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Why not? Oh, you need actual reasons. Alright!

On Ferryhopper, you can book ferry tickets online with confidence!

You find all ferry schedules, latest ferry deals and discount coupons, compare ferry companies and routes to your favorite destinations, and get all the information you need for your trip on your mobile.

If you’re still not sure Ferryhopper is the way to go for your upcoming trip, we recommend that you head to the port, wait in line at the ticket office on a scorching hot day, watch as tickets sell out just before you reach the counter and have no shoulder to cry on.

The only thing we can’t really control is heat. Or can we? Continue reading to find out!

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All ferry routes from all ferry companies at the best prices

On Ferryhopper, you can find all ferry routes for Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and more beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean Sea!

From ferries to Mykonos, Corfu, Santorini, and Naxos, to ferry routes to Mallorca, Gran Canaria and Ibiza, you get ferry tickets at the best prices with no extra fees!

If you wish for even cheaper ferry tickets, you can subscribe to follow our updates and get a Ferryhopper coupon to book trips with a discount code!

Moreover, on Ferryhopper you can check in online and download your e-ticket, so that you avoid printing out your tickets and skip the line.

This way, you help the environment and you have all the information you need on your mobile!

Multiple trips in 1 booking 

On Ferryhopper’s Map of ferries, you see all available ferry connections for Greece, Spain and more countries, you plan your itinerary and book ferry tickets online for direct trips, as well as indirect ferry routes.

In other words, if there are no direct routes to the destination of your dreams, you can design your own itinerary, combining the ferry routes of your choice in a single booking!

Also, Ferryhopper makes island-hopping fast and easy! With just a few hops (i.e., clicks) you hop your way around the Balearic Islands or the Aegean Sea with no need to make separate bookings.

Hey you, want a ferry app?

If kids happily jump around in your backyard, dogs wag their tails, birds sing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, and colorful butterflies land on your head, it’s because we have a ferry ticket app!

With the Ferryhopper App, you can easily book ferry tickets on your mobile with just a few taps and swipes! You can also save your details, download your e-ticket any time and check in online!

On Ferryhopper’s App for Android and iOS, you can find all ferry routes and schedules, get tips for your trip, have easy access to your booking details, and receive useful updates for ferries in Greece and Spain.

And the cherry on top: You can now track your ferry in Greece in real-time via the Ferryhopper App! Simply access your booking on the app and you will be able to see the location of your ferry live on the day of your trip. Not bad, right?

Search for ferry routes to 250 destinations in more than 10 countries in the Mediterranean Sea, compare ferry prices and departure times, and manage your booking on the go!

It goes without saying that the app is waterproof and fire-resistant, which means you can book ferry tickets or check in at the bottom of the sea while hanging out with starfish, as well as in the crater of an active volcano!

Disclaimer: The app actually does this, but we can’t really tell about your device!

The Ferryhopper App

Customer Support from the year 3000

With Ferryhopper’s Customer Support, the ship has never sailed! 

Well, they actually do sail, that’s the point of getting your ferry tickets. What we mean to say is that on Ferryhopper you can book your ferry tickets with confidence, as we know your plans can change!

Our Customer Support Team can assist you with check-in, help adjust your booking, guide you through the refund process, answer any questions you may have about ferry schedules and departure gates, and so much more!

If you have the Ferryhopper App, you can now contact our Customer Support Team on the spot, via email, phone or Messenger!

It’s no surprise we got so many stars! You can tell by reading the Ferryhopper reviews :)

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