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Ibiza is a beautiful island in the Balearic sea, famous for its vivid lifestyle, crystal sea waters, and hippie vibe. On this page, we gathered information about holidays in the island of Ibiza, beaches, sightseeing, activities, and nightlife, as well as ferry schedules and useful tips to plan your trip with Ferryhopper.

ibiza, cala san vicente beach, palm tree, sand, umbrellas, loungers, sea, mountain

The sunny Cala San Vicente beach in Ibiza with sun loungers and umbrellas.

Vacation in Ibiza

Ibiza or Eivissa is an island of great natural beauty and a popular holiday destination. It’s also called ‘The White Isle’ due to the bright white color of its houses. 

The island is famous for its long summer parties, so if you like electronic music, clubbing, or just dancing by the sea until early morning hours, then Ibiza is definitely the place to be this summer. Back in the 60s and 70s, Ibiza was the ultimate hippie destination and you can still sense the bohemian atmosphere in many places and events on the island. 

The charm of Ibiza goes beyond its party spirit and vibrant lifestyle, as it’s an island of great natural beauty that also offers corners for peace and relaxation. The capital of Ibiza located in the south of the island is a lively city, with a beautiful historical center and lots of shops, bars, and restaurants where you can experience the local vibe. We also suggest that you rent a car or take the bus to the north side of the island, which is more quiet and untamed. There you can find more secluded beaches as well as some impressive natural sites to drive or hike to. 

In the past few years, many travelers visit Ibiza for its great spa and retreat facilities, while it is also a popular option for water sports lovers. 

Tip: Visit hippie and artisan markets that follow a tradition that started in the early ’60s on the island. Artists and designers visit Ibiza yearly for its unique vibe and bohemian lifestyle. The biggest markets are the Hippie Market Punta Arabí in Es Cana (a coastal town in the east) taking place on Wednesdays and the Hippie Market Las Dalias in San Carlos (a village in the northeast of Ibiza) taking place on Saturdays. 

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The crystal blue waters of the beach Agua Blanca on the northeast side of Ibiza. 

Beaches in Ibiza 

One of the main reasons to visit Ibiza is its crystal clear waters and its amazing beaches. The scenery across the coast of Ibiza is beautiful and you will enjoy your time by the sea to the fullest. The majority of beaches have beach bars (chiringuitos) or clubs, while there are also more quiet options as well as nudist-friendly beaches. Here are some of the best beaches in Ibiza:

  • Cala Benirrás: Small sheltered bay in the north with sand and pebbles. It features umbrellas, sunbeds and a beach bar. You can enjoy a view of the Cap Bernat rock and a beautiful sunset. The Sunday drumming ritual is one of the must hippie experiences in Benirras. 
  • Cala d´Hort: On the southwest, with a great view of the Es Vedrà. Beach with sand and small pebbles, shallow waters, parasols, beach bar, and disabled access. Also, smoking is not allowed on this beach. 
  • Playa de Las Salinas: Long sandy beach in the south, considered to be one of the ‘coolest’ options if you want to enjoy a drink or party in a great scenery. A busy beach with restaurants, beach bars, clubs, boutiques, and water sports facilities. Located in Ibiza's Wildlife Conservation Area, it’s a great option for hiking and adventure walks during the off-season period. 
  • Sol d'en Serra: On the east of the island, a beautiful secluded beach with rocks and a bit of sand, which is great for relaxation. There is one restaurant/beach club above the beach and you need to be cautious of strong water currents.
  • Cala Xarraca: A quiet bay in the north. The beach has rocks, sand and crystal clear waters, which attract many snorkeling aficionados. In the middle area of the beach there are parasols, while the two edges of the beach have no facilities and are nudism-friendly.  
  • Agua Blanca: Impressive coast on the northeast side of the island and a long sandy beach between high cliffs, with golden sand and clear blue waters. One side of the nudist beach has parasols and beach bars, while access is via steps from the parking lot. 
  • Talamanca: Family-friendly beach with white sand and shallow waters, perfect for kids. There are parasols as well as restaurants and shops nearby. A perfect option if you don’t have a car, just a 15-min walk from Ibiza town. 
  • Cala Comte: Sandy beach close to San Antonio, easily accessible by bus or boat. It is located in between a rocky coast and it has crystal clear waters that resemble a pool. There are also beach bars on the upper part of the rocks. 
  • Es Portitxol: Small beautiful bay accessible after about an 1-hour hike through pine forests and hills in the north of Ibiza (follow the Penyal de s’Aguila hiking route). The beach is tiny and isolated with beautiful crystal clear waters. 

Beach Cala d'Hort, Ibiza, blue sea, sailing boats, pine trees, cliffs, island

The impressive beach of Cala d'Hort on the southwest coast of Ibiza. 

