Western Greece

Igoumenitsa is the largest port in western Greece and serves about 1.5 million passengers annually. From the port of Igoumenitsa, you can travel by ferry to the islands of the northern Ionian Sea, such as Corfu, as well as to the ports of Italy. It is also close to popular holiday destinations in mainland Greece such as Sivota and Parga. 

The port of Igoumenitsa in Western Greece from above

The city of Igoumenitsa and the northern pier of the port.

Igoumenitsa - gates and destinations

The port of Igoumenitsa is one of the most important ports in western Greece and serves routes to/from Italy and the Ionian Islands (Corfu and Paxoi). The port is divided into 2 main areas, the central pier and the northern pier.

The central pier at the port of Igoumenitsa serves international ferry connections and it is located on the south coast of the city. From the central pier, you can take a ferry to Ancona, Venice, Bari, or Brindisi. The entrance to the pier is connected to the highway of Egnatia Odos, and the gates, as well as the passenger terminal, are located near the entrance so they are easily accessible by car or on foot. 

The northern pier of the port is located near the city center of Igoumenitsa and it serves domestic ferry lines. More specifically, from the northern pier of Igoumenitsa, you can take a ferry to Corfu and Paxoi. The entrance for the pier is connected to Ag. Apostolon road, and is near shops, banks, and restaurants. You can easily access the passengers' pier on foot as well as by car. 

Ferry routes from the port of Igoumenitsa

Igoumenitsa is one of the main getaways from Greece to Italy. Throughout the year, the port of Igoumenitsa serves ferry connections with the Italian ports of the Adriatic Sea: Ancona and Venice on the north as well as Bari and Brindisi on the south of Italy. The ferry trip from Igoumenitsa to Italy is usually overnight and can last from 7 to 24 hours depending on the destination port. 

The port of Igoumenitsa is also the primary departure port to travel by ferry to Corfu and Paxoi all year round. The ferry routes from Igoumenitsa to Corfu are daily and the journey lasts 1.5 hours. In summer there are also regular ferry crossings to the port of Sami in Kefalonia

Check our interactive Map of ferries and find all the available ferry routes to the Ionian islands and Italy from Igoumenitsa and northwestern Greece.

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How do I get to the port of Igoumenitsa?

The port of Igoumenitsa is located on the southwest coast of the region of Thesprotia. You can reach Igoumenitsa either by road via the highway of Egnatia Odos or by bus from Thessaloniki, Ioannina, or Athens. More specifically:

  • By car/motorbike to Igoumenitsa: Igoumenitsa is the most convenient departure port for the Ionian Islands and the Adriatic coast especially if you are based at, or coming from, the north of Greece. If you take the highway of Egnatia Odos (A2) all the way to the west it will lead you directly to the entrance of the central pier of the port. For the northern pier, you turn at the exit ‘Igoumenitsa / Preveza’ and reach Ag. Apostolon (E92) road and following the signs you will find the port entrance a few minutes ahead. 
  • By bus to Igoumenitsa: The Intercity bus services of KTEL Thesprotias have frequent routes to Igoumenitsa from Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Patras and Athens. There are also regional buses that connect Igoumenitsa with smaller destinations in the prefecture such as Preveza or Parga. Indicatively, there are daily routes from Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Athens to Igoumenitsa, while the Patras - Igoumenitsa bus route operates at least twice per week. The journey Thessaloniki - Igoumenitsa is around 3.5 hours, the journey Ioannina - Igoumenitsa is about 1 hour, the journey Athens - Igoumenitsa about 5 hours and the route Patras - Igoumenitsa about 3 hours.

The nearest airport to the port of Igoumenitsa is the airport of Ioannina, ‘King Pyrros’, which is about 1-hour drive from the port.

Parking at the port of Igoumenitsa

There is a free outdoor parking lot in the northern port of Igoumenitsa, very close to the departures of the domestic lines. In the city of Igoumenitsa, you will find private parking spaces, while free parking is also allowed in some of the streets near the port. Just make sure that you check the street signs before you park. 

Ferry boat arriving at the port of Igoumenitsa

 Arriving at the port of Igoumenitsa by ferry. 

Useful info and travel tips for the port of Igoumenitsa

The port of Igoumenitsa is located very close to the center of the town and is easily accessible by car or on foot. 

The central pier that serves the international ferry lines has a large passenger terminal with waiting areas, ticket offices, shops, and a taxi rank. Inside the station, you can find the offices of the port authority of Igoumenitsa. Within walking distance from the pier, you can also find more restaurants, cafeterias and souvlaki restaurants for a quick snack before boarding. In the Central Passenger Station of the port of Igoumenitsa, there are also luggage lockers available for the public. The charge for the lockers is 2 € for 8 hours or 3 € for 24 hours.

The northern port is closer to the center of Igoumenitsa and to the central bus station. In about 5 minutes walk from the docks you will find banks (e.g. Piraeus Bank, National Bank of Greece, and Eurobank), supermarkets, shops and restaurants.

