Saronic Gulf, Greece

Aegina is the perfect destination for a trip close to the city of Athens, as the ferry ride from the port of Piraeus lasts just 40 min to 1 hour! On Ferryhopper you will find all ferry routes and ferry tickets for Aegina, useful information about what to do in this beautiful island as well as island-hopping options from Aegina to the islands of the Saronic Gulf. 

How to get to Aegina?

The island of Aegina (or Egina) is well connected with the port of Piraeus in Athens, throughout the whole year. The distance between Piraeus and Aegina is just 37km (19 nautical miles) so the journey can be from 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the ferry type that you choose to travel with. There are both conventional and high-speed ferries operating in the Piraeus-Aegina ferry route. 

The short ferry trip duration and the beauty of the island make Aegina an ideal destination for a weekend trip or for a short escape from Athens. You can find out more about the Athens (Piraeus) - Aegina ferry route on our dedicated page. 

Which are the ports of Aegina?

Aegina has 3 ports that connect the island with the mainland or/and the other islands of the Saronic Gulf, such as Poros, Agistri, Hydra, or Spetses

  • The port of Aegina: This is the main port of the island, located on the northwest side, serving ferry connections with Piraeus and the nearby islands of the Saronic Gulf such as Poros and Agistri. The port of Aegina is also a few minutes walk from the town of Aegina where you will find shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and supermarkets. 
  • The port of Souvala: Souvala is the second biggest port of Aegina, located in the north of the island. The port mostly serves seasonal ferry routes from Piraeus and the nearby islands of the Saronic Gulf. 
  • The port of Agia Marina: Agia Marina is a settlement and port in the northeast side of Aegina. During the summer there are regular ferries traveling from Piraeus to Agia Marina, as well as from Agia Marina to the port of Hydra. The port of Agia Marina is also very close to the impressive ancient Temple of Aphaea.

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Ferry tickets and schedules from Athens (Piraeus) to Aegina

Aegina is the closest island to Athens and it’s connected with frequent ferries to the port of Piraeus during the whole year. In the summer months, when the demand is higher, there are at least 20 different ferry departure options from Piraeus to Aegina. The Piraeus-Aegina ferry trip lasts 35-40min with a flying dolphin and 1hour 15min with a conventional ferry. The ferry ticket to Aegina is also quite cheap starting from around 10€, which makes the journey to Aegina ideal for a budget holiday close to Athens. 

All the conventional ferries that travel from Piraeus to Aegina give the option to travel with your vehicle. Just make sure that you book your vehicle ferry ticket in advance as particularly in the summer months the vehicle spaces can sell out quickly. On Ferryhopper you will find all ferry schedules from Piraeus to Aegina, and all ferry ticket types to easily plan your trip and holidays in the Greek islands!

Island-hopping around Aegina

The location of Aegina - close to Athens as well as in the middle of the Saronic Gulf - makes it an ideal departure point for island-hopping! From the port of Aegina, you can travel by ferry to Agistri in 15min, or in Poros in 1hour and 15min, while there are also ferry connections to the nearby islands of Hydra, Methana, and Spetses. On the Ferryhopper Map of Ferries, you can find all the ferry routes from the ports of Aegina to organize your island-hopping in the Saronic Gulf in the most convenient and fun way for you!

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What to do in Aegina

Aegina is a beautiful island in the Saronic Gulf, with a long history, rich cultural heritage, beaches for different tastes, and great food. The island of Aegina is a popular destination amongst Athenians for long weekends close to Athens, as well as a favorite island of many local and international travelers who find Aegina ideal for relaxing holidays throughout the year

Beaches in Aegina

The beaches of Aegina can satisfy all different tastes, with sand or with pebbles, the coastline of the island is beautiful and it has both organized and more secluded beach options. Here are some of the nicest beaches in Aegina: 

  • Agia Marina
  • Aeginitissa
  • Vagia
  • Marathonas
  • Moni
  • Perdika
  • Souvala
  • Portes
  • Agios Vasileios

Sightseeing in Aegina

Aegina has been inhabited since ancient times so the island has a long, rich, history, which travelers can trace in several parts of the island. While in Aegina don't miss the chance of visiting: 

  1. The ancient temple of Aphaia
  2. The archaeological site of Kolona
  3. Palaiochora
  4. The archaeological museum of Aegina
  5. The Christos Kapralos Museum
  6. The Church & Monastery of Agios Nektarios
  7. The Tower of Markellos

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Food in Aegina

The food highlight of Aegina is, of course, the pistachio. The variety of pistachio produced in Aegina is famous as one of the tastiest in the world. There are many local products that have pistachio as their main ingredients, such as sweets, jams, ice-creams, or liquors amongst others. When in Aegina you should also eat seafood and fresh fish as well as try the local wines, honey, and olive oil

Useful information for your holidays in Aegina

Aegina is one of the largest islands in the Saronic Gulf with modern tourist services, many accommodation options, shops, vehicle rental services as well as ATM, banks, supermarkets, and a hospital. Here are some useful phone numbers for your stay in Aegina: 

  • Aegina Port Authority: +30 2297022328
  • Hospital of Aegina: +30 2297024489
  • Aegina Police Station: +30 2297022100
  • Citizen Service Centre: +30 2297026222
  • Travelers Info Services: +30 2297026967

Where to book ferry tickets for Aegina?

Do you want to escape for a few days on a beautiful island, close to Athens? Aegina is a perfect destination for a weekend or longer, as well as for an island-hopping trip in the Saronic Gulf. On Ferryhopper you will find all ferry itineraries from/to Aegina, to compare ferry companies, schedules, and ferry ticket prices and choose the ferry trip that best suits your needs and budget. 

Aegina has direct ferry connections with 10 ports:

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