Top quiet Greek islands to find your zen

Keep calm and dive on!

Are you dreaming of an endless summer? So are we! That is why we have made a list of the best quiet Greek islands for a relaxing vacation. Read on to find the top 10 islands for quiet holidays and...see you aboard!

Top 10 quiet Greek islands

Here are 10 easy-going Greek destinations, where you can enjoy calm moments this summer:

  1. Patmos
  2. Koufonisia
  3. Anafi
  4. Gavdos
  5. Halki
  6. Agistri
  7. Ithaca
  8. Samothrace
  9. Schinoussa
  10. Iraklia

1. Patmos, the impressive

Patmos is a charming island in the Dodecanese and an ideal destination for peaceful holidays. The ferry connection between Patmos and Piraeus is operated frequently and the ferry ride lasts 8-9 hours.

The traditional architecture of the island, the picturesque villages and the beautiful natural landscape make it an ideal scenery for walking and strolling around. You should visit the historic center of the island in Chora with its narrow alleys and whitewashed houses. The island has some great hiking trails that lead to amazing viewpoints and secluded beaches.

The beach of Psili Ammos is one of the prettiest in Patmos and we recommend trying local delicacies with a wonderful view at the beach taverna.

Panoramic view of the Monastery of Patmos, Greece

The awe-inspiring monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos in Patmos

2. Koufonisia, the emerald

Koufonisia is part of the Small Cyclades island group and it's a perfect choice for beach holidays. The ferry trip from Piraeus to Koufonisia takes between 5 and 7 hoursdepending on the vessel type.

Koufonisia consists of 2 islands: Ano Koufonisi and Kato Koufonisi. In Ano Koufonisi, you will find amazing beaches with crystal turquoise waters, rocky bays, natural pools, as well as bars, tavernas and small shops. The beaches of Pori and Gala are among the most impressive on the island. Ano Koufonisi is small and you can walk the whole island in about 3 to 4 hours.  

If you're looking for a secluded destination for total relaxation then you should visit Kato Koufonisi. The small island is uninhabited, it only has one taverna and you will encounter very few people. The beaches and hiking trails of Kato Koufonisi are amazing and we recommend spending a night in your sleeping bag under the starry sky. 

Turquoise waters in Koufonisia, Greece

 The sea caves of Xylobatis in Ano Koufonisi

3. Anafi, the minimalist

Anafi is located in the Cyclades, next to Santorini. Unlike its celebrated neighbor, Anafi is a quiet Greek island, ideal to escape the crowds and enjoy a peaceful time by the sea. You can get from Piraeus to Anafi by ferry in about 8-10 hours.

The island has beautiful sandy beaches and a wild natural landscape. There are also some spectacular trails, such as the one leading to Mount Kalamos. Kalamos is the second-highest monolith in Europe after Gibraltar and the 360° view from its peak is breathtaking! Anafi’s capital is a true gem of the Aegean Sea, featuring traditional architecture, small shops, as well as a few bars and restaurants with DJ nights or live Greek music.

The Monolith of Anafi as seen from the beach, Greece

Quiet moments at the beach in Anafi

4. Gavdos, the pristine

Gavdos is located in the southernmost tip of Europe. It’s a favorite quiet holiday destination in Greece and a great place to relax and experience carefree moments. The total trip duration from Athens to Gavdos can amount to 14 hours, including a ferry ride from Piraeus to Chania, a bus ride from Chania to Paleochora and a ferry crossing from Paleochora to Gavdos. Can you think of a better destination to disconnect away from the city?

The island beaches are heavenly, surrounded by sand dunes and cedar forests. The best way to discover the wild natural beauty of Gavdos is through its hiking trails. The island is small and it has less than 100 permanent residents. There are a number of rooms available, but many travelers prefer to camp in one of Gavdos’ amazing beaches. 

A hammock on a sandy beach of Gavdos, Greece

Relaxing at the beach of Sarakiniko in Gavdos

5. Halki, the eco-friendly

Halki is a beautiful island located in the Dodecanese. It is the first eco-friendly Greek island and a big supporter of energy autonomy. On the island, the honking horns have been replaced by the sound of the waves splashing on the coast. In fact, you won’t even have to use a car as you can reach the best beaches of Halki in just 10 minutes on foot from the port. 

