Balearic islands, Spain

Menorca is a beautiful island of the Balearic archipelago, one of the calmest and well-known for its long beaches and its crystal clear waters. The capital of Menorca is Mahón (or Maó in the Catalan dialect), which is located in the east side of the island. Mahón is also the island’s main port, one of the biggest natural harbours in the world. 

When in Menorca you should definitely spend some time walking around the port of Mahón and its historical centre, full of monuments and picturesque corners. The city of Mahón is also the centre of the island’s nightlife, and during the summer it is where you will find music festivals and the best summer parties. 

Ferry schedules and ferry tickets to Menorca

Menorca has two ports that serve ferry routes to mainland Spain (Barcelona and Valencia) as well as the rest of the Balearic islands: 

  1. the port of the capital Mahón, located in the east side of the island
  2. the port of Ciutadella, located in the north west of the island

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Ferry from mainland Spain to Menorca

Ferry from Barcelona to Menorca

The port of Barcelona has frequent ferry connections to both the ports of Menorca throughout the year. The destination port that you choose will affect the duration of your ferry trip and possibly the cost of your ferry ticket, so make sure that you check the details of the available itineraries when booking your ferry rides

  • There are at least 7 ferries per week that serve the Barcelona - Mahón route and the duration of the ferry trip is approximately 9 hours.
  • The Barcelona - Ciutadella ferry connection is also served by 7 weekly sailings but the duration of the trip is around 7 hours

Ferry from Valencia to Menorca

Apart from the port of Barcelona, mainland Spain is connected to Menorca with a ferry from the port of Valencia. Valencia is located south of Barcelona (approximately 3,5 hours drive) so the ferry trip to Menorca is longer, however it’s a very suitable departure port to the Balearic islands if you are in the south of Spain. The ferry from Valencia to the port of Mahón operates once a week and the duration of the ferry trip is 15 hours

The frequency of the ferry connections may vary each season so we would recommend that you check the Ferryhopper search engine, in order to verify the available ferry schedules from Valencia to Menorca

Island-hopping in the Balearic islands

Ferry from Mallorca to Menorca

Menorca and Mallorca are the two biggest islands of the Balearic complex and they are located very close to each other - so island hopping is a must! Here are some combinations of departure and arrival ports that might help you plan your ferry trip from Mallorca to Menorca:

  • Ferry from port of  Alcúdia (Mallorca) to port of Ciutadella (Menorca): This is the easiest and fastest way to get from Mallorca from Menorca. The two ports are located opposite to each other so the ferry trip is short: only 2 hours and 30 minutes with a conventional ferry and 1 hour and 30 minutes with a high speed ferry. There are around 14 weekly sailings of conventional ferries operating the Alcudia - Ciutadella route while 2 or 3 times a day you can catch a high speed ferry for this journey. 
  • Ferry from port of Alcúdia (Mallorca) to port of Mahón (Menorca): The distance between the port of Alcudia in Mallorca to the port of Menorca’s capital, Mahón, is longer but it works if you want to arrive in the more central areas of the island. There is one ferry per week serving the Alcúdia - Mahón route and the ferry trip duration is approximately 6 hours. 
  • Ferry from port of Palma (Mallorca) to port of Mahón (Menorca): This ferry route connects the two island capitals, Palma de Mallorca and Mahón in Menorca. There is at least one ferry crossing per day in this route and the duration of the ferry ride is approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes. 

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What to do in Menorca

Menorca is an ideal destination for nature lovers, especially for those who like to combine holidays with outdoor activities. A slow-paced (particularly compared to the intense lifestyle of Ibiza and Mallorca) and colourful island, the wild beauty of Menorca will charm you straight away. In Menorca you will find picturesque villages, rural routes, impressive beaches as well as many important monuments from both prehistoric and modern times. We have collected here a few of the Menorca sights that you should visit when there:

  1.  The Favàritx lighthouse
  2.  The Fornells watch tower
  3. La Mola, the fortress in the capital Mahón
  4. The prehistoric village of Talatí de Dalt 
  5. The S' Albufera natural park

If you are a lover of outdoor activities and you would like to add on your holidays in Menorca with some action, we propose some sports activities that you might enjoy during your stay in the idyllic island:

  1. Kayaking, in order to explore the beautiful coast line of Menorca
  2. Hiking in the historical trail of “camí de cavalls”
  3. Snorkeling and diving in the crystal sea of Menorca

Tip for Menorca: If you find yourself in Menorca in June, don’t miss the summer solstice festival of Sant Juan with fireworks, bonfires, and a horse parade in the streets of Ciutadella! 

The beaches in Menorca

Of the four beautiful Balearic islands, Menorca is the island that maintains a more virgin and wild landscape so there is a large variety of beaches and coves to choose from, most of them still natural and untouched. See few of these below: 

  1. Cala Mitjana
  2. Playa Es Talaner
  3. Cala Presili
  4. Playa de la Vall
  5. Cala Pregonda

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What to eat in Menorca

As in all of the Balearic islands, the food in Menorca is delicious and the local ingredients are tasty and fresh. The famous “Mayonnaise” sauce is considered to have its origin from the island of Menorca, so if you pass by the city of Mahón look for and try the fish with mayonnaise in its place of origin! Some of the local products and dishes that you shouldn’t miss while on holidays in Menorca: 

  1. Oliaigu, a delicious cold tomato soup
  2. Lobster stew (“caldereta de langosta”)
  3. Stuffed aubergines 
  4. The traditional Mahón cheese, made from cow’s milk
  5. The typical festival drink in Menorca, “La pomada”

How to book your ferry tickets to Menorca?

If you are looking for some quiet holidays by the sea, close to nature and away from the city sounds then Menorca is the perfect holiday destination for you! And if, while there, you feel that you want some party time, you can always jump to a ferry to Mallorca, Ibiza or Barcelona! On Ferryhopper you will find all the available ferry itineraries from and to Menorca, for you to choose the ferry trip and the ferry ticket price that best suits your holiday plans and your budget!  

Menorca has direct ferry connections with 6 ports:

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