Mallorca or Majorca: How is it spelled and why it's worth a visit

The truth is out there! Or rather in here.

Mallorca is a beautiful island of the Balearic Archipelago in Spain. It’s a popular holiday destination, known for its picture-perfect beaches, vivid nightlife and top-notch visitor amenities. Majorca on the other hand is also an island of the Balearics with beautiful verdant coasts, intense party life and many things to do and see.

Wait a minute! Don’t these two sound way too similar? Isn’t Mallorca and Majorca the same place? Find out below!

Windmill in a rural area of Mallorca

Traditional windmill in a rural landscape in Mallorca

Is Majorca and Mallorca the same place?

So, first things first! Is it Mallorca or Majorca? It’s actually both! “Mallorca” is the Spanish spelling of the island, while “Majorca” is quite a popular spelling in English, as well as more languages and countries. 

Officially, the name of the island is Mallorca, which is technically the correct spelling.

That’s all good, but how do we pronounce Mallorca? Mallorca is pronounced as ma-yor-ka. What about Majorca? Majorca is also pronounced as ma-yor-ka, so there’s no difference between the two.

That being said, Spanish speakers would pronounce Majorca as ma-chor-ka which perplexes things a bit, but worry not! If you want to spend your holidays in Mallorca, pronunciation won’t stop you.

Speaking of your Majorca holidays, let’s have a look at the best things to do on the island.

Good to know: The name Mallorca derives from the Latin phrase insula maior, which means larger island. The island was later known as Maiorica, which gives us the modern name. So, the meaning of the word “Majorca” is actually “the large one”.

La Seu: the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca

The gardens of La Seu, the cathedral of Mallorca

All you need to know about Mallorca (Majorca)

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago consisting of 4 main islands and more smaller islets. The island group is off the east coast of Spain and is connected to the mainland by ferry and plane.

In terms of size, Mallorca is 3,640 square kilometers. This means it’s not only the largest of the Balearics, but one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean Sea. 

If you’re wondering exactly where Mallorca is in Spain and how big it is, have a look at the map below:

Top things to do in Mallorca

Mallorca is rich in experiences! Depending on your time, taste and budget you can enjoy memorable holidays on the Spanish island. 

Traditionally considered a summer destination, the island of Mallorca (or Majorca) is a beach-lover’s paradise. There are many secluded coves for relaxing times by the sea, popular coasts with loungers and umbrellas, and many popular beach resorts with a touch of luxury! Cala Varques is one of our favorites!

As for cultural points of interest in Mallorca, we recommend that you visit the 14th century Bellver Castle, the medieval village of Pollença and La Seu cathedral in Palma de Mallorca.

For more experiences in Mallorca, as well as info about outdoor activities and nightlife, you can read our Mallorca travel guide.

How to get to Mallorca

You can get to Mallorca by ferry or plane throughout the year. There are frequent ferry connections from mainland Spain and more islands of the Balearic group. 

As for flights to Mallorca, you can fly there from major European airports, such as London, Moscow, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Zurich and more!

Getting to Mallorca by plane may be quicker, but taking the ferry is an excellent way to take in majestic views of the Spanish sea, bring your car on the island and contribute to sustainable traveling!

Ferries from mainland Spain to Mallorca make the trip in 5-7 hours depending on the port of departure and the ferry company. Standard tickets start at €9 for the slowest crossing, but the cost differs per season.

Here are some popular ferry routes to Mallorca:

Tips to go island hopping from Mallorca

Mallorca is well connected by ferry to Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca. Ferries to the rest of the Balearic Islands depart daily from the ports of Alcúdia and Palma in Mallorca.

Here are more details about island-hopping routes from Mallorca:

  • Ferry from Mallorca to Ibiza: There are daily ferry connections from Mallorca to Ibiza. The trip duration ranges from 2 to 4 hours. In Ibiza, you will dance and party all night long after enjoying the sun at one of the spectacular beaches of the island.
  • Ferry from Mallorca to Formentera: Ferries from Mallorca to Formentera are available once daily. The ferry trip to Formentera from Mallorca takes 3.5 hours. In Formentera, you can enjoy the unspoilt landscape and visit the hippy open-air markets.
  • Ferry from Mallorca to Menorca: You can catch a ferry from Mallorca to Menorca at least 1-2 times per day. The trip can take from 1.5 to 6 hours depending on the ferry company and itinerary. Menorca is the perfect place to relax, go hiking and swim at unspoiled beaches.

Did you read this article only to find out the difference between Mallorca and Majorca? That’s alright! 

For those of you ready to explore the Balearic Islands, have a look at the ultimate guide to island hopping in the Balearics!

Boats at the harbor of Palma de Mallorca

Calm day at the port of Palma de Mallorca

Fantastic ferry tickets to Mallorca and where to find them

Now that you know where you want to go, it’s time to book your ferry tickets. Check our Map of ferries for available ferry routes to Mallorca (typing in Majorca also works), compare ferry companies and fares, and get ready to travel to the Balearic Islands!

Oh, we almost forgot to answer one of the most popular questions on the world wide web: “is Mallorca a country?” 

No, it’s not.

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