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Corsica Ferries is a French - Italian ferry company founded in 1968 under the name Corsica Line and it’s based in Bastia, Corsica. It was later redefined as Corsica Ferries with the acquisition of an Italian ferry company serving routes to Sardinia. The main goal of the company is to provide high-quality and comfortable services to its passengers, with respect to the environment. 

Corsica Ferries Destinations & Routes

Corsica Ferries operates on ferry crossings between Corsica, Sardinia, Elba and the ports of the French and Italian mainland. Along with the new route Toulon - Mallorca in the Balearics, the company serves almost 20 ferry lines all year long

Some indicative ferry routes served by Corsica Ferries are:

  • Nice/Toulon/Savona/Livorno - Corsica
  • Nice/Toulon/Savona/Livorno - Sardinia 
  • Piombino - Elba
  • Corsica - Sardinia
  • Toulon - Mallorca

The company runs ferry routes throughout the whole year. The most frequent line is that between the ports of mainland and Corsica, with 2-3 daily crossings. There are also departures to Sardinia everyday, usually at night. Finally, the Piombino - Elba route is operating from June to September, on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Note: Recently, the company has added the Toulon - Mallorca line to its schedule. Ferries depart at night to the port of Alcúdia in Mallorca, usually 2-3 times a week. 

Corsica Ferries fleet

The company fleet consists of 12 conventional ferries and 1 speedboat. The vessels are grouped in 3 categories, the Mega Express, the Ferries and the NGV. All of them have modern comforts and facilities, like cabins, garages, numbered seats, bars or cafes. Some of the companies ferries are: Mega Smeralda, Mega Andrea, Mega Regina, Mega Express Four, Pascal Lota, Corsica Express Three

Discounts & offers

The ferry company Corsica Ferries serves various types of tickets with special discounts for students, children or pets. 

Occasionally, Corsica Ferries promotes special offers to book ferry tickets at better prices. For example, there are reduced fares for specific routes, family discounts, luggage and caravan reductions. 

In addition, the company supports the possibility of issuing an electronic ticket (e-tickets), with which boarding is done with online check-in and not with a physical ticket. 

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Special amenities & facilities

Corsica Ferries has additional facilities for people with disabilities such as cabins, lifts or wheelchairs, while also having specially designed infrastructure for pets.

Finally, the company implements innovative environmental practices to reduce the environmental burden and enhance sustainability. For example, the company runs and participate in the project "Corsica Ferries Forests" in order to reduce the CO2 emissions of the fleet

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