How to get to Milos in 2021

The compete travel guide to Milos

Milos is considered one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. It has magnificent beaches which are complemented by marble white rock formations. Holidays in Milos are ideal for couples and families as it has a relaxing and romantic character. Getting to the island of Milos is easy as there are multiple connections to Athens and other Cycladic islands, both by ferry and plane. But, how do you get to Milos? 

Ferry or Flight to Milos?

Milos is easily accessible by ferry or plane. Even though the flight is shorter, traveling by ferry is surely more fun. One point is that ferry travel is more comfortable as you can stroll around and breathe fresh air at the deck. Furthermore, you can bring your car to the island and easily explore every beach and village of Milos. Keep in mind that the ferry is probably safer during the current COVID-19 era as you can sit on the open-air deck, from a safer distance. See all Greek Covid-19 ferry measures and safety regulations.

Note: Ferry traveling is also more eco-friendly! You can find more information on sustainable ferry travel on our relevant article. 

The Sarakiniko beach in Milos

The magical Sarakiniko beach in Milos

How to get to Milos from Athens

The best way to get to Milos from Athens is to catch a ferry from its ports or a plane from the Athens International Airport. There are frequent direct ferry routes and direct flights to Milos, especially during the summer.

Athens to Milos Ferry

There are numerous crossings from the port of Piraeus and the port of Lavrion near Athens to Milos. The frequency of the ferry routes rises in the summer, as you can find more than 2 ferry departures per day. More specifically:

Piraeus - Milos: You can find many ferry routes from the port of Piraeus to Milos all year long. Especially in the summer, there are up to 5 direct crossings starting from early in the morning. The ferry companies that usually serve this connection are Seajets, Golden Star Ferries, Aegean Speed Lines, Minoan Lines and Zante Ferries that have both conventional and high-speed vessels. The ferry from Piraeus to Milos travels for approximately 3.5 hours and the ferry ticket price starts at €35.

Lavrion - Milos: There is 1 weekly ferry crossing from the port of Lavrion to Milos, usually on Saturdays. The ferry company that operates this route is Blue Star Ferries with the conventional vessel Artemis. Traveling from Lavrio to Milos by ferry can take about 15 hours. The ferry ticket price is €20.

Note: At this moment, there are only indirect ferry routes from Rafina to Milos, with other Cycladic islands as intermediate stops. You can find more on the Rafina - Milos ferry connection on our relevant page. 

Flight from Athens to Milos

There are frequent flights from Athens International Airport to the island of Milos all year long. The duration of the flight is around 40-45 min and the airport in Milos is located only 5km from the Adamantas port. Keep in mind that you need to pre-book your plane tickets well in advance in order to find better prices. Furthermore, there is a strict luggage policy as there is a weight limit for your bags.

How to get from Santorini to Milos

Santorini is located near Milos and they are connected by ferry with multiple departures per week. In summer, there 1-2 daily crossings early in the morning and late in the evening operated by Zante Ferries, SeaSpeed Ferries, Aegeon Pelagos, Seajets and Golden Star Ferries. The duration of the Santorini to Milos ferry trip ranges from 2 to 5 hours, depending on the company and the type of vessel. As for the ferry prices, you can find tickets starting at €16.  

Note: There are no flights from Santorini to Milos. There is only the option of traveling to Athens and then catching a plane to Milos.

White rocks in Milos

The lunar white rock formations in Milos

How to get from Mykonos to Milos

Getting to Milos from Mykonos can be quite easy with Ferryhopper. During the summer, there are 2 direct ferry routes per day served by Seajets and Golden Star Ferries. The duration of the Mykonos to Milos ferry trip is 3 to 5.5 hours and the ferry ticket can cost approximately €70.

Note: At the moment, there are no direct flights from Mykonos to Milos. All flights have Athens as an intermediate stop.

How to get from Paros to Milos

Paros and Milos are undoubtedly two of the most popular Greek islands and are connected to each other with frequent ferry crossings during the year. The ferry company Seajets have high-speed ferries that serve this ferry route daily, during the summer. The ferry from Paros to Milos travels for about 1.5 hours and the ferry ticket for a deck seat costs around €60.

Note: No Paros - Milos flights are available either. You need to travel to Athens from Paros and then fly to Milos. 

How to get from Crete to Milos island

Traveling by ferry from Crete (Heraklion) to Milos is available seasonally, mainly during the period from May to September. Usually, there are 2 weekly ferry crossings from the port of Heraklion to Milos, served by the companies Minoan Lines and Aegeon Pelagos. The duration of the ferry ride can be from 4.5 to 11 hours, depending on the type of vessel (conventional or speedboat). The price for a standard ferry ticket ranges between €25 and €45.

Note: There is no flight from any airport in Crete. There is only the option of traveling to Athens and then catching a plane to Milos.

Sea view in Milos

The crystal blue waters of Milos

Getting to Milos from other islands

Milos is located in the West Cyclades and is pretty close to other popular islands like Kimolos, Serifos or Sifnos. These islands are connected by ferry daily to Milos and the average ferry duration can be around 2 hours. On our Map of Ferries, you can find all available options to plan an amazing island hopping experience around Milos. 

Traveling to Milos from abroad

Reaching Milos from abroad by plane is only available with indirect flights via Athens. For example, if you want to get to Milos from the UK, you should catch a flight to Athens and then choose between ferry or plane to reach Milos. 

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