Day trip from Kos to Bodrum: what to do in 1 day

Tips, attractions and itinerary

Bodrum (also known as Halicarnassus) is a Turkish resort city opposite the Greek island of Kos. It’s a popular destination known for its vivid nightlife, historical attractions, exquisite gastronomy, and friendly locals.

How about a day trip to Bodrum from Kos during your next vacation? See how to catch a ferry from Kos to Bodrum and explore the best attractions to see in 1 day on Ferryhopper:

  1. Catch the ferry to Bodrum from Kos
  2. Explore the market of Bodrum
  3. Visit the city castle
  4. Board the ferry back to Kos

Alley in the old town of Bodrum, Turkey

Quaint alley in the old town of Bodrum

1. Catch the ferry to Bodrum from Kos

Ferries to Bodrum from the port of Kos depart daily between 09:30 and 18:00. The Kos - Bodrum ferry route lasts only 20 minutes and tickets start at €17.

If you want to spend a full day in Bodrum and make the most of your day trip, we recommend that you catch the morning ferry. If you’re heading to Bodrum for the nightlife, then the evening crossing is the one for you!

Tip: see what you need to travel by ferry between Greece and Turkey.

Important: passengers over 6 years of age need to fill out a digital entry form to Turkey 72 hours before their trip.

Boats at the harbor of Bodrum, Turkey

Luxury sailboats and yachts at the harbor of Bodrum in Turkey

2. Explore the market of Bodrum

Bodrum is so close to Kos, you can actually see the Turkish port city from the Greek island! Once you arrive in Bodrum, take a 10-minute walk towards the famous market.

The local market is quite modern, and it’s one of the top attractions in the city. There, you can find anything you want and then some; from clothes, jewelry and local products to street food and Turkish delicacies!

We recommend that you have some pide pie once you arrive and then stop for some traditional Turkish lokma, the mouth-watering, deep-fried dough covered with honey.

Tip: pide comes in different flavors for all tastes! There’s pide with minced meat (kıymalı pide), spinach (ıspanaklı pide), pastirma (pastırmalı pide), and cheese (peynirli pide).

Sacks filled with spices at market of Bodrum

The spice market of Bodrum

3. Visit the city castle

Don’t miss out on the castle of Bodrum during your visit! The impressive landmark of Bodrum is known as “Petronium”, meaning the castle of Saint Peter. It was built in the 15th century by the Order of the Knights Hospitaller who were based on the island of Rhodes at the time.

The castle of Bodrum changed hands when Rhodes was conquered by the Ottoman Empire and was renamed “Bodrum Kalesi” which translates as the Castle of Bodrum.

In the 1960s, the museum started housing the multi-awarded Museum of Underwater Archaeology. The museum’s exhibits include findings from shipwrecks in the Aegean Sea, close to the coast of Turkey. Two of the most amazing shipwrecks date back to the 11th and 14th centuries.

Fun fact: curious about Bodrum as a destination during the period of Ramadan? You should that as a tourist destination, it still provides visitors with everything that they might need. However, eating, drinking and smoking in public should be avoided during daylight hours out of respect.

The castle of Bodrum

The amazingly preserved castle of Bodrum

4. Board the ferry back to Kos

It’s time to get back to Kos. Ferries depart throughout the day and reach Kos in less than half an hour, offering you plenty of flexibility for day trips across the Aegean Sea.

Enjoying a cup of coffee at the promenade of Bodrum

Coffee with a sea view at the promenade of Bodrum

What do you think? Let us answer first: a day trip to Bodrum is definitely worth it! Find ferry tickets to Bodrum on Ferryhopper and book online with no hidden fees.