Sightseeing in Ibiza

Ibiza has a rich history and has been inhabited since 1600 BCE. During the 8th century BCE Ibiza acted as a commercial center for the Phoenicians, and for that reason, the island has a few of the first organized settlements in the West Mediterranean. The island has important archaeological sites as well as monuments, churches, and Medieval heritage sites. Apart from the historical importance of Ibiza, the island is distinguished for its unique natural beauty and contemporary culture that are worth exploring during your stay. Here's a list with sightseeing recommendations by the Ferryhopper team: 

  • Dalt Vila: The old Medieval town of Ibiza is a Unesco Heritage site, full of historic streets and traditional architecture. We highly recommend strolling around the streets of the ancient city of Eivissa. 
  • When in Dalt Villa you should definitely pass by ‘Plaza de Vila’, the ancient main square of the old town and the Cathedral of Ibiza.
  • The Punic necropolis of El Puig des Molins: One of the best-preserved necropoles in the world. You can visit the ancient cemetery as well as the Archaeological Museum of Eivissa to see artifacts from the rich history of the area. 
  • The archaeological site of Sa Caleta: the ruins of a Phoenician settlement from the 8th century BCE, located on the southwest coast of Ibiza. 
  • The baroque church of Santo Domingo close to the Ibiza Port, built in the 17th century. 
  • The mysterious island of ‘Es Vedrá’. You can either hike and take in the impressive view from Torre des Savinar or get to Es Vedrá by boat from Ibiza town or San Antonio. You can expect wild beauty, as well as snorkeling and diving excursions.
  • The Ses Salinas Natural Park, an impressive ecosystem on the southeast side of the island. You can visit the salt flats of Las Salinas, wetlands, sand dunes, and of course the beautiful beaches located in the area. The park is also home to many bird species, so it’s also ideal for birdwatching. 
  • Punta d’es Moscarter, the northern tip of the island. Take the hiking trail from Portinatx to the lighthouse for an amazing view of the Balearic archipelago and a perfect photo-spot. 
  • C’an Marça Caves: Located in the north of the island, the caves are filled with stalactites and stalagmites and you can take a tour and learn more about the cave's history and its use across the centuries. 
  • Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art (Museu d’Art Contemporani): The museum has two buildings (old and new), both of amazing architecture. The museum collection features important artists from the Balearic Islands as well as Spanish and international artists. Special tip for your visit is to access the archaeological site preserved under the museum. 
  • Aquarium Cap Blanc: Located in a large natural sea cave, it’s a great example of Mediterranean sea life and it's surely worth visiting. 

Torre de Savinar, island of 'Es Vedra', Ibiza, sea, rocks, cliff, nature, sightseeing

View of the island of ‘Es Vedrá’ from the 18th-century watchtower of Torre des Savinar.

Activities and nightlife in Ibiza

During the summer season, the island holds some unforgettable parties and as soon as you set foot on Ibiza you will realize that the island moves in the rhythm of music and dance. Most of the nightclubs are located on the road that connects the city of Ibiza in the southwest with San Antonio in the northwest. Some of the most famous clubs to visit are ‘Bora Bora’ (Playa D'en Bossa), 'Amnesia' (San Rafel), 'Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach' (Playa D'en Bossa), and 'Blue Marlin' (Cala Jondal). One of the top experiences when clubbing in Ibiza is to take the DiscoBus for your transport during the party nights - the bus runs between San Antonio, Playa d’en Bossa, and Ibiza town day and night.

Outdoor activities are also very popular in Ibiza. For example, you can try water sports such as kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, or snorkeling. You can also go hiking or mountain-biking on the island trails, with some of which leading to beautiful beaches and coves. 

Tip: The original Café del Mar opened in the town of San Antonio in the 1980s and it has since been synonymous to lounge music albums. If you like the idea of listening to some chill-out music while watching a beautiful sunset, then you should have a drink at the cafe’s large terrace. 

Playa d'en Bossa, sandy beach, resorts, hotels, clubs, Ibiza holidays, Balearic sea, waves

The beach of Playa d'en Bossa, 4km from Ibiza town. Some of the most famous clubs and resorts on the island are located there.

Food in Ibiza

All the Balearic Islands are famous for their food culture and the tasty local ingredients that make their dishes so special! Restaurants in Ibiza usually serve aioli tapas or olives for a starter, and that’s how your gastronomic journey in the Balearic begins… Some of the most typical local dishes that you should try in Ibiza are:  

  • The traditional fish stew, or “Bullit de peix”.
  • The ‘Arroz de Matanzas’, which is rice cooked with local meat, saffron, and mushrooms
  • The ‘La Greixonera’ (a sort of bread pudding) or the cheese tart ‘Flaó Ibicenco’ for dessert
  • The local herb liqueurs, delicious aperitifs containing a mix of flavors and aromas from plants and fruits

Useful info and travel tips for Ibiza

The high tourist season in Ibiza is from June to September and during this time you should expect warm temperatures (around 30°C). Also at that time of the year, it can get very busy with big crowds in beaches, restaurants, and bars. If you are looking for quiet holidays in Ibiza, the best period to visit is the end of May or the end of September when the temperatures are cooler (but still warm) and the island is less crowded.

