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The island of Ibiza is an extraordinary destination in the Balearic sea. The charm of Ibiza goes beyond its party spirit and vibrant lifestyle, as it’s an island of great natural beauty that also offers little corners for peace and relaxation. Find all information about ferry trips to and from Ibiza and organise your island-hopping in the Balearic Sea in 4 clicks on Ferryhopper.

Ferry schedules and ferry tickets to Ibiza

Ibiza is well connected by ferry to the ports of Barcelona, Valencia and Dénia in mainland Spain as well as with the neighboring Balearic islands of Mallorca and Formentera. The island has two ports, the port of the capital Ibiza in the south as well as the port of San Antonio in the north side. On the Ferryhopper search engine you will find all the available ferry connections, schedules and the best ferry tickets prices in order to plan your holidays and island hopping in the Balearic sea! 

Ferry from the ports of mainland Spain to Ibiza

Ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza

The port of Barcelona is well connected to the island of Ibiza with ferries departing daily every week. The duration of the Barcelona - Ibiza ferry trip can be from 8 hours to 9 hours. You can also easily transport your vehicle from the city of Barcelona to Ibiza, just make sure that you book your car or motto ferry ticket in advance! In the case that you travel to Ibiza without vehicle we would highly recommend that you rent one when you arrive on the island in order to explore more of this beautiful destination. 

Ferry from Dénia to Ibiza

The port of Dénia is located in the east coast of the Iberian peninsula, between the cities of Valencia and Alicante. The distance between Dénia and the island of Ibiza is about 100 km (66 miles) so the ferry ride is quite short. The Dénia-Ibiza ferry connection runs at least 2 times every day to the port of the city of Ibiza while there are also weekly crossings to the port of San Antonio in the north of Ibiza. The ferry trip lasts approximately 2 hours so if you want to go fast from mainland Spain to Ibiza then the port of Dénia is the best point of departure! 

Ferry from Valencia to Ibiza

If you are travelling to Ibiza from mainland Spain, you can also catch a ferry from the port of Valencia. The city and port of Valencia is an alternative departure port to the Balearic islands, as it is also located in the East coast of the spanish peninsula south of Barcelona and north of Dénia. There is a direct ferry from Valencia to the port of Ibiza at least 6 times every week. The Valencia - Ibiza ferry trip duration can be from 5 to 6 hours depending on whether you choose to travel with a conventional or a high speed ferry. 

If you decide to book this ferry route to Ibiza, don’t forget to try the famous and delicious Paella Valenciana!

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Island-hopping in the Balearic islands

Ferry from Mallorca to Ibiza

The distance between Ibiza and Mallorca (or Majorca) is approximately 120 km (75 miles) and the two Balearic islands are located opposite to each other. The Ibiza - Mallorca ferry connection is very frequent and the ferries connect both the ports of Ibiza with Palma de Mallorca. 

  • From Palma de Mallorca to the port of Ibiza: The Palma to Ibiza ferry route is a popular ferry connection as it allows travelers to go from Mallorca’s capital straight into the centre of Ibiza. The Palma - Ibiza ferry connection is daily and duration of this ferry trip can last from 2 to 4 hours depending on the type of ferry that you choose to travel with.  
  • From Palma de Mallorca to the port of San Antonio (Ibiza): The port of San Antonio is located in the north of Ibiza and it’s slightly closer to the neighboring island of Mallorca. The ferry trip from Palma de Mallorca to the port of San Antonio in Ibiza lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. The Palma - San Antonio connection is served by 7 sailings per week

Don’t miss the chance of visiting Ibiza, the most festive island of the Mediterranean and experience its amazing vibe and great natural beauty! On Ferryhopper you will find all the ferry schedules from Mallorca to Ibiza in order for you to choose the most convenient times and book your ferry tickets fast, easily and in the best price!

Ferry from Formentera to Ibiza

Ibiza promises some of the best summer parties and when you are there you cannot but participate in the island’s amazing festive vibe! If however you would like to spend some relaxing time by the beach you can always cross to the more peaceful island of Formentera. Similarly to the example of the ferry connection between the popular Mallorca and the more quiet Menorca, Ibiza connects to its neighbouring island of Formentera offering a perfect combination for your summer holidays! The ferry crossings are very frequent, with multiple departures every day usually starting from 7am until around 22.30 in the evening. The duration of the Formentera - Ibiza ferry ride is only 30 to 40 minutes which makes it a great option for a day trip to the Balearic sea!

What to do in Ibiza

You shouldn’t miss a walk around the colorful capital of Ibiza, or Eivissa as it is also called, with its charming historical centre, and a lot of little shops where you can buy gifts and local products. As the sun sets, the nightlife of the city of Ibiza awakens, with a variety of bars, clubs and restaurants that satisfy all tastes! A great majority of travelers have associated Ibiza with an intense nightlife and long summer parties, which is of course true! The island however has also a quiet side that we would suggest that you discover and explore when you are there. In a break from the parties, you can rent a car and drive around all of Ibiza’s impressive sites as well as go to more distant beaches and swim in the crystal waters of the Balearic sea. Here are some suggestions for sightseeing in Ibiza: 

  1. Explore Ibiza’s old medieval town, ‘Dalt Villa’, protected by Unesco as a World Heritage site.
  2. When in Dalt Villa you should definitely pass by ‘Plaza d Vila’, the ancient main square of the old town
  3. The baroque church of ‘Santo Domingo
  4. The mysterious rocks of ‘Es Vedrá’  
  5. The natural park and beach in Ses Salines (or Las Salines) - a beautiful sunset spot

Ibiza tip: If you are a lover of electronic music, Ibiza is the perfect destination for you! During the summer season the island holds some unforgettable parties and as soon as you set foot on Ibiza you will realise that the island moves in the rhythm of music and dance. Most of the nightclubs are located on the road that connects the city of Ibiza with San Antonio in the north. One of the most famous clubs to visit is the ‘Bora Bora’ right on the beach of ‘D’en Bossa’ and of course, make sure that you take at least once the DiscoBus for your transport during the party nights in Ibiza. 

The beaches in Ibiza 

The beaches of Ibiza are famous for the spectacular blue waters and you will easily find a perfect spot by the sea to enjoy your coffee or cocktail overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean sea! Here are some of the best beaches of Ibiza to explore: 

  1. Cala Benirrás
  2. Cala Saladita
  3. Cala d´Hort
  4. Playa de las Salinas
  5. Cala d´en Serra

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Food in Ibiza

All the Balearic islands are famous for their food culture and the tasty local ingredients that make their dishes so special! The restaurants in Ibiza usually serve an aioli tapas or olives for a starter, and that’s how your gastronomic journey in the Balearic begins… Some of the most typical local dishes that you should try when in Ibiza, are:  

  • The traditional fish stew, or “Bullit de peix” as its called
  • The ‘Arroz de Matanzas’, which is rice cooked with local meat, saffron and mushrooms
  • For dessert try, ‘La Greixonera’ (a sort of bread pudding) or the cheese tart ‘Flaó Ibicenco
  • And for a digestif, try the local herb liqueur, containing a mix of flavours and aromas from plants and fruits. 

Where can I book ferry tickets to Ibiza?

Ibiza is an ideal destination for ferry trips and island hopping! On Ferryhopper you will find everything you need to book your holidays in Ibiza: all the available ferry schedules and the best ferry ticket prices to design your dream holiday plan!

Ibiza has direct ferry connections with 5 ports:

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