Cesme is a beautiful coastal town on the western coastline of Turkey, right across the Greek island Chios. It is a well-known holiday resort town that keeps its original traditional character and many visitors choose to travel there in order to spend their time by the sea. The Ferryhopper team provides you with holiday tips and useful information on how to reach Cesme from Greece!

How to get to Cesme from the Greek Islands?

The main way to travel by ferry from Greece to Cesme is through Chios. Due to the island being only 9 nautical miles to the west, the duration of the ferry ride is only 20 - 35 min. There are 2 ferry companies operating this ferry route all year long and the standard ferry ticket price costs around 25 €. Some vessels can carry cars onboard so you can explore the beauties of the Turkish coast!

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What to do in Cesme?

Cesme is a beautiful destination to visit in the summer. There you can find picturesque buildings, beautiful beaches and many options for food and entertainment. 

Beaches in Cesme

Around Cesme you can find some impressive beaches - how can any place overlooking the Aegean can be anything but beautiful? Most of them are well-organized with several beach clubs. Here is a shortlist of Ferryhopper’s favorite beaches near Cesme:

  • Ilica Plaji 
  • Pirlanta Plaji
  • Babylon
  • Altinkum Plaji
  • Mavi Koy
  • Boyalik Plaji
  • Delikli Koy
  • Ayayorgi Koyu

Sightseeing and Activities in Cesme 

Cesme is an ancient city of great interest as it offers many archaeological attractions to travelers. Furthermore, visitors choose Cesme as a starting point in order to explore more Turkish cities like Izmir, Alacati or even the archaeological site of Ephesus. Finally, Cesme is an ideal place for water-sport lovers. Some Ferryhopper suggestions for sightseeing are:

  • The Cesme Castle
  • The Cesme Archaeological Museum
  • The Cesme Hot Springs
  • The ruins of Ephesus
  • The ancient city of Erythrai

Tip: If you choose to visit Alacati along with your holidays in Cesme, don’t miss to get around at the Alacati Market, a large open-market where you can find local Turkish products, spices, textiles and jewelry. 

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Where to book ferry tickets to Cesme?

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