3 amazing hiking trails in Aegina

Follow the markings!

In addition to the peanut festival, the Temple of Aphaia and the Tower of Markellos, Aegina offers amazing trekking routes. That's why we sat down, spread the map on the table and spotted Aegina’s 3 best hiking trails for you who head to the hills at every opportunity!

The ruins of the ancient temple in Aegina

Ruins of Aegina's glorious past overlooking the Saronic Gulf

Explore the ancient olive grove

One of the most beautiful hiking trails in Aegina starts from the southernmost point of the island, the village of Sfentouri. Within 1 hour, you will cross an easy path of 3 km, carpeted with myrtles and wild orchids.

The route meanders around olive trees leading your steps to a stone-threshing floor and the souvala Achlada (come again?). According to Aeginians, souvales are the stone-built tanks locals used to collect rainwater.

A little further down, you will find the impressive drakospita embedded in the ground. The dragon houses are megalithic constructions with flat stone slabs. Finally, arriving at the ancient olive grove (eleonas in Greek), a walk among the centuries-old olive trees will give you a taste of Aegina's natural wealth and grandeur!

Tip: spot an ancient olive tree and sit under its shade while enjoying a little break. Don't forget to bring water with you and stay hydrated!

Τhe ancient olive grove in Aegina

Century-old olive trees in the ancient olive grove

Walk in Chrysoleontissa's footsteps

Are you familiar with the proverb “no pain, no gain”? Well, fortunately, this isn't the case! The 6-kilometer route starts from the cemetery in Pachia Rachi, ending at the Monastery of Chrysoleontissa. The footpath has an uphill slope but soon (thankfully!) the trail becomes flat again.

During this 2-hour hike, you will cross paths with the old aqueduct and the kiln used by Aeginians to produce pottery on the plateau of St. Leontios. You will see the whole western side of the island stretching in front of you until you reach the Monastery of Panagia Chrysoleontissa.

The 17th-century fortified monastery with impressive blue domes welcomes you to its inner courtyard. There, you can quench your thirst with some cold water while enjoying stunning views of the Saronic Gulf.

The monastery of Panagia Chrysoleontissa in Aegina

 The Μonastery of Panagia Chrysoleontissa surrounded by greenery

Conquer Mount Hellanion

Aegina has something for every kind of hillwalker and as we are taking it seriously (not TOO much though), off we go to the island's most impressive hiking trail. Before we leave, grab a sweatshirt as there’s a nip in the air at the peak of Mount Hellanion.

Get ready for a journey of 8.8 km and a 5-hour hike that will lead you to the top of the highest mountain in the Saronic Gulf. The route starts from the village of Anitsaio, passes through verdant hills and sleepy wells ending at the Church of Prophet Elias.

The small white chapel has been built over the ruins of the ancient Temple of Zeus. There, among ancient gods, you feel like a god yourself, watching the breathtaking views and the endless blue at an altitude of 532 meters.

Tip: if you are not into a 5-hour hike, you can reach a point by car and then continue hiking to the top. Bring sunscreen and a hat with you to avoid sunburn! 

The Saronic Gulf seen from the top of Mount Ellanio

View of the Saronic Gulf from the top of Mount Hellanion

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