Sea and rocks in Arbatax, Sardinia, all ferry routes and cheap ferry tickets from Rome (Civitavecchia)

Ferry from Rome (Civitavecchia) to Arbatax

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Traveling from Rome (Civitavecchia) to Arbatax by ferry

The Civitavecchia-Arbatax ferry route is a very popular connection to Sardinia, especially if you decide to visit the beautiful province Ogliastra, on the eastern side of the island, known for its seaside resorts. The ferry connection from the port of Rome to Arbatax, in East Sardinia is available all year long with mostly overnight ferries that allow you to start the day in your favourite destination, and get the most of your holidays. The ferry trip from Civitavecchia to Arbatax lasts a bit more than 9 hours and the ferry tickets start from around 40€ for one way economy ticket. The ferry companies that operate on the Civitavecchia-Arbatax route often release seasonal offers so it’s absolutely worthy to choose this itinerary if you want to visit Sardinia.

How frequent is the ferry connection Civitavecchia - Arbatax?

The ferry connection between the port of Civitavecchia outside of Rome to the port of Arbatax in east Sardinia runs twice every week. At the moment the ferry company that operates on this ferry route is Tirrenia. 

Distance between Civitavecchia and Arbatax

The port of Civitavecchia on the west coast of Italy and the port of Arbatax on the east coast of Sardinia, both overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea. The distance between the two ports is approximately 302 km (163 nautical miles).

How long is the ferry trip from Civitavecchia to Arbatax?

The Civitavecchia - Arbatax ferry trip can be around 9 -10 hours. We recommend that you book a numbered seat or a bed cabin for a more comfortable journey.

On the Ferryhopper search engine you can find all ferry ticket types and the available price range for each seating category in order to plan your trip to Sardinia according to your needs and budget. 

Do I need to book ferry tickets in advance?

The ferry routes from Rome (Civitavecchia) to the ports Sardinia are of the most popular amongst the Italian destinations. So we definitely suggest that you book your ferry tickets in advance from Civitavecchia to Arbatax! 

The price for a standard one-way ticket for this ferry route starts from around 40 euros, but the cost sometimes depends on the season and the demand. 

Vehicle tickets are also in high demand on the Central Italy - Sardinia ferry routes, particularly during the summer months, so it’s best to book your ferry tickets for you and your vehicle as early as possible. On Ferryhopper you can book your ferry tickets in advance, fast and easy, with no hidden costs. You can also keep an eye on the Ferryhopper blog for any updates and offers on the ferry tickets for Italian destinations

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Useful tips for your ferry trip from Civitavecchia to Arbatax

  1. The residents of Sardinia are entitled to discounted rates in the Civitavecchia - Arbatax ferry route. The discounts also apply to the residents’ vehicle tickets. 
  2. The port of Civitavecchia can get quite busy, particularly during the summer months, so we recommend that you arrive early for your ferry departure. For travelers with a vehicle, we suggest that you arrive at the port at least 90 minutes before departure, while for travelers without a vehicle 60 minutes before the ferry departs is sufficient. 
  3. Sardinia is a unique destination and an island that is best to explore by car as it’s quite big and it has many interesting and beautiful places to visit. We recommend that you either bring your own vehicle by ferry or you rent one on arrival to the port of Arbatax. You can see and compare ferry ticket prices for you and your vehicle on the Ferryhopper search results. 
  4. Apart from the Civitavecchia - Arbatax ferry connection you also have alternative options to reach Sardinia, via the port of Olbia in the northeast of the island or via the port of Porto Torres in the northwest of the island. On our pages, you will find more useful information about the ferry routes Civitavecchia - Olbia, and Civitavecchia - Porto Torres
  5. Before taking the ferry from the port, make sure that you spend some time visiting the city of Civitavecchia! A walk around the city can be fascinating! Don't miss Civitavecchia’s magnificent spas, the historic center, the archaeological sites, and its impressive churches.