Toulon is a historic Mediterranean port city in the south of France. The port of Toulon is the getaway to Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, Corsica and Sardinia. On Ferryhopper you can find all the ferry departures from the port of Toulon, the available ferry routes and buy your ferry tickets at the best prices. 

The port of Toulon is one of France’s main naval bases with a long history, which you can explore in the city’s Naval Museum (Musée National de la Marine). The culture and landscapes of Provence are also quite evident in the city, with the traditional food, flower and textiles markets around the city being one of the things you have to experience when in Toulon. And of course, don’t miss a ride with the cable car that takes you to the top of Mont Faron, with a spectacular view of the city and the Mediterranean sea. 

Ferry routes and ferry tickets from Toulon

The port of Toulon has regular ferry connections to the island of Corsica as well as ports in Italy and Spain. From Toulon, you can take a ferry to the ports of Porto Torres in Sardinia, Trapani in Sicily as well as the port of Alcudia in Mallorca. The ferries from Toulon to Corsica reach the ports of Ajaccio, Bastia, Porto Vecchio, and ile Rousse.  The ferry company that primarily runs these ferry routes is Corsica Ferries. 

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Sailing boats at the port of Toulon, south of France - ferry routes to Corsica, Italy, Spain

Ferry from Toulon to Corsica

The ferry connection between the port of Toulon and the island of Corsica is frequent throughout the year, with more than 20 crossings every week. The distance between Toulon and Corsica is around 280 km (174 miles) so the ferry trip can last from 5 to 11 hours, depending on the port that you choose to travel to. The ferries that depart from Toulon to Corsica reach 4 of the island ports: Ajaccio in the west, Bastia in the northeast, Porto Vecchio in the southeast and ile Rousse in the northwest. 

  • Toulon - Ajaccio: The ferry connection between the south of France and the port of Ajaccio on the west side of Corsica runs approximately 12 times per week. The ferry trip from Toulon to Ajaccio lasts approximately 6 hours.
  • Toulon - Bastia: The ferry connection between Toulon and Bastia on the northeast side of Corsica is served by 9 weekly crossings. The Toulon-Bastia ferry trip last approximately 7 hours and 30 minutes.   
  • Toulon- ile Rousse: The ferries from Toulon to the port of ile Rousse in the northwest of Corsica travel approximately 7 times every week. The ferry trip is the shortest way to travel by ferry from the south of France to Corsica, as the Toulon-ile Rousse ferry trip lasts 5 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Toulon- Porto Vecchio: This ferry route is the longest ride from Toulon to Corsica but it gets you straight to the southeast side of the island. From there you can easily grab a ferry to mainland Italy. The ferry connection from Toulon to Porto Vecchio runs 3 times every week and the ferry trip lasts 11 hours.  

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Ferry from Toulon to Mallorca

Traveling from the south of France to the Balearic islands is a great idea, and the port of Toulon is the place to start your ferry trip from! The port of Toulon connects with the port of Alcúdia in Mallorca. The Toulon - Mallorca ferry connection operates with 2 weekly crossings. The duration of the ferry route from Toulon to the port of Alcúdia in Mallorca is 10hours 30min.

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Ferry from Toulon to Sardinia

The port of Toulon offers ferry connections to two ports of Sardinia: Port Torres and Golfo Aranci

  • Toulon - Porto Torres: The easiest way to get by ferry from the south of France to Sardinia is to travel to Porto Torres port, on the north side of the island. The Toulon-Porto Torres ferry connection runs 4 times every week. The ferry trip to Porto Torres lasts around 8 hours.
  • Toulon - Golfo Aranci: The small port of Golfo Aranci is located on the northeast side of Sardinia, close to Olbia so the distance from the south of France is slightly longer. Traveling to Golfo Aranci is however a great option to explore the east coast of Sardinia. The Toulon - Golfo Aranci ferry connection is served by 2 weekly crossings and the ferry trip lasts around 13 hours. 

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Ferry from Toulon to Sicily

From the port of Toulon, you can also travel by ferry to Sicily and the picturesque port of Trapani. Trapani is located on the northwest side of Sicily, around 100km outside of the city of Palermo. You can travel by ferry from the south of France to Sicily once a week, while the Toulon-Trapani ferry trip lasts approximately 19 hours. 

We suggest that you take your own vehicle with you on the ferry in order to explore the coast as well as the mainland of Sicily. On Ferryhopper you will find all ferry ticket types, including bed cabins and vehicle tickets, and all ferry schedules to arrange your trip in the best way for you. 

What to do in Toulon

The port and city of Toulon is located on the south coast of France, in the region of Provence, only 65km outside of Marseille. Toulon is a historic city with a beautiful natural harbor, which has many shops and cafes to spend your time while waiting to catch a ferry. Toulon is also a great place to spend a weekend or longer as the city offers a lot of activities and a beautiful landscape to explore. You can get to Toulon by plane to the Toulon Hyères Airport, located 24 km outside of the port, or by the A50 motorway that connects Toulon with Marseille and the rest of France. 

The Mount Faron, dominates the city view and you should definitely take the cable car and climb to its top: the panoramic view is breathtaking! Other places of interest in Toulon are:

  1. The city fountains, especially the ‘Tres delfines’ 
  2. The Maritime Museum
  3. The Opera of Toulon
  4. The Provencal market of ‘Cours Lafayette’

Red cable car that takes you from Toulon to the top of the Mount Faron, view Toulon port, ferry routes

During your stay in Toulon, you should try the local food, which combines the Mediterranean tastes with French cuisine. Make sure that you try the Cade, a local pancake with chickpea flour and olive oil, as well as the bouillabaisse soup, a delicious seafood stew. And as a typical Provencal city, Toulon is famous for its fertile soil and winemaking, so don’t miss the chance of doing some wine tasting or go to wine-tasting-tour! 

Tip: If you find yourself in Toulon around July, make sure that you check the summer jazz festival that takes place in the city. The music festival gives a lively vibe in the city and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of Toulon with an amazing soundtrack by renowned musicians!  

How to book your ferry tickets from Toulon

Toulon is a great option to travel by ferry from the south of France to Corsica, Italy and the Balearic islands! On Ferryhopper you will find all the available ferry routes from Toulon to book your ferry tickets, easily, fast and in the best prices! 

Toulon has direct ferry connections with 1 ports:

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