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How to get to Menorca in 2021

Find all info on how to travel to Menorca!

Menorca is located on the eastern part of the Balearic group and is considered one of the best summer destinations for relaxing and quiet holidays. Its picturesque settlements, magnificent beaches and stunning landscapes are some of the most known traits of the islands. In the Ferryhopper travel guide for Menorca, you can find many ideas and information on what to do and see during your stay there. But first, let’s answer some travel questions like how long is the flight to Menorca or can you get a ferry to Menorca.

Flight or ferry to Menorca?

Can I travel to Menorca in 2021? Of course! There is the option to fly and to reach Menorca by ferry. 

Even though the flight is shorter, traveling by ferry is surely more fun. First and foremost, it is more comfortable as you can stroll around and breathe fresh air at the deck, overlooking the Balearic sea. Furthermore, you can bring your car on the ferry and easily explore every corner of the island. In addition, the ferry is probably safer during the current COVID-19 situation as you can sit on the open-air deck, from a safer distance. Therefore, don't forget to check all the latest updates on COVID-19 and ferry travel in Spain.

Keep also in mind that traveling by ferry with your pet is easier than flying. You can bring your little friend onboard and make the trip to Menorca more comfortable for both of you. 

Note: Ferry traveling is also more eco-friendly! You can find more information on sustainable ferry travel in our relevant article. 

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Amazing crystal clear waters in Menorca

How to get to Menorca from Mallorca

You can easily travel by ferry to Menorca from Mallorca as there are multiple ferry crossings all year, especially during the summer. The ferry companies Baleària, Trasmediterránea and Corsica Ferries serve the connection between the ports of Alcudia (Mallorca) and Ciutadella (Menorca) with high-speed and conventional vessels.

But how much is the ferry from Mallorca to Menorca? The price of a simple ferry ticket ranges from €34 to €87, based on discounts, offers, seat and vehicle selection. Lastly, the duration of the trip can be from 1.5 to 6 hours, depending on your choice of company and vessel type

Note: There's also a flight route between Mallorca and Menorca. Usually, there are more than 3 flights per day and the duration of the trip is around 45 minutes. 

How to get to Menorca from Barcelona

Traveling to Menorca from the Catalan capital is very simple. You can find up to 20 weekly ferry itineraries from Barcelona to Menorca, especially during the summer period. The ferry companies that are currently operating on this route are Baleària and Trasmediterránea, with speedboats and standard vessels. 

Ηow long is the ferry from Barcelona to Menorca you ask? Well, that depends on various factors such as the port of arrival (ferries depart from Barcelona to both ports of Ciutadella and Mahón), the vessel type and the itinerary that you choose. We can say that you’ll need 4 to 8 hours to get to Menorca. Lastly, the price for a simple Barcelona - Menorca ferry ticket costs around €60, and can change according to discounts, offers, seat and vehicle selection.   

Note: There are multiple flights from Barcelona to Menorca too. The trip by plane lasts around 1 hour.

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Stunning wild beach with emerald waters in Mallorca

Ferry from Valencia to Menorca

You can find at least 1 weekly ferry route from the port of Valencia to that of Mahón in Menorca all year long. The Valencia - Menorca ferry connection is usually served by Trasmediterránea with standard, conventional vessels. The duration of the journey to visit Menorca is around 15 hours and a simple ferry ticket for a deck seat costs from €79

Note: You can also catch a plane from the port of Valencia to Menorca. There are multiple flights to the island and the trip is approximately 1 hour.

Travel to Menorca now! On our Map of ferries, you can find all ferry connections between Menorca and other Spanish ports. Don’t forget to check our island hopping guide for the Balearics for more travel and vacation ideas! 

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