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Now on Ferryhopper, you will find all the available ferry routes to and from Corfu to book ferry tickets at the best prices! Corfu is the most populated and the second biggest island of the Ionian Archipelago. It is an island well known for its rich cultural heritage and history that will enchant you the moment you get there. In addition, Corfu has some of the most beautiful beaches and amazing landscapes in Greece, which really make it an ideal destination for nature lovers.

Ferry tickets and ferry connections of Corfu

The ferry connection of Corfu to mainland Greece is served only by the port of Igoumenitsa, with regular ferries that connect the two ports in about 1 hr 30 min

However, there are many ferry connections from Corfu to Italy and other islands of the Ionian Sea like Paxoi and Kefalonia.

Ferry from Corfu to Italy

Corfu has one of the Greek ports that serve ferry routes to the Italian ports of Ancona, Bari and Brindisi. Ferry trips from Corfu to Italy are operated several times each week both in winter and summer.

  • Corfu - Ancona: Corfu is connected by ferry with the north Italian port of Ancona, 4 times a week and the duration of the ferry trip ranges is around 15 hrs.
  • Corfu - Bari: The most regular ferry connection of Corfu with Italy is through the port of Bari. There are about 10 weekly sailings that last from 8 to 10 hrs.
  • Corfu - Brindisi: The fastest way to reach Italy from Corfu by ferry is through the port of Brindisi. With almost one daily ferry ride you can travel by ferry to Brindisi in 7 hr 30 min.

Tip: Each ferry offer the option of booking a bed cabin to make your long ferry trip more pleasant. Also, we advise you to consider transporting your vehicle through the ferries’ garage to explore more easily the beauties of the Italian coast!

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Island hopping around Corfu

Corfu is an ideal destination for island hopping in the Ionian Islands like Paxos, Kefalonia and the Diapontia Islands. From Corfu, specifically from the port of Lefkimmi, there are daily ferries to Paxos. The direct Corfu-Paxos journey takes about 1 hour and 1 hour 40 minutes with Igoumenitsa as an intermediate stop. Moreover, Corfu is connected with the Diapontian Islands (Ereikoussa, Mathraki, Othoni), with daily ferries departing from the New Port or Sidari. 

You can check the interactive Ferryhopper map of ferries to find all the available ferry routes from and to Corfu and book your ferry tickets at the best prices!

Offers: Ferry to Corfu

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What to do in Corfu

Corfu is located in the northwestern part of the Ionian Sea. Corfu earns the title of "Countess" of the Ionian Sea as numerous monuments, beautiful beaches and picturesque settlements, combined with delicious local flavors will not leave you unmoved!

Corfu beaches

The various beaches of Corfu can satisfy even the most special taste. Most of the most famous beaches are located on the west and north side of the island. The crystal and cool waters of the Ionian Sea will not disappoint you! Ferryhopper suggests to take a dive in:

  • Ruby
  • Paleokastritsa
  • Halicouna 
  • Glyfada Isos
  • Saint George Argyrades
  • I mourned
  • Garden
  • Saint Gordios
  • Sunny day
  • Stellar
  • Paradise
  • Channel of Love

Corfu Attractions

Corfu is an island with a rich history. The island of Corfu has been continuously inhabited since ancient times until today and the different cultures that have passed through Corfu have left indelible marks on the numerous monuments and sights of the island. Some points of interest to visit during your vacation in Corfu are:

  • Archaeological Museum of Corfu
  • Old Fortress
  • New Fortress
  • Palace of Saints Michael and George
  • The building of the Ionian Parliament
  • Ionian Academy
  • Achillio
  • Byzantine castle in Gardiki
  • Pontikonisi
  • Kanoni
  • Kaiser Bridge
  • Angelokastro
  • Mon Repo Palace
  • Liston

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Corfu settlements

The homonymous Town of Corfu, which is the capital of the island, is characterized by Venetian, English and French influences that are shown in the architecture of the buildings. Apart from the Town of Corfu. there are other picturesque settlements in the inland of the island worth exploring! 

  • Saint Matthew
  • Upper Perithia
  • Varipatades
  • Giannades
  • Episkepsi
  • Carousades
  • Kassiopi
  • Lefkimmi
  • Ringlades  
  • Sinarades

Food in Corfu

Corfu is famous for its traditional cuisine and delicious local recipes. During your vacation on the island don't forget to try:

  • Pastitsada
  • Savoro
  • Sofrito
  • Bourdeto
  • Bianco
  • Mandolato
  • Kumquat

Easter in Corfu

Easter in Corfu is a unique experience that will remember your whole life! Easter celebrations in Corfu last 10 days with various activities that take place during the festivities. The most typical Easter celebration in Corfu is the breaking of large clay pots that the locals throw from their balconies on Holy Saturday, in the sound of the famous philharmonic of the island!

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Useful information about your vacation in Corfu

Corfu is a large and well-developed island with over 100 000 permanent residents. On the island you will find everything you need for your vacation, hospital, banks, ATMs and supermarkets. The island is quite large and is served by a bus network, but if you want to further explore it, you should bring or rent a vehicle. Some useful phones for your holidays in Corfu are:

  • Port Authority of Corfu: 2661032655
  • Lefkimmi Port Authority: 2662023977
  • Igoumenitsa Port Authority: 2665099400
  • Corfu General Hospital: 2661360400
  • Tourist Police: 2661039503

How to book your ferry tickets to Corfu

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Corfu has direct ferry connections with 10 ports:

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