Ferry Ticket Types

Ferry Ticket Types

Can I book an open ferry ticket? I am traveling with a child and / or infant; do I need to buy a ferry ticket for them? What is the difference between economy and business / VIP class? Below you will find answers to these questions.

What is an open ferry ticket? How do I book one?

December 21, 2021

An open ticket is a ticket issued without a fixed travel date, but with a fixed validity period (usually 1 year). Once you have decided when you want to use the ticket, you can book your exact travel date. Unfortunately, most ferry companies don’t allow you to purchase open tickets online. We understand that this is frustrating, but we are obligated to follow the companies’ rules. If you would like to book an open ticket you can contact us on +30 210 924 1453 / +30 210 220 8496 or fill in the contact form on Ferryhopper’s website.

Do I need to buy ferry tickets for infants and children?

December 21, 2021

You always have to book a ticket for infants and children, regardless of whether they are assigned a separate seat or not. There is no specific age range for infants and children, as every ferry company has its own definition.

Companies usually offer discounted tickets for infants and children. In order to be able to select a child or infant fare when booking your tickets, you will have to add an adult passenger first and then the child / infant. Once you have selected the fare, click 'Verify price' to view the total price for your booking. You can find more information on fares for children and infants here.

What is the difference between economy class and business / VIP class?

July 17, 2020

Business / VIP class seats are more spacious and comfortable. They are usually located on the upper deck of the ferry, offering a better view compared to the economy / standard class seats. Moreover, the business / VIP area is usually less crowded.

Numbered seats are similar to airplane seats, but they are much more spacious. If you choose this type of seat, you will be able to walk around the other areas of the boat, while making sure that you have a reserved seat. If you opt for a deck-lounge ticket instead, you will be able to sit wherever you like in the ferry lounge or on the deck, but you will not have a reserved seat.

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