Track your ferry on the Ferryhopper App

No more wondering when your ferry arrives!

Want to have a last swim, grab a quick snack before departure or are you simply wondering “Where is my ferry”? Now, you can check the location of your ferry live on the Ferryhopper App for a smooth and hassle-free trip.

Check what you can do with Ferryhopper’s ferry tracker and find out how to stay on top of all route updates and delays!

Monitor your ferry in Greece live

Check your ferry location on the Ferryhopper App!

What is ferry tracking?

Ferry tracking allows you to track your ferry location on the map at any time in real time. Provided that you have an internet connection, you will know where your ferry is at any moment on the day of your trip!

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Traveler waiting for the ferry at the beach stress-free

If your ferry is late, head to the beach and track its route live!

What are the benefits of Ferryhopper’s live ferry tracking?

The ferry tracking feature gives you free and timely access to all info about the location and route of your ferry through the Ferryhopper App. This means you can travel with confidence and ease even if your departure and arrival times change.

Track your ferry

Our new interactive map allows you to check the location of your ferry in real time through the app! You can check your ferry location while you’re waiting at the port or during the crossing. Tracking your ship at sea means you can adjust your plans and spend some time shopping or enjoying a coffee.

See ETA and route updates

Many ferries in Greece make multiple stops during a single crossing, taking passengers to different islands. By tracking the movement of your ferry, you can see live ETA updates, check the itinerary of your vessel and have all important route information at your fingertips.

Get updated arrival and departure times

On the Ferryhopper App, you can see live information about your ferry arrival and departure times. The online ferry tracking feature is constantly updated to give you the latest details about your itinerary. Even when you’re in the middle of the sea, the app will be retrieving real-time info to keep you in the know.

Check accumulated delay times

Delays are part of the plan, no matter how much they mess up our actual plans! If you find yourself worrying about delays, you can check the accumulated delay time of your ferry and plan accordingly.

Having access to our free live ferry tracking service means you can inform your close ones you’re going to be a bit late or change your hotel check-in time.

See the speed of your ferry

Either you want to find the fastest ferry in Greece and the quickest way to go from A to B or you’re just a ferry travel aficionado, the real-time ferry tracking shows you the speed of your vessel as you’re enjoying the sun on the deck. 

How to use Ferryhopper’s real-time ferry tracking?

At the moment, Ferryhopper's live ferry tracking service is available for ferry trips in Greece as well as for most ferry crossings in the Mediterranean. You can access the feature through the Ferryhopper App on the day of traveling.

See more information on how to use Ferryhopper’s real-time tracking for ferries.

See the location of your ferry on the app

If you want to have a hassle-free ferry travel experience this summer, book your ferry tickets on Ferryhopper, access your booking through the Ferryhopper App, and track your ferry in real time any time on the day of your trip!