5 beautiful villages on the Amalfi Coast

Our personal ranking!

The Amalfi Coast has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is one of those unique places that impress even the most demanding travelers. With quaint villages clinging to dramatic cliffsides, views of the sea and the intoxicating scent of lemon groves filling the air, the most impressive coast of Italy is like a dream come true!

Now, you might be wondering which are the most beautiful seaside villages on the Amalfi Coast. On Ferryhopper, after thorