Ferries from Germany 2023: a complete guide

Routes and schedules from German ports

If you are planning a ferry trip from Germany to Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, or Lithuania, you are in the right place! This is the page where you can find all ferry routes to destinations around the Baltic Sea from the ports of northern Germany.

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Ferry anchored at the port of Rostock in Germany

Ferry anchored at the large port of Rostock city in Germany

Ferries from Germany to Sweden

Traveling by ferry from Germany to Sweden is easy and comfortable, as there are many ferries departing from northern Germany. In fact, you can reach the city of Gothenburg, as well as Trelleborg, Malmö and Nynäshamn, from the ports of Rostock, Travemünde, Kiel, and Sassnitz.

Ferry routes from Rostock to Sweden

From the port town of Rostock, you can catch several ferries to Sweden. More, specifically, there are:

Ferries from Rostock to Trelleborg

The port of Trelleborg is connected to the German port of Rostock all year round with up to 6 daily crossings, operated by TT-Line and Stena Line. The Rostock - Trelleborg ferry trip lasts 6-7 hours and tickets start at about €28.

Ferries from Rostock to Nynäshamn

In 2021 and 2022, the ferry company Hansa Destinations served crossings on the Rostock and Nynäshamn, including stops at Visby (Gotland island), with around 2 weekly ferry trips. However, the route has been suspended for 2023.

Ferry routes from Travemünde to Sweden

Located in the coastal area of Lübeck, Travemünde is Germany's largest ferry port on the Baltic Sea and a popular resort town. From the port town of Travemünde, there are ferry routes to the beautiful cities of Trelleborg and Malmö, in Sweden’s Skåne County.

Ferry from Travemünde to Trelleborg

Ferries from Travemünde (Lübeck) to Trelleborg normally run up to 4 times a day throughout the year. The ferry route is served by TT-Line. The trip time ranges from around 7.5 to 10 hours, depending on the crossing, and ferry tickets normally start at €39.

Ferry from Travemünde to Malmö

There are around 2-3 daily departures from Travemünde to Malmö and the route is served by the Finnlines ferry company. The Travemünde - Malmö ferry trip usually takes 8.5-9.5 hours and tickets normally start at around €30.

Ferry from Kiel to Gothenburg

From the busy port of Kiel, you can catch a ferry to the port of Gothenburg in Sweden. There is usually 1 daily Kiel-Gothenburg ferry crossing, served by Stena Line. The ferry trip takes about 14.5-15.5 hours. Booking a cabin is mandatory on this route, so prices start at over €121.

Important info: the Stena Line ferries to Gothenburg depart from the Schwedenkai terminal in Kiel.

Ferry from Sassnitz to Trelleborg

You can also reach Sweden by ferry from the port of Sassnitz. The town is located on the island of Rügen, Germany’s biggest island in the Baltic Sea, and is a popular seaside resort. Departing from the ferry port of Sassnitz is also the fastest way to reach Sweden!

The ferry company FRS serves ferry crossings from the port of Sassnitz to the port of Trelleborg in Sweden. The Sassnitz - Trelleborg ferry route is normally served from April to October, though the operating season for 2023 ended in September. The ferry trip takes around 2.5 hours. You can book tickets with prices starting at around €30.

Pier with boats and a beacon at the port of Sassnitz, island of Rügen, Germany

Pier and beacon at the port of Sassnitz on the picturesque island of Rügen

Ferries from Germany to Norway

Want to get to Norway from Germany by sea? The only direct ferry connection from Germany is the one to the Norwegian capital of Oslo from the port of Kiel in Germany, served by Color Line.

Ferry from Kiel to Oslo

There are usually 7-8 weekly ferries from Kiel to Oslo. Normally, ferries depart at around 14:00, arriving at the port of Oslo the following morning, at 10:00 (around 20 hours). Keep in mind that ferry availability and frequency may vary depending on the season.

