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Ferry from Gandia to Formentera

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Traveling from Gandia to Formentera by ferry

You can travel by ferry from the port of Gandia in Valencia to the beautiful island of Formentera in the Balearic islands indirectly, via the island of Ibiza. Formentera is the smallest island of the Balearic archipelago and you can only get there by ferry, as there is no airport. On Ferryhopper you will find all the available ferry connections to Formentera from its neighboring Ibiza, all the ferry schedules from Gandia to Ibiza and the Balearic islands and all useful information about your ferry trip in the Mediterranean destinations.

How frequent is the ferry connection between Gandia and Formentera?  

The easiest way to get from Gandia to Formentera is with an indirect ferry connection, passing through the island of Ibiza. There are a total of 10 weekly ferry crossings from Gandia to the port of the capital of Ibiza. The ferry company that usually serves this route is Trasmediterranea. 

Then, from the port of Ibiza, you can easily take a ferry to Formentera as the ferry connection between the two islands is very frequent. The Ibiza-Formentera ferry route runs daily, approximately every 1 hour. The ferry companies that usually operate on this line are Balearia, Trasmapi, Aqua Bus, Mediterranea Pitiusa, Trasmapi Car. 

On the Ferryhopper search engine, you can find all the available ferry schedules for Formentera to choose the one that best suits your plans!

How long is the ferry trip from Gandia to Formentera? 

The total duration of the ferry trip from Gandia to Formentera is around 3 - 3.5 hours. Here is how you can calculate the duration of the two ferry rides: 

  1. The Gandia - Ibiza ferry connection lasts approximately 2,5 hours.
  2. The duration of the Ibiza - Formentera ferry connection can be from 30 to 45 minutes. 

Ferry ticket price Gandía - Formentera

The total cost of your ferry trip from Gandia to Formentera starts from 60 to 70 euros. More specifically, the ferry ticket from Gandia to Ibiza starts from around 42 euros for an economy seat. The price of the ferry tickets from Ibiza to Formentera range from 18 to 25 euros for a one-way economy fare. 

The ferry ticket prices can change every year or depend on the season, so we recommend that you check our updated search engine and informed ferry routes pages to organize your ferry trip to Formentera in the easiest way for you. 

Distance between Gandia and Formentera

Gandia is located on the east Spanish coast, in the Valencia region, approximately 1-hour drive from the city and port of Valencia and 45 minutes from the port of Denia. The direct distance between Gandia and Formentera is approximately 137 km (73 nautical miles). The indirect ferry connection between the two ports though creates a slightly longer route for your journey via the island of Ibiza. So if you travel by ferry in the Gandia - Ibiza - Formentera route you will cover approximately 145 km (78 nautical miles). 

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Tips for your ferry trip from Gandia

  1. The port of Gandia can get very busy particularly during the summer months so if you travel with your own vehicle expect some traffic on the roads around the port. We, therefore, recommend that you arrive at the port of Gandia at least 90 minutes in advance of your ferry departure time. For travelers without a vehicle 60min in advance is sufficient. 
  2. From the ports of Gandia, Valencia, and Denia in the east coast of the Iberian peninsula, you can easily travel by ferry to the Balearic islands. On our pages, you can find all the available ferry routes from mainland Spain to the Balearic islands as well as to Morocco, Algeria and the Canary Islands. Traveling by ferry to Mediterranean destinations is now easier with Ferryhopper!
  3. Formentera is a small island where you can travel around easily by car, motto or bike. If you want to transfer your vehicle to Formentera make sure that you book your ferry tickets well in advance as the island has a vehicle limit regulation. You can also rent a bicycle or a small motorbike during your stay in order to explore the beautiful landscape in a sustainable way! 
  4. The most popular time to visit Formentera is from May to October when the weather allows you to travel around the island and enjoy the island’s beaches and nature. 
  5. Formentera has few accommodation options which might get more expensive during high season. We suggest that if you are planning to visit Formentera for more than a day trip, you book your accommodation on the island well in advance. Apart from the accommodation costs, everything else on the island is quite economical so you can count on a relatively low-budget for your trip to Formentera. 
  6. The Ibiza-Formentera ferry connection is one of the most popular lines in the Balearic islands. There are though many great options for Island-hopping in the Balearic archipelago. With Ferryhopper you can explore all the ferry connections in the Balearic island complex and find exciting ways of combining your holidays between the small paradise of Formentera, the vibrant lifestyle of Ibiza, the cosmopolitan character of Mallorca and the discrete beauty of Menorca. Island-hopping in the Mediterranean is a unique experience, so choose the itinerary you want through Ferryhopper and book ferry tickets in the best prices and sail away in just 4 clicks
  7. If you require assistance at any point in the ferry booking process please contact the Ferryhopper customer support. We are always happy to help you!