Ibiza is a relatively small island and the easiest way to get around is by car or scooter. You can rent a vehicle there or bring your own vehicle by ferry from mainland Spain. There is also the option to take taxis, but be aware that they can be quite expensive. On the other hand, buses in Ibiza are affordable, but the frequency varies, so make sure you check with the local bus stations, especially if you are planning to visit some of the more remote parts of the island. The island has an international airport, the 'Aeroport d' Eivissa', located 7km southwest of the town of Ibiza (10-min drive). During the summer months, there are many flights from mainland Spain and international destinations.

The island has many accommodation options for all different styles and budgets. If you want to have a more relaxing holiday close to nature, you can choose the areas of Portinax, Puerto San Miguel, or Cala Llonga. The town of Ibiza is a great place to stay if you want to have an authentic experience of island life. Finally, for those of you who want to be at the center of the party life, we suggest looking for accommodation at Playa d'en Bossa or the coastal area west of the Ibiza town and port. 

Some useful phone numbers for your stay in Ibiza: 

  • Ibiza Hospital (Can Misses): +34 971313030
  • Rosario Clinic (Policlinica del Rosario): +34 971301916
  • Ibiza Ambulances (Ambulancias Insulares): 061
  • Local Police Eivissa (Ibiza): +34 971315861
  • Ibiza Airport: +34 971809000
  • Radio Taxi Ibiza: +34 971398483
  • Autobuses H.F. Vilás:+34 971399581
  • Autobuses San Antonio: +34 971340510
  • Discobús: +34 971313447
  • Ibiza Tourist Office: +34 971301900
  • Ibiza Port Authority: +34 971310611

City of Ibiza (Eivissa), port, ferry, sailing boats, houses, architecture, castle, walls, hill

View of the old town of Ibiza from the city port.

Ferry schedules and ferry tickets to Ibiza

Ibiza is well connected by ferry to mainland Spain and the ports of Barcelona, Valencia, and Dénia as well as with the neighboring Balearic Islands of Mallorca and Formentera. The island has 2 ports: the port of the town of Ibiza in the southwest, as well as the port of San Antonio on the northwest side. Here are some more details for the popular ferry routes in Ibiza: 

  • Barcelona - Ibiza ferry route: The port of Barcelona is well connected to the island of Ibiza with ferries departing daily every week. The duration of the Barcelona - Ibiza ferry trip can be from 8 to 9 hours. You can also easily transport your vehicle from the city of Barcelona to Ibiza, just make sure that you book your car or motto ferry ticket in advance! 
  • Denia - Ibiza ferry route: The port of Dénia is located on the east coast of the Iberian peninsula, between the cities of Valencia and Alicante. The distance between Dénia and the island of Ibiza is about 100 km (66 miles) so the ferry ride is quite short. The Dénia - Ibiza ferry connection runs at least 2 times every day to the port of the city of Ibiza while there are also weekly crossings to the port of San Antonio in the north of Ibiza. The ferry trip lasts approximately 2 hours, so the port of Dénia is the fastest way to reach Ibiza by ferry from mainland Spain! 
  • Valencia - Ibiza ferry route: If you are traveling to Ibiza from mainland Spain, you can also catch a ferry from the port of Valencia. The city and port of Valencia is an alternative departure port to the Balearic Islands, as it is also located on the east coast of the Spanish peninsula, south of Barcelona and north of Dénia. There is a direct ferry from Valencia to the port of Ibiza at least 6 times every week. The Valencia - Ibiza ferry trip duration can be from 5 to 6 hours depending on the type of ferry that you choose. 

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Island-hopping from Ibiza

Traveling to Ibiza is a great opportunity to visit some of the other islands of the Balearic archipelago, and especially Formentera and Mallorca

For some peaceful time in an island of unique, wild beauty, many travelers choose to cross from Ibiza to Formentera. The Ibiza-Formentera ferry crossing is very frequent, with multiple daily departures, usually from 07:00 until 22.30. The duration of the ferry ride is only 30-40 minutes which makes it a great option for a day trip!

The two ports of Ibiza serve ferry connections to the port of Palma de Mallorca. The Ibiza - Palma ferry crossing is daily and the duration of the ferry trip can last from 2 to 4 hours depending on the type of ferry that you choose. The San Antonio - Palma ferry crossing operates 7 times per week and the ferry trip lasts approximately 2h 30min

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Aerial view of the port of San Antonio, northwest Ibiza, ferries, sailing boats, Balearic sea, island

Aerial view of a busy day at the port of San Antonio, in the northwest of the island of Ibiza. 

Where to book ferry tickets to Ibiza?

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Ibiza has direct ferry connections with 6 ports:

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