Tickets start at around €266. Ferries to Oslo depart from the Norwegenkai terminal in Kiel. 

This route is served by large cruise ferries (Color Magic and Color Fantasy) with many facilities and amenities, from gourmet restaurants, bars and show lounges, to fitness and spa centers, saunas, shops and casinos!

Fun fact: the Color Magic vessel is actually the largest ferry in the world, weighing 75,156 tons. Its sister ship, Color Fantasy, comes second in tonnage.

Aerial view to the city and ferries sailing in the canal of Kiel, in Germany

The busy canal and the beautiful seaside city of Kiel

Ferries from Germany to Finland

There is currently only 1 direct route connecting Germany and Finland by sea, and it’s the one running between Travemünde and the Finnish capital of Helsinki.

Ferry from Travemünde to Helsinki

The popular Travemünde - Helsinki ferry route, operated by Finnlines cruise ferries, normally runs once a day at 02:00-03:00 at night. The ferry crossing usually takes 30 hours and a single ferry ticket costs around €66.

Tip: Finnlines is well-known for the excellent amenities available on its cruise ferries, including buffet restaurants, bars, suites, gyms, and saunas. Find out all about the onboard services of Finnlines ferries and prepare for the most relaxing trip.

The Finnlines “Finnstar” vessel sailing

The impressive Finnlines "Finnstar" en route to Helsinki

Ferries from Germany to Denmark

At the moment, there are 2 active ferry routes between Germany and Denmark: Rostock - Gedser and Puttgarden - Rødby. Both routes are served by the Scandlines ferry company.

Ferry from Rostock to Gedser

The ferry connection between Rostock and Gedser, a small port town on the Danish island of Falster, is normally operated with 9 daily crossings all year round. The Rostock - Gedser ferry trip usually lasts 2 hours and tickets start at €120 (booking a vehicle ticket is mandatory).

Ferry from Puttgarden to Rødby

The ferry connection between Puttgarden, a harbor and village on the German island of Fehmarnand, and Rødby, a small town on the island of Lolland in Denmark, is operated with more than 40 crossings a day. The Puttgarden - Rødby ferry trip takes less than 2 hours and a single ferry ticket costs €69 (you must book a vehicle ticket).

Ferries from Germany to Lithuania

At the moment, 3 ferry routes are running between Germany and Lithuania, all arriving in Klaipeda, Lithuania’s only port. TT-Line operates on 2 routes, from Travemünde to Klaipeda and from Rostock to Klaipeda. DFDS operates on the route from Kiel to Klaipeda.

Ferry from Travemünde to Klaipeda

There are up to 1-2 daily ferries from Travemünde to Klaipeda all year round. The duration of the ferry trip from the German port varies between 19 and 22 hours. Tickets normally start at €75.

Ferry from Rostock to Klaipeda

TT-Line normally serves up to 5 weekly Rostock - Klaipėda ferry crossings. You can normally reach the Lithuanian port of Klaipėda from Rostock in 28-36 hours. Tickets start at around €81.

Ferry from Kiel to Klaipeda

There are up to 7 weekly ferries from Kiel to Klaipeda throughout the year, and the average travel time is 20 hours. Tickets usually start at €19, though prices can be much higher for last-minute bookings and trips in the high season.

Boats and ferry at the port of Travemünde in Germany, and skyscraper nearby

Imposing skyscraper by the colorful port of Travemünde

Ferries from Germany to Latvia

There is currently only 1 ferry route connecting Germany with Latvia: from the port of Travemünde to the city of Liepāja. It is operated by Stena Line.

Ferry from Travemünde to Liepāja

There are up to 6 weekly Travemünde - Liepāja ferry crossings all year round. The Germany - Latvia ferry trip lasts about 22-23 hours and the ticket prices start at around €41.

Aerial view of Liepāja city stretching by the sea, Latvia

The breathtaking Nordic beauty of the Liepāja city and shore

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