Why June is the best month to visit Mykonos

Summer is fresh in the Island of the Winds

So you haven’t been to Mykonos yet because you find it “too cosmopolitan”? Or did you visit the island at a time when it was packed with tourists and you didn’t get to explore it the way you wanted?

Whatever your thoughts or experience so far, Mykonos in June won’t let you down. On Ferryhopper, we have come up with 4 reasons to visit the Island of the Winds now that summer is still fresh:

  1. Lower prices
  2. Relaxed vibe
  3. Perfect weather
  4. Smooth island hopping

White mills in Mykonos, Greece

Traditional windmills, the landmark of Mykonos, in Chora

1. Lower prices

It is no secret… Prices on the celebrities’ favorite island can be steep. However, visiting Mykonos in June is more affordable than in the high season (July and August). More specifically, you can find lower prices in:

  • Ferry tickets
  • Accommodations
  • Beaches
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Transportation expenses, e.g. rental car services

This way, you can enjoy your holiday in Mykonos in June, even if you travel with a tighter budget.

Tip: to save even more money on your trip to Mykonos, discover cheap Greek ferry deals for 2024.

Windmills in Chora, the capital of Mykonos, Greece

Restaurants by the sea in the picturesque Mykonos’ Little Venice neighborhood

2. Relaxed vibe

June is shoulder season in Mykonos, which means that it is definitely not as crowded as in July and August. With fewer tourists around, the island’s atmosphere is much more relaxing. You can take a stroll in Chora without squeezing into the alleys, go shopping comfortably, and take car trips all around the island without getting caught in traffic.

In June, almost everything is open in Mykonos, so you will lack nothing in terms of food and fun. Service in coffee shops and restaurants is usually better and you won’t have to book a table days in advance. Moreover, nightlife is thumping in bars and clubs, where summer parties are already taking place.

Tip: June’s slower pace also allows you to follow the island’s cultural events, like movie nights at Cine Manto, photography exhibitions, etc.

The remote Agrari beach in Mykonos, Greece

The remote and quiet beach of Agrari in Mykonos

3. Perfect weather

Even the weather conspires for you to visit Mykonos in June. The first month of the summer is usually sunny and hot, but not blazingly hot like August. You might even get to see some romantic summer rain.

The days of June are the longest ones of the year, with the sun setting around 20:30 and offering breathtaking sunset views. Temperature is usually up to 30-32 degrees and, with the cool summer breeze blowing, is ideal for swimming and water sports.

Sunset in the Chora of Mykonos, Greece

Idyllic sunset view from Chora

4. Smooth island hopping in the Cyclades

There’s a tailwind blowing from Mykonos in June! From May already, there are direct ferry connections to most of the Cycladic islands. 

With ferry ticket prices being a bit lower and ports significantly less busy, you can plan smooth and budget-friendly trips from Mykonos to Tinos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Ios, and other islands in the Cyclades.

Passenger ship off the coast of Mykonos, Greece

Large ferry off the coast of Mykonos

Be honest. You are already checking your calendar trying to plan a dreamy trip to Mykonos in June. Find the dates that suit you best and book ferry tickets online on Ferryhopper!