegetables and of course...pasta! In Venice you can taste some delicious dishes, antipasti, and sweets, so we definitely suggest that you try: 

  • Baccala mantecato (Antipasto based on cod)
  • Sarde in saor (marinated sardine fillets)
  • Polenta
  • Bigoli in salsa 
  • Fegato alla veneziana
  • Risotto with squid ink and/or seafood
  • Buranelli biscuits
  • Fritole

Daytrip to the Venice islands

The Venice lagoon has more than 100 small islands that connect to one another by bridges so you can either walk around or take a water boat (Vaporetto). A day trip by boat to some of the colorful and picturesque islands of Venice is a great idea! Make sure that you make an early start in order to visit as many of the Venice islands as you can. Don’t miss: 

  • Murano: an island famous for its glassmaking tradition
  • Torcello: a relaxing option, you can walk around the island in beautiful nature through a single path
  • Burano: an old fishing village with impressive colorful houses  
  • Mazzorbo: connected to Burano by a bridge, an island  famous for its wine tradition

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Where to book ferry tickets to Venice?

Traveling from and to Venice by ferry is now easier with Ferryhopper! On our pages, you can book your ferry tickets from Venice to Greece (ports of Igoumenitsa and Patras) at the best prices! Check our Map of Ferries and find all the ferry connections from Venice and start planning your ferry trip from Italy in the most convenient way for you!

Venice has direct ferry connections with 4 ports:

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