Cyclades, Greece

Kimolos is a small island in the Cycladic archipelago, famous for its laid-back atmosphere, heavenly beaches and impressive volcanic landscapes. On this Ferryhopper page, you can find all the information you need about your trip to Kimolos, holidays on the island, top beaches and attractions, as well as ferry routes and schedules. Discover the top experiences in Kimolos and book cheap ferry tickets with no extra fees on Ferryhopper!

Beautiful waters at Karas in Kimolos

Dreamy waters and white rocks at Karas beach in Kimolos

Vacation in Kimolos

Kimolos is a peaceful destination in the Aegean Sea, distinguished by its beautiful scenery. During your vacation, you can enjoy relaxing moments by crystal-clear emerald waters and discover the volcanic origins of the island. Kimolos is named after the mineral chalk (kimolia in Greek), a variety of limestone that dominates the island landscape. In Kimolos, you can kick back and relax at the thermal springs or try outdoor activities. The capital of the island, Chorio or Chora, is a cute Cycladic village that charms visitors with its simplicity, serenity and picturesque alleys.

How to get to Kimolos

You can get to Kimolos by ferry from Athens throughout the year. Ferries from the port of Piraeus to Kimolos are in operation year-round, while ferries from the port of Lavrio to Kimolos are only available during the summer season. The ferry trip duration from Athens to Kimolos ranges from 4 to 14 hours, depending on the type of vessel and ferry route. Find more information about ferries to Kimolos below.

What to do in Kimolos

Kimolos is the ideal destination for travelers wishing to relax, explore amazing natural sites and enjoy the Greek sun at one of the beautiful beaches of the island. During your holidays in Kimolos, you can explore the volcanic coastline of the island and swim in paradisiacal waters, discover the remote beaches of the neighboring island of Poliegos, visit some of the most unique natural sites in the world and try delicious dishes and drinks at the waterfront bars and tavernas

Moreover, Kimolos is a great starting point for island hopping in the Cyclades, serving ferry routes to 13 islands! Put on your hiking shoes, get your snorkelling gear, get plenty of sunscreen and get ready to be taken aback by the refreshing vibe of Kimolos! Explore the best experiences on the island below.

Beaches in Kimolos

The beaches of Kimolos have turquoise waters, golden sand, white pebbles and impressive rock formations. The most popular beaches on the island are on the south coast. Here are our favorite beaches in Kimolos:

  • Karas: Karas is a magical cove with emerald pool-like waters. It is not a typical beach, but the impressive white rocks are great for diving and sunbathing.
  • Rema: This beach is close to the fishing village of Goupa, 15 minutes from Chorio on foot. It is a pebble beach with turquoise waters, as well as impressive caves and rock formations.
  • Prassa: It’s one of the best beaches in Kimolos. Prassa has crystal-clear emerald waters, tamarisk trees and white sand. There are umbrellas and a food truck, and it gets quite busy in August.
  • Aliki: It is a large sandy beach with pebbles and shallow blue waters. There are tamarisk trees for shade, and you can get there by bus.
  • Bonatsa: Bonatsa is right next to Aliki and it’s a large wind-protected beach. It has thin sand, shallow clear waters and tamarisk trees. There is a beach bar for drinks and snacks, and you can get there by bus.
  • Ellinika: This is a sandy beach on the west coast of the island. Make sure you bring a mask, as the blue waters of the beach are home to a sunken necropolis!
  • Mavrospilia: The beach is close to Ellinika and it’s one of the best locations to watch the sunset in Kimolos.

Tip: We recommend that you get a book from the lending library of Kimolos, and enjoy a relaxing day reading on the beach!

Impressive rocks at the beach of Ellinika

Beautiful rock formations at Ellinika beach

Activities and sightseeing in Kimolos

Despite its small size, Kimolos is a great destination for nature lovers and culture enthusiasts. There are many interesting sites and monuments to visit on the island. Ferryhopper suggests the following experiences in Kimolos:

  • Hike to Skiadi: Skiadi is a unique natural site and the landmark of Kimolos. It’s a huge mushroom-shaped rock carved by strong winds over time. You can go on a long 90-minute hike from Chorio to Skiadi or take the short 30-minute hike from the nearby parking area. The trail is simply beautiful and the view to the neighboring island of Milos is breathtaking!
  • Walk around Chorio: Exploring the capital of Kimolos and the old castle area on foot is one of the best things to do on the island. The quaint alleys, local architecture and medieval remnants charm visitors. There are also many bars, restaurants and cafés, where you can rest after your walk.
  • Visit the Archaeological Museum of Kimolos: The museum hosts exhibits from the prehistoric and ancient times, which bear testimony to the rich history of the island.
  • Go on a boat trip to Poliegos: The small uninhabited island of Poliegos is easily accessible by boat from Chorio. It is a heavenly destination with unspoilt beaches, rare animal and plant species, and an old monastery.
  • Attend an event by the Kimolistes team: This team of volunteers plans performances, tours and activities on the island. You can attend an open-air film screening, dance at a local festival or follow them on a hike.
  • Marvel at the rock formations in Goupa: Discover sirmata, the rock-carved caves that are used to store fishing boats during the winter and take amazing photos with elefantas, an impressive rock formation transformed by the strong waves and winds into an elephant-like structure throughout the years.

