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Ancona is a picturesque city on the Adriatic coast and its port is the main getaway from northeast Italy to western Greece, the Ionian islands, Albania and Croatia. On Ferryhopper you can find more information about the port of Ancona, popular ferry connections, what to do there as well as book your ferry tickets from Ancona at the best prices!

How to get to Ancona

Ancona is the capital of the Marche region, a city on the Adriatic Sea, close to San Marino. You can easily reach Ancona by car, train or bus from the main cities of north and central Italy. For example, the distance from Rome to Ancona is 300km (3,5-hour trip) and the distance from Milan to Ancona is 430 km (4,5 hours trip).

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Ferry schedules and ferry tickets from Ancona

The port of Ancona serves many ferry connections from the north of Italy to the ports of Croatia, Albania, and Greece and it's the best departure option if you are traveling by car or caravan from Italy and central Europe to the Greek islands. You can check our dedicated blog post and find more information about transferring your camper van or car by ferry to Greece. The ferry routes from Ancona to Greece are active all year round and especially during the summer months the demand is very high. For that reason, we recommend that you book your ferry tickets from Ancona to the ports of Western Greece as far in advance as possible. 

  • Ferry from Ancona to Igoumenitsa: The ferry connection from the port of Ancona to the port of Igoumenitsa in Epirus is frequent throughout the year, with at least 2 ferries per day. The duration of the Ancona - Igoumenitsa ferry trip is 17hours.
  • Ferry from Ancona to Patras: The ferry route from Ancona to the port of Patras in the Peloponnese region operates during the whole year with 1-2 crossings per day. The Ancona - Patras ferry trip duration is approximately 22 hours
  • Ferry from Ancona to Corfu: This is a seasonal ferry route that operates mostly in the summer months with 1-2 weekly sailings. The Ancona - Corfu ferry trip lasts approximately 16 hours, and it's a great way to start your holidays in Greece with a visit to the Ionian islands.

Since the ferry trip from Ancona to Greece can be long or often an overnight ride it is recommended to book a bed cabin for a more comfortable journey. Bed cabins and vehicle tickets are usually the first ticket types to sold out on the Italy - Greece ferry routes so we suggest that you book your ferry tickets early! 

On our dedicated blog, you can find useful information about the Italy-Greece ferries, in order to plan your ferry trip in the easiest way for you! 

Tip: From the port of Ancona you can take a ferry twice a week to the port of Venice! This is an alternative route connecting the two Italian cities of the Adriatic coast, and the Ancona - Venice ferry trip lasts 6,5 hours

Traghetto bianco e rosso al porto di Ancona, giorno nebbioso, partenza del traghetto per la Grecia, biglietti

What to do in Ancona

Ancona is one of the most important ports in the Adriatic Sea as well as a charming city with many places of interest to explore and some beautiful beaches around the area to swim and sunbathe. The city is also well known for its food and wine culture so don't forget to stop by one of the city's Osterias for a delicious lunch or dinner before boarding on your ferry. 

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Sightseeing in Ancona

The city of Ancona was founded by the Greeks, approximately in 387 BC. The name of the city stems from the Greek word 'Ankon' which means elbow since the shape of the Ancona harbor reminds of a human elbow.  The port of Ancona flourished during the Roman Empire and the cultural influences of that era are evident in many areas of the city. Make sure that you save some time for sightseeing when in Ancona, you will be impressed by the city's rich history. Here are some of the most interesting places to visit in Ancona: 

  • Cathedral of Saint Ciriaco
  • Mole Vanvitelliana
  • The Cittadella Public Park
  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Rocca di Offagna
  • Roman Amphitheatre
  • The Arc of Trajan (Traiano)
  • Piazza del Plebiscito
  • Caduti Monument
  • Fontana del Calamo
  • Pinacoteca Civica Podesti

Beaches in Ancona

The province of Ancona, has some of the most impressive beaches on the entire Adriatic coast. South of Ancona you will find the Conero Mountain and Riviera located between Sirolo, Numana, and Portonovo. In this area, you will find beaches for all styles and all different needs: sandy, with pebbles, white pebbles, with facilities or more secluded. We recommend some of the beautiful beaches in Ancona:

  • Mezzavalle beach: At the end of the bay of Portonovo, this beach is a little paradise overlooking the mount Conero.
  • Passetto Beach: A few steps from the Ancona city center, the beach can be reached on foot. 
  • Due Sorelle Beach:  A wild cove in the shadow of Mount Conero, a famous attraction in the Marche region. The beach can be reached by sea. 
  • San Michele Beach: One of the largest beaches in Sirolo, it can be reached on foot through a path from the Park of the Republic of Sirolo
  • Sassi Neri Beach: Formed by a rock formation, it is a great option for relaxation.
  • Portonovo beach: A spectacular landscape, with the bay split into two parts, the beach is well organized with parasols, sunbeds, restaurants, and bars. 

Beach in the Ancona area, rock formation, swimmers, blue sea, holidays in Italy, port, ferry routes

Food in Ancona

The cuisine of Ancona is based on fresh and tasty local ingredients such as fish, seafood, mushrooms, and other seasonal vegetables. When in Ancona, make sure that you taste:

  • Seafood stew (brodetto)
  • Stoccafisso all’anconitana (stockfish)
  • Ascoli stuffed olives
  • Homemade pasta (stroncatelli)
  • Pickled Sea Fennel (Paccasassi)
  • Fried cremini mushrooms
  • Ricotta, Raisin and Chocolate Doughnuts

Where to book ferry tickets from Ancona?

Traveling by ferry from Ancona is an excellent option if you want to travel in your car, camper van, moto from Italy to Greece and you can book your ferry tickets on Ferryhopper. On our pages, you can compare all ferry schedules from Ancona to Greece, Croatia or Albania, all ferry ticket types (including bed cabins, VIP, vehicles, pets) and organize your ferry crossing in the Mediterranean in the easiest and cheapest way for you! 

Ancona has direct ferry connections with 7 ports:

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