Ferries to Sardinia: a complete guide

All about ferry routes, companies and services

Are you planning a vacation in Sardinia? Here's a detailed guide with all the information you need about ferries to Sardinia, as well as many useful tips:

The entrance of Tirrenia’s “Athara” vessel equipped with an escalator

The elegant entrance of Tirrenia’s “Athara” vessel

Where do ferries arrive in Sardinia?

The main ports of arrival in Sardinia for ferries departing from Italy are Cagliari, Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Porto Torres, and Arbatax. Except for the one in the capital of Cagliari, located in the south, all other ports are in the northern part of the island, famous for its beaches and glamorous atmosphere.

If you're wondering where ferries to Sardinia leave from, know that there are departures from 7 Italian ports: Naples, Civitavecchia (Rome), Palermo (Sicily), Piombino, Livorno, Genoa, and Savona.

Apart from Italy, you can also reach Sardinia from several ports in Spain, France and Corsica connected to Santa Teresa Gallura (the northernmost location on the island).

Check out our dedicated article on ferry routes to Sardinia in 2024, and choose the connection that best suits your needs!

Which ferry companies operate on routes to Sardinia?

The main ferry companies serving crossings to Sardinia are Moby Lines, Tirrenia, Grimaldi Lines, GNV (Grandi Navi Veloci), Corsica Ferries, and Ichnusa Lines.

Most ferry routes to Sardinia are active all year round, but there are also seasonal routes or occasional departures.

What are ferries traveling to Sardinia like?

The quality and amenities of ferries to Sardinia may vary depending on the company and route.

Usually, the vessels traveling to Sardinia are conventional, but some routes are also operated by faster ferries. The ferries serving routes to Sardinia may also vary in terms of size, comfort, and onboard services. Some ferries are more modern than others, with extra services, entertainment areas, and Wi-Fi.

Keep in mind that, to enjoy a more comfortable journey, you can book cabins on all ferries to Sardinia, except on Bonifacio - Santa Teresa Gallura ferries (crossings last 50 minutes) which are equipped with seats and a bar.

Important: all ferries to Sardinia are equipped to accommodate passengers with disabilities. On board, you can find designated parking spots, elevators, escalators, as well as accessible and toilets. Find out more about ferry accessibility in Italy.

The "Moby Fantasy” ferry sailing to Olbia, in Sardinia, at the first light of dawn

The “Fantasy” ferry of Moby Lines traveling to Olbia

What types of seating/cabins are available on ferries to Sardinia?

For your trip to Sardinia, you have the option to book a deck-passage ticket, a numbered seat, or a cabin.

The deck-passage option provides access only to the common areas of the ferry and is normally the cheapest type of accommodation. Ferries to Sardinia have indoor and outdoor areas with tables, chairs, and sofas. However, for longer routes, we recommend booking a seat or a cabin for extra comfort and safety.

The numbered airplane-type seat option is ideal for passengers who want to rest during the crossing. The reclining seats are located in dedicated areas equipped with TV and air conditioning.

The seating area with a carpeted floor on a Corsica Ferries ship

The seating area on a Corsica Ferries ferry heading to Sardinia

If you wish for privacy and maximum comfort on the ferry, it’s best to book a cabin. Ferry companies serving connections to Sardinia offer various options that meet the needs and budget of all passengers.

From standard cabins to luxury ones with panoramic windows, there is a wide range to choose from. Cabins can be interior, exterior, single, double, or family-friendly ones, allowing travelers to customize their experience to their liking.

Most cabins have private bathrooms and air conditioning, while suites may also have a minibar and TV. The cabins are usually equipped with sheets, towels, and a kit with soap and shower gel. They also have electrical outlets.

All companies also offer a number of accessible cabins for passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs), and even pet-friendly cabins.

Tip: if you wish to book a cabin for your trip, we recommend booking your tickets well in advance, as they usually sell out fast during the peak-season months.

Cabin with 2 beds and a window on the “Athara” ferry of Tirrenia

External cabin with 2 beds on a Tirrenia ferry traveling to Sardinia

What types of vehicles can I bring on ferries to Sardinia?