Besides the heavenly beaches, Halki encloses two-story neoclassical buildings, stone-paved alleys, churches covered in colorful frescoes, and an imposing medieval castle overlooking the Carpathian Sea. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on the ferry to Halki from Piraeus and enjoy the relaxing holidays you dreamed of!

The Ftenagia beach on the island of Halki, Dodecanese, Greece

The idyllic beach of Ftenagia in Halki

6. Agistri, the idyllic

Agistri is a small island in the Saronic Gulf. It is one of the most quiet Greek destinations, popular for its relaxing atmosphere and beautiful nature. Agistri is perfect for a quick getaway from the Greek capital, as it is one of the islands closest to Athens. The ferry from Piraeus to Agistri lasts for about 1 hour.

The island is small, so you can easily walk or cycle around. Agistri is famous for its clear blue waters and idyllic beaches. Swimming, snorkeling, and diving are popular activities there. We recommend visiting Aponisos and Chalikiada for their amazing sea and untouched nature. Have a look at more amazing beaches in the Greek islands to get inspired!

Aerial view of Chalikiada beach in Agistri, Greece

The crystal waters of Chalikiada beach in Agistri

7. Ithaca, the epic

Ithaca is one of the smallest islands in the Ionian Sea, but it is considered one of the most beautiful! It is located close to Kefalonia and it is an ideal destination for travelers seeking beautiful landscapes, magical seas and quiet holidays in Greece. You can reach Ithaca by ferry in about 3.5 hours from the port of Patras.

The island has deep blue-green waters and places with rich natural beauty. It is a top choice for couples and families, as it has both a romantic vibe and a relaxing atmosphere. Although small in size, there are various options for sightseeing, as Ithaca has a rich history and culture. Don't forget to visit one of the mountainous villages of Ithaca, to taste delicious traditional food and drink tsipouro in a fairytale-like setting.

Boats and houses in the Kioni harbor in Ithaca, Greece

The cute Kioni harbor in Ithaca

8. Samothrace, the adventurous

The island is considered "heaven on earth", as it is one of the most serene Greek destinations with great natural wealth. Samothrace is ideal if you're after absolute freedom on your vacation. You are invited to explore the wild yet magnificent landscapes and start a magical adventure. You can travel to Samothrace from Alexandroupolis by ferry in under 2 hours.

Samothrace is famous for its natural pools, called vathres. These natural pools are formed on rocky mountainous terrain and they have reinvigorating waters. The water comes from the mountain Saos, where you will find majestic waterfalls. It is worth mentioning that the island attracts mainly young campers. If you are looking for adventurous holidays, new acquaintances and a complete escape from city life, Samothrace is your next destination!

Lush vegetation in Samothrace, Greece

Trail with lush vegetation in Samothrace

9. Schinoussa, the calm

Schinoussa is one of the smallest islands of the Small Cyclades and it's known for its beautiful beaches and ultimate sense of relaxation. It is ideal for quiet Greek island holidays and it is connected by ferry from Piraeus. The Piraeus - Schinoussa ferry route takes about 7 hours.

In Schinoussa, you can relax on sandy beaches and taste delicious Cycladic dishes accompanied by cold ouzo, a Greek aperitif. For the most adventurous of travelers, there are several options for outdoor activities, such as hiking, water sports and climbing in the gorge of Harakas. All you need in Schinoussa is good company! No need to worry about transportation, budget, or checking your mobile (even swimsuits are optional in some places).

Calm blue sea in Schinoussa, Greece

Amazing sandy beach with blue waters in Schinoussa

10. Iraklia, the tranquil

Iraklia, an island in the Small Cyclades group, is one of the quietest holiday destinations in the Aegean. It is a dream island, where you can spend peaceful moments by the sea. At the same time, it has a wild beauty, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities. You can travel by ferry to Iraklia from the port of Piraeus. The journey takes around 7 hours.

Holidays in Iraklia are perfect for all travelers, especially if they seek relaxation and tranquility. On the island, you can swim in the clear blue waters of the Cyclades, explore and hike on its paths, or enjoy the idyllic views. Moreover, you can try exquisite Cycladic recipes with fresh seafood and local products. Don't miss out on a tour with the local boats that take passengers to uninhabited islets and pristine beaches.

Tip: If listening to the sounds of nature is the number one priority for your upcoming holidays, have a look at our list of the best islands for nature lovers and learn how to get there by checking the Greek ferry schedules for 2024.

Calm waters in Iraklia, Greece

The calm sea of Iraklia

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