Ferry schedules from Ancona to Greece

Ancona is the main port of the Adriatic Sea, serving ferry crossings between Italy and Greece. As the ferry is the most popular way of bringing a car or caravan to Greece and returning it back, the ferries get quite crowded during summer. Moreover, as the trip is quite long most travelers prefer to book cabins for their travel. As a result, cabin and vehicle tickets are sold out by April. Thus, if you are interested in catching a ferry from Italy to Greece (or vice versa) you should better book quite early!

Ferry from Ancona to Patras

Normally, there are two daily sailings performing the Ancona to Patras trip during the whole year. The ferry companies serving this crossing are Minoan Lines and ANEK/Superfast Ferries. The ferry trip from Ancona to Patras can last less than 22 hours and during summer the ferry operations get denser, as there is usually a third ferry serving this route.

Ferry from Ancona to Igoumenitsa

The route from Ancona to Igoumenitsa is operated by both ANEK/Superfast Ferries and Grimaldi Lines. Usually, there are two daily sailings during the whole year and the trip can last up to 16 hours.

Ferry from Ancona to Corfu (summer route)

During the summer season, there are at least two weekly sailings from Ancona to Corfu, operated by ANEK/Superfast Ferries and Minoan Lines. The duration of this trip is more or less 16 hours.

Ferry from Ancona to Venice

There are at least two weekly ferry crossings on the Ancona to Venice trip. Grimaldi Lines is the ferry company serving this line and the duration of the trip is 6,5 hours. During the summer there are additional operations on this line. 

A few words about Ancona...

Ancona, is the Capital of the Marches Region, on the promontory of Monte Conevo. The city experienced remarkable development and is nowadays considered as a Port of great importance for the traffic across the Adriatic. Greeks were the first who valued the importance of the spot and settled their colony in 387 BC (Syracuse). Ancona stems from the Greek word Ἀγκών (Ankòn), meaning "elbow" as the harbor’s shape looks like an elbow. Ancona is known for the wine and the great seafood.

Ancona has direct ferry connections with 4 ports:

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