FRS Iberia DFDS ferry schedules to North Africa for 2024

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Are you planning a trip to North Africa? No? Well, FRS Iberia DFDS has announced its ferry schedules for 2024! That means you can organize an epic trip to North Africa from mainland Spain (Algeciras or Tarifa). Find out more information about:

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The port town of Ceuta in Spain

Scenic view of the picturesque port town of Ceuta

FRS Iberia DFDS ferries to North Africa

FRS Iberia DFDS operates ferry routes between Spain, Morocco, and Gibraltar. From the port cities of Algeciras and Tarifa in Andalusia, you can hop on a ferry to Ceuta and Tangier (Tanger Med and Tangier Ville ports). 

You can also travel between Gibraltar and Tangier by ferry! Interested in knowing more about all the announced FRS Iberia DFDS ferry schedules for 2024? Keep reading!

Tip: have in mind that there is a time difference between Spain and Morocco. Morocco is one hour behind Spanish time.

Panoramic view of Tangier Ville port overlooking the city of Tangier in Morocco, North Africa

The port of Tangier Ville and the picturesque Old Medina

Ferries from Algeciras to Ceuta

Algeciras is connected to the port of Ceuta, an autonomous Spanish city located in North Africa, just 70 km from Tangier. FRS Iberia DFDS ferries to Ceuta from Algeciras usually take 1 hour and tickets start at €33 for a single ferry ticket.

Tip: on the ferry from Algeciras to Ceuta, it is possible to travel with a vehicle. On board, you will find restaurants, shops, cafes, children's areas and Wi-Fi.

Ferry routes from Algeciras to Tangier

If you want to travel to Tangier by ferry, keep in mind that there are 2 ports, Tangier Ville and Tanger Med. The ferry from Algeciras takes you to Tanger Med port which is about 50 km from the city of Tangier in Morocco.

FRS Iberia DFDS operates up to 11 daily crossings between Algeciras and Tanger Med. The Algeciras - Tangier ferry trip takes 1.5 hours and costs around €30

Tip: if you're not sure about the ferry connections, you can read our guide and find out which port is the right one for you (Tangier Ville or Tanger Med).

Ferries from Tarifa to Tangier

Did you know that Tarifa is located in the southernmost tip of Spain? Besides being a hotspot for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts, it also offers ferry connections to North Africa. So, you can hop on the ferry to Tangier from Tarifa and reach Morocco in just 1 hour with tickets starting at €40.

There are at least 8 daily departures from Tarifa to Tangier Ville in Morocco. However, the number of connections usually increases in summer. 

Ferry crossings from Tangier to Gibraltar

Thanks to the FRS Iberia DFDS ferry connections, you can also travel between Tangier and Gibraltar with up to 8 daily crossings. The journey lasts about 1.5 hours and the ferry ticket price is €37.5.

However, keep in mind that for now, FRS Iberia DFDS announced the available Tangier-Gibraltar ferry connections for April 2024. Here, you can find the available dates for booking your ferry tickets from/to Gibraltar: 01/04, 14/04, and 29/04

Ferry departing to Tangier from the port of Tarifa in Spain

Ferry departing from the bustling port of Tarifa

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