Important phone numbers for Igoumenitsa:

  • Igoumenitsa Port Authority: +30 2665099400
  • Ferry routes information: +30 2665099400
  • Filiates General Hospital:+30 2664022204 / +30 2664022205 / +30 2664020122
  • Igoumenitsa Medical Center: +30 2665024420 / +30 2665024421
  • Urgent Care and Ambulance service Igoumenitsa: +30 2665029080
  • Intercity bus services (KTEL Thesprotias):+30 2665022309
  • Igoumenitsa Police:+30 2665029600

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Vacation in Igoumenitsa

Igoumenitsa is a coastal town and the capital of the region of Thesprotia. The town is part of the large coastline of Thesprotia (about 60km) which extends from Sagiada in the north to Parga in the south. Close to Igoumenitsa, you will find some of the most beautiful and impressive beaches in western Greece.

The city of Igoumenitsa is built in a large bay and the surrounding landscape combines the colors of the Ionian sea and beautiful mountain slopes. It is worth taking a walk on the promenade of Igoumenitsa and sitting for coffee or food in one of the traditional kafeneia or tavernas. We also recommend exploring the nightlife of Igoumenitsa in its bars and beach clubs.

The small size of the town makes it easy to navigate and find all you need for your trip or your stay in the area. In Igoumenitsa, you will find supermarkets, banks, ATMs, gas stations, post offices and tourist services. In terms of accommodation in Igoumenitsa, there are several hotels and rooms to let as well as a few campgrounds. During the summer months, many travelers to Igoumenitsa choose Sivota and Parga for their stay.

Holidays in Igoumenitsa and the region of Thesprotia are suitable for peace and relaxation. It is also an ideal destination for road trips that combine routes across the coast and through the mountains.

The sandy beach of Drepano close to Igoumenitsa

Exotic feel at the beach of Drepano, close to the port of Igoumenitsa.

Beaches in Igoumenitsa

The two largest and most popular beaches in Igoumenitsa are Drepano and Makrigialos. If you drive along the coast, either north or south of the port, you will find beautiful beaches and coves, including the famous destinations of Sivota and Parga. Here are some more details about the best beaches near Igoumenitsa

  • Drepano: Sandy beach located just 5km from the town of Igoumenitsa. It has umbrellas, sunbeds, canteens and water sports facilities. 
  • Makrigialos or Makrigiali: Sandy beach right next to Drepano, in the peninsula north of Igoumenitsa. One side of the beach has umbrellas and sunbeds, while the rest is quieter. 
  • Keramidi: Quiet, small, beach located north of Igoumenitsa, very close to the seaside settlement of Sagiada. It has mainly pebbles, clear blue waters, and impressive vegetation around. It has umbrellas and essential facilities. 
  • Mega Ammos: Beach with white pebbles and crystal turquoise waters at a distance of about 1.5km from Sivota. It has umbrellas, sunbeds and water sports facilities.
  • Bella Vraka: One of the most famous beaches in the archipelago of Sivota which is approached on foot as the waters are shallow. A small beach with white sand and crystal clear waters. It has no facilities so it’s good to have the essentials with you.
  • Karavostasi: One of the most famous beaches in the region of Thesprotia, located about 7km from the settlement of Perdika. Large beach with white sand, clear and deep waters, and green hills surrounding the beach. Within walking distance, you can find tavernas, hotels and rooms to let. 
  • Lychnos: One of the most popular beaches in Parga, is located in a bay about 4km from the main town. It has golden sand, clear blue waters, and it has many facilities such as beach bars, umbrellas, sunbeds, water sports, mini market, tavernas and hotels. We recommend swimming all the way to the cave of Aphrodite and enjoy the impressive view of the bay. 
  • Bay of Ulysses: Small bay with impressive natural surroundings, located between Parga and Preveza. Although it’s a bit far from Igoumenitsa (about 50 km), we highly recommend driving there for a swim. The beach has sand and the sea is crystal clear. It’s quiet and apart from a few canteens for refreshments, it’s a beautiful and unspoiled destination. 

Activities and sightseeing in Igoumenitsa

The area of ​​Igoumenitsa is a popular tourist destination, especially during the summer months. It combines beautiful landscapes, impressive beaches and a variety of routes. From Igoumenitsa or Parga, you can organize boat trips to the beautiful nearby islands of Paxoi and Antipaxoi. We definitely recommend visiting Sivota, as well as Parga for a stroll, food and drink at its stylish streets. On the beaches of Perdika and Parga, you can do water sports and organized diving, while in the area of ​​Igoumenitsa you will find many hiking trails to enjoy the wonderful nature.

The nature and the landscape on the shores of Thesprotia are among the main attractions near Igoumenitsa. For this reason, we suggest that you explore the area as much as possible. A great day trip is to visit the springs of the Acheron river, in the mountains of Souli. You can hike or cycle across the river banks, go horseback riding in the river fountains, paragliding in the area of Paramythia, or rafting, kayaking and canoeing at the river straits. The area also has places of archaeological interest, such as the Necromancy of Acheron in the village of Mesopotamos (3 km from Ammoudia), the ruins and the museum of Ancient Nikopolis (8 km NW of Preveza), the monuments in Ancient Kassiopi and the archeological museum of Igoumenitsa.

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Sunset at the bay of Parga

 Impressive sunset at the bay of Parga

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