Long weekend in Sardinia: what to do

3-day itinerary on the breathtaking island!

Sardinia is known worldwide for its thousands of years of history, its traditions and snow-white beaches. With its 2000km coastline, wild nature and picturesque cliff-top villages, even an entire summer seems barely enough to discover this gorgeous Italian region. 

But if someone only had a few days to spend on this magical island, where should they go? On Ferryhopper, we created a 3-day Sardinian itinerary, during which there will be plenty to see and do. 

Pink flamingos spotted at the Gulf of Olbia, Sardinia

View to the city and the Gulf of Olbia with pink flamingos

Vacation in Sardinia: what to visit in 3 days

Sardinia is a very large island and it takes quite a long time to explore it fully. But if you only have a few days to spare, it is possible to focus on one part of the island and make stops at some must-see destinations

In this case, we chose the north of Sardinia starting from Costa Smeralda, passing through Gallura and reaching the Gulf of Asinara. Keep in mind that the best way to get around the island is by car. You can either embark it on the ferry or rent one on arrival. 

If this idea appeals to you, continue reading to discover in detail what do and see in Sardinia in 3 days:

From Olbia to Santa Teresa Gallura

Sardinia is easily reached from the rest of Italy. One of the best-connected Sardinian ports with the peninsula is definitely Olbia

Taking the ferry from Civitavecchia, Genoa, Livorno or Piombino, you will arrive in a town known for its rich history, amazing beaches and beautiful natural environment. The first thing you should do is visit Olbia’s historic center crammed with palaces, boutiques and bars. 

It’s also worth discovering the city’s surroundings. Many archaeological sites, such as the Giants' graves, the sacred well of Sa Testa and the Riu Mulinu nuraghe, are easily accessible from Olbia. After that, a dip in Olbia’s magnificent beaches is exactly what you need. The Pittulongu beach area, only 10 min. from the center, is a perfect introduction to Sardinia's characteristic white sands and blue waters. 

In order to fully explore the city and its nightlife, we recommend staying in Olbia for 1 night.

The turquoise waters of the main white beach of Pittulongu in Olbia

The enchanting main beach of Pittulongu, in Olbia, with white sand and turquoise waters

After getting breakfast downtown (perhaps at Latte e Miele), it is time to continue your journey to the far north of Sardinia. 

Before reaching Santa Teresa Gallura, which is the destination of the second day, stop for a refreshing swim in Porto Pollo, near Palau. Porto Pollo beach is also the epicenter of kitesurfing in Sardinia

Continue driving for about 25 min. and you will arrive at Santa Teresa Gallura. Its historic center is perfect for strolling through intimate alleys and shops. Don't forget to buy local products, such as ceramics, and try out food delicacies and wine!

If you want to continue your day at the beach, you can't miss the Capo Testa peninsula, one of the true highlights of a trip to Sardinia. Reach Cala Spinosa beach in less than 10 min. and discover the other nearby beaches as well! 

After your swim and before the sun goes down visit the Capo Testa lighthouse and admire the sunset over the Strait of Bonifacio. From here, you will be able to catch a glimpse of nearby Corsica, which is only 11km from the coast.

The lighthouse at Capo Testa overlooking the Strait of Bonifacio

The active Capo Testa lighthouse and the view across the Strait of Bonifacio

From the northern tip of Sardinia to Porto Torres

At this point, we recommend that you leave Santa Teresa Gallura in the early evening and drive to Porto Torres

A beloved destination for travelers seeking some rest and relaxation on the beach, Porto Torres should be the last stop on your 3-day trip to Sardinia. This famous resort is located in the heart of the Gulf of Asinara and offers various natural and historical attractions

From here you can also reach Asinara island. Don't miss a day trip to this unspoiled oasis: Delcomar ferries depart twice a day from the Dogana-Segni quay at the port of Porto Torres and arrive at the Cala Reale pier in about 1 hour.

If you are more interested in exploring the area around Porto Torres, however, we recommend driving half an hour to Stintino and touring the beaches in the area. La Pelosa beach is our favorite! From here you can admire marvelous views to the islet of the same name, located in front of the beach, and its beautiful Aragonese tower from 1578.

Thus ends your mini-adventure, with the ferry back from Porto Torres and a strong desire to return to Sardinia soon (maybe staying a few more days next time!).

The Pelosa tower, between Isola Piana and Capo Falcone in Sardinia

The famous Pelosa tower at the entrance of the Asinara strait, in Sardinia

Many other beautiful places in northern Sardinia have been left out from this itinerary, but hopefully, we have given you some useful ideas and inspiration for a few days' trip to the island.

Now all you have to do is book your round-trip tickets to Sardinia on Ferryhopper in just a few clicks!