Ferry from Rostock to Gedser

Tickets, Prices & Schedules

You can travel by ferry from the German port of Rostock to Gedser, in Denmark, and begin your journey in Scandinavia! Learn more about the Rostock - Gedser ferry route on Ferryhopper and discover the best travel tips for your trip there.

Ferry schedules from Rostock to Gedser

Is there a ferry from Rostock to Gedser?

Yes, direct ferries to Gedser from Rostock are usually available up to 10 times per day. All ferry crossings are operated by the company Scandlines.

What’s the ferry schedule from Rostock to Gedser?

The earliest ferry crossing to Gedser from Rostock is scheduled for 04:15, arriving at around 06:15. As for the last scheduled departure, the ferry leaves Rostock at 00:45 and arrives at the Danish port at 02:45.

Ferry Tickets, Offers & Discounts

How much is the ferry from Rostock to Gedser?

The cost of a ferry ticket for the Rostock - Gedser route starts at €54. The final cost may vary depending on the available offers and discounts, vehicle selection and accommodation type.


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Ferry Route Info

How long is the ferry ride from Rostock to Gedser?

Traveling between the German port of Rostock and the Danish port of Gedser takes around 2 hr.

Is there a high-speed ferry from Rostock to Gedser?

The ferry route to Gedser is operated by conventional ferries. The fastest crossing from Rostock lasts 2 hr.

What’s the distance between Rostock and Gedser?

The distance between Rostock and Gedser is approximately 44 nautical miles (around 80 km).

Ferry Trip Tips

Useful tips for your ferry trip to Gedser from Rostock

To make the most of your ferry trip to Gedser, check out our top travel tips below:

  • We recommend arriving at Rostock port early in advance to avoid potential delays and overcrowding, especially in the high-season months.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, the ferry schedules from Rostock to Gedser may change. Make sure to confirm your ferry’s departure time. You can also track your ferry in real time on the Ferryhopper app!

Where to take the ferry from Rostock to Gedser

To get to Gedser, you can catch a ferry from Rostock Port, located in the northeastern part of Germany. Situated at the end of highway A19, it is easily accessible by car and regular bus services.

Nearby, you can find numerous visitor amenities, such as shops, public bathrooms, restaurants, coffee shops, and parking lots.

Am I allowed to travel from Rostock to Gedser?

Yes, traveling from Rostock to Gedser by ferry is allowed. Before your trip, check the latest updates on Covid-19 and ferry travel between Germany and Denmark, and get ready for your trip.

Can I travel on the ferry from Rostock to Gedser with a car?

Yes, the ferries traveling between Rostock and Gedser allow the transport of vehicles.

Important: you cannot travel as a foot passenger on the Rostock - Gedser route. Only vehicles are allowed onboard this ferry service.

Ferry luggage

There are no specific luggage policies when traveling with Scandlines. However, it is recommended to carry a maximum of 2 pieces of luggage weighing up to 20 kg.


Due to the short duration of the journey, there are no available cabins on the Rostock - Gedser ferries. Alternatively, onboard seating is included in the ticket price.

Pet travel

You can bring along your little companions on the ferries of Scandlines. You can either book a pet kennel, transport them in a trailer or carry-on container or keep them inside your vehicle. Small animals may also be transported on a leash. Keep in mind that muzzles are obligatory for dogs. 

Make sure to carry along all the necessary pet documents, tickets and supplies for a smooth trip with your little companion!

Where can I book cheap ferry tickets from Rostock to Gedser?

At the moment, you cannot book ferry tickets from Rostock to Gedser on Ferryhopper. As we focus on bringing more and more ferry routes to you, check out our interactive Map of ferries!

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