Cyclades, Greece

Anafi is a small island located in the south of the Cyclades between Santorini and Astypalea. It is a top destination for relaxing holidays, well-known for its wild landscape and amazing views of the Aegean Sea. Here you can find all the information about Anafi, its beautiful beaches, the activities available on the island and the ferry schedules. Book cheap ferry tickets on Ferryhopper and begin your island-hopping in the Cyclades!

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A square in the picturesque Chora of Anafi.

Vacation in Anafi

Anafi is a true gem of the Aegean Sea. The small Greek island is famous for its untouched beaches, beautiful hiking trails and the picturesque village of Chora. While Anafi is an ideal destination for peaceful holidays, it also boasts a vivid nightlife during the summer.

Take a walk around Chora, marvel at the simplicity of the Cycladic architecture, taste delicious food at the resturants, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Aegean. When night falls, head to the bars and tavernas, which stay open until late and often have live music or DJs. In the villages of Kleisidi and Roukounas you will also find great places to eat and drink surrounded by a beautiful scenery. If you are looking for adventure, the island has many hiking trails, with the most famous leading to Kalamos, the top of the so-called Vrachos (meaning "rock"), which is the second highest monolith in Europe after Gibraltar!

Beaches in Anafi

What better way to spend your vacation in Anafi, than to swim in the turquoise waters and sunbathe on the island's golden beaches! Don't forget to bring water, snacks and an umbrella with you, as you will not find any amenities on most beaches.

The best beaches in Anafi are:

  1. Roukounas
  2. Kleisidi
  3. Katsuni 
  4. Flamourou
  5. Monastiri
  6. Megas Potamos
  7. Livoskopos

taverna in Anafi, restaurant, tables, blue sea, sky, Cyclades, Aegean

Swim and enjoy great food with a view at the beach of Kleisidi.

What to do in Anafi

Anafi has a rich past and is even mentioned in Greek mythology as the island that appeared to save the shipwrecked Argonauts. Anafi is also well-known for its natural sights and intense nightlife, which we urge you to discover.

We suggest the following sights and activities:

  1. Stroll the picturesque kalderimia (narrow alleys) of Chora.
  2. Hike to Kalamos, the top of the second highest monolith in Europe and enjoy the stunning view. There you will also find the monastery of Panagia Kalamiotissa.
  3. Visit the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi and see the ruins of the ancient temple of Apollo Aiglitis.
  4. Dance till dawn at the bar-club "Madres" and watch the sun rise over the Aegean.
  5. Go to the panigiria (traditional fiestas) to dance to Greek music and try delicious local food. Don't miss the panigiri in Chora on the 15th of August and the one at the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi on the 7th and 8th of September.
  6. Discover Kasteli, the ancient city of Anafi, which probably dates back to the 7th century BC.
  7. Go rock climbing on the island's monolith, preferably from April till June or from September till November.



How to get to Anafi

There is a ferry connection from the port of Piraeus in Athens to Anafi all-year-round. More specifically, there is a direct ferry that travels from Piraeus to Anafi twice a week in both winter and summer months. 

During the summer, there are also indirect options to travel by ferry from the port of Rafina or the port of Piraeus to Santorini and then to Anafi. 

The port of Anafi is located on the south side of the island, 4km south of its main settlement, Chora. 

Cactus plant in the coast of Anafi island, Cyclades, blue calm sea, horizon, sunlight, summer holidays, ferry tickets

In Anafi's Chora you will find most of the island's restaurants, bars, and amenities such as supermarkets, grocery stores, and petrol station.

Ferry schedules and ferry tickets to Anafi

Anafi is one of the southernmost islands of the Cyclades along with Santorini, and it can be accessible by direct ferry from the port of Piraeus in Athens as well as from nearby islands of the Cyclades. 

The ferry crossing from Piraeus to Anafi operates around 2 days every week, during the whole year, and the ferry trip lasts from 8,5 to 11,5 hours. The ferries that travel from Athens to Anafi are usually conventional vessels with a garage so you could transfer your vehicle. We also recommend that you book a bed cabin for a more comfortable journey since the ferry trip to Anafi can be long.

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Island hopping around Anafi

Anafi is a destination that will charm you with its relaxing vibe and minimal style. If you get enough of this or want a change of pace, you can easily organize an island-hopping experience from Anafi to some beautiful nearby islands! The port of Anafi is located 57km (30 nautical miles) from the port of Athinios in Santorini so the easiest way to begin your island-hopping is to travel from Anafi to Santorini! The Anafi-Santorini ferry trip duration is just 1,5 hours while from Santorini you can then easily travel to Mykonos, Paros, Milos, Sifnos or Amorgos amongst other destinations. 

You can also usually get a direct ferry from Anafi to the port of Heraklion or the port of Sitia in Crete, as well as Ios and Naxos. There is also a ferry connecting Anafi with the islands of the Dodecanese such as Karpathos, Kasos, Rhodes or Chalki

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Hiking in Anafi

If you want to take a break from beach time, Anafi has some wonderful trails that lead you to magical beaches, hilly views and picturesque villages. Some suggestions for hiking in Anafi are:

  1. Chora - Roukounas - Megas Potamos - Zoodochos Pigi Monastery (2h30min)
  2. Roukounas - Kastelli (ancient town) - Agios Mamas - Zoodochos Pigi Monastery - Kalamos (3hrs)
  3. Chora - Stavros - Rachidi - Lakkous (1,5hrs)
  4. Stavros - Vigla - Panagia ton Vouvon - Livoskopos (2hrs)
  5. Chora - Agios Georgios - Milies - Kallista - Kasteli (2hrs)

White church in the coast of Anafi, Kalamos monolith on the background, calm blue sea, Cyclades, ferry tickets


Tip: The top sightseeing of the island is the Kalamos Monolith, located in the south tip of Anafi. It's the second-highest monolith in Europe, after Gibraltar, and you can reach its top after about 1hour walking. The trail can be narrow at parts so make sure that you wear proper shoes and have with you any gears that you might need as well as water and any snacks. The view from the top of the mount Kalamos is absolutely breathtaking so we highly recommend that you devote an afternoon or early morning to this unique experience!

Useful tips for your trip to Anafi

  1. Anafi has a regular bus network traveling to the main settlements of the island during the summer months, and between the port and Chora. We recommend that you bring your own vehicle by ferry in order to explore the wild landscape of Anafi to the most. Since the island is small, the accommodation options might have limited availability in the summer months so we suggest that you book your ferry tickets and stay in Anafi as far in advance as possible. Here are some useful phone numbers for your holidays in Anafi: 
  2. Port Authority Anafi: +30 2286061220
  3. Anafi Health Clinic: +30 2286061215
  4. Anafi Municipality: +30 2286061266
  5. Anafi Police Station: +30 2286061216

Where to book ferry tickets to Anafi?

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Anafi has direct ferry connections with 27 ports:

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