Ferries connecting the ports of Italy and abroad to Sardinia are equipped to transport various types of vehicles, so you can get around the island more comfortably and at your own pace.

Here are some common vehicle types that you can board on Sardinia ferries:

  • Cars and motorcycles: it is possible to transport cars and motorcycles on most ferries to Sardinia. You can drive directly onto the ferry and park your vehicle in its designated areas.
  • Campers and caravans: getting around Sardinia with a camper is one of the most popular travel options! You can bring campers, caravans, and recreational vehicles on board. However, it is essential to check the operator’s maximum-dimensions policy, as a special reservation may be required for larger vehicles.
  • Bicycles: with some ferry companies (such as GNV) you can transport your bike free of charge, while others may require a small fee. For example, on Tirrenia and Moby Lines vessels, you can bring along a bicycle at about €5.
  • Commercial vehicles: larger ferries can accommodate commercial vehicles, vans, and trucks of various sizes. However, it is important to check the operator’s specific requirements, and, in some cases, a phone reservation may be necessary.
  • Vehicles with trunks or trailer hitches: if you plan to carry equipment on the roof or rear of your car, make sure to pick the correct size when booking a spot for your vehicle.

We recommend checking the policy of the ferry company you intend to travel with, as the rules and costs related to vehicle transport may vary from one operator to another. Moreover, it is best to book in advance, especially if you plan to travel in high season, to make sure there is available space for your vehicle.

Useful info: keep in mind that most companies promote special discounts and offers for vehicles on Sardinia routes all year round. Check out all current ferry offers in Italy and travel at the best prices!

A line of cars and trucks waiting to board a ferry

Cars and vans in line at the port about to board the ferry

What kind of food is available on ferries to Sardinia?

The food options on board ferries to Sardinia depend on the ferry company and the type of vessel. Usually, there are à la carte restaurants, self-service ones, bars, and pizzerias.

However, there is a variety of gastronomic services that can satisfy all passengers. The menus on Tirrenia and Moby ferries even include some Sardinian delicacies to promote the local cuisine.

Corsica Ferries' ships have multiple dining venues, from coffee shops to fancy restaurants. Grimaldi Lines offers excellent breakfast options, and an aperitif or a snack. GNV's restaurant also has gluten-free dishes.

During the summer, outdoor bars are available on the ships, where you can refresh yourself with a nice ice cream while gazing at the sea. Moreover, all companies offer kids’ menus and various vegetarian or vegan options.

Outer deck on a Moby Lines ferry, with a bar, tables and atmospheric lights

The bar on the outer deck of a Moby Lines ferry to Sardinia

Are there any entertainment services on ferries to Sardinia?

Yes, there are. The entertainment options on ferries to Sardinia may vary depending on the operator, the ferry and the season. Some common options include game rooms, casinos, relaxation lounges, and duty-free shops.

Moreover, on larger ships, you can find outdoor pools, solariums, and cinema halls. There might even be musical entertainment available, as some ferries have dance floors.

Moreover, most operators offer paid Wi-Fi service, so you can have Internet access in common areas, corridors and cabins.

Even the little ones can have fun on the ferry! All companies have play areas on the ferries, where children can watch cartoons, draw and play.

Children's play room with Lego, drawings and tables on a GNV ship

A colorful children’s play area on a GNV ferry

Do ferries to Sardinia allow pets?

Yes, pets are welcome on all ferries serving routes to Sardinia. However, the respective pet policies and transportation fees vary depending on the ferry company.

Usually, during the crossing, pets must remain in their carriers and must wear a leash and a muzzle in the common areas of the ship. Some ferry companies also have on-board kennels and designated areas for animals.

If you would like a more comfortable travel option for you and your little companion, you can always book a pet cabin on all operators’ ferries. Usually, the floors are linoleum, and odor-resistant mats are provided. Since the number of pet-friendly cabins is limited, we recommend you book in advance.

Important: make sure to check the specific requirements of the ferry company before the trip, and carry all necessary documents for your pet.

Dog sitting on the deck of a ferry with its guardians

Fido posing on the deck of the ship

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