Anchor point at the island of Poliegos opposite Kimolos

The uninhabited island of Poliegos opposite Kimolos

Nightlife in Kimolos

Kimolos is an easy-going destination, great for families and travelers who are after calm nights by the sea. Most nightlife entertainment options are in Chorio, but there are tavernas all over the island. In Chorio and the nearby port of Psathi, you can find tavernas, restaurants, lounge bars and all-day cafés. We recommend that you stroll around Chorio and enjoy the peaceful summer night, before heading to a restaurant or bar to try delicious dishes and listen to ambient music with a glass of wine. Most bars and restaurants in Kimolos stay open until just after midnight.

Food in Kimolos

The cuisine of Kimolos is authentic and encompasses the tradition of the Cycladic islands. Dishes are prepared with local ingredients, fresh fish and seafood, and endemic vegetables. The people of Kimolos love baking, which means there are lots of baked goods to try on the island. Ladenia, the so-called “pizza of Kimolos” is one of our favorites. Here are more delicious local dishes to try in Kimolos:

  • Ladenia: flat bread with tomatoes, onions and olive oil
  • Tirenia: pie with manoura cheese
  • Amarathenia: cheese pie with fennel
  • Kolokithenia: zucchini-based pie
  • Lagos stifado: rabbit stew with cinnamon and clove
  • Pasteli: honey and sesame bar
  • Manouri cheese with eggs
  • Fried tomato patties with capers
  • Omelette with asparagus
  • Red mullet with capers
  • Fresh pasta
  • Fresh fish and seafood

Tip: Don’t forget to try homemade ice cream in Chorio!

Villages in Kimolos

Chorio, the capital of Kimolos, is the only major village on the island. There are smaller neighborhoods and interesting areas to visit, but most visitor amenities are in the capital and the port area. Make sure you explore Chorio, Gouta, Psathi, as well as all major beaches of Kimolos.

White-washed paved alley in Chorio

Quaint alley in Chorio

Useful information for Kimolos

The center of Chorio is located just 1km from the port of Psathi. These two areas are the most developed on the island. There are grocery stores, parking lots, car rentals, National Bank and Eurobank ATM machines, a post office, a pharmacy and a medical center. As for accommodation, you can find most hotels and rooms in Chorio.

Useful phone numbers for your stay in Kimolos

Here are some useful contacts for your trip to Kimolos:

  • Municipality of Kimolos: +302287051218
  • Kimolos police station: +302287051205
  • Kimolos Medical Center: +302287051222
  • Kimolos Port Authority: +302287051071
  • Pharmacy: +302287051261
  • Bus service: +306973700033

Transportation in Kimolos

You can get around Kimolos by bus or private vehicle. There is a small local bus connecting the port and the capital with the major beaches. For more flexibility, we recommend that you bring your car or motorcycle on board the ferry from Athens or rent a vehicle on the island.

Ports in Kimolos

The port of Kimolos is in Psathi. You can get from the small port of Psathi to Chorio in 3 minutes by car and approximately 15 minutes on foot. The port area is home to cafés, an ATM machine, hotels, tavernas, bars, shops, a car rental shop and a small parking lot. Ferries from Athens arrive at the port of Psathi and you can also catch a ferry to more islands of the Cyclades and Poliegos from there.

Island hopping from Kimolos

The island of Kimolos is in the western Cyclades, close to Milos and Sifnos. It is the perfect starting point for island hopping in the Aegean Sea, as there are frequent ferry routes to many neighboring islands. The ferry trip between Kimolos and Milos is one of the fastest and most popular. You can travel directly by ferry from Kimolos to the following ports:

  • Milos
  • Sifnos
  • Andros
  • Syros
  • Ios
  • Kythnos
  • Naxos
  • Paros
  • Santorini
  • Serifos
  • Sikinos
  • Tinos
  • Folegandros

On Ferryhopper’s Map of ferries, you can access all ferry routes and schedules from Kimolos. Plan your itinerary and book ferry tickets from Kimolos online on Ferryhopper.

Sunset in Kimolos

Enjoying the sunset at the beach in Kimolos

Kimolos ferry: schedules and tickets

There are regular ferry routes from Athens to Kimolos year-round. Ferries to Kimolos depart from 2 ports in Athens: Piraeus and Lavrio. The sailing from Piraeus is in operation throughout the year, while the route from Lavrio to Kimolos is only available during peak season. Here are more details about the ferry routes:

  • Ferry from Piraeus to Kimolos: The route from Piraeus to Kimolos is normally available 6 times per week. The journey duration ranges from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the type of vessel.
  • Ferry from Lavrio to Kimolos: The ferry from Lavrio to Kimolos is available once a week. The journey duration is around 14 hours, as the ferry stops at several islands on the way to Kimolos.

Where to book ferry tickets online to Kimolos

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Frequent ferry connections

Nearby destinations

Kimolos has direct ferry connections with 17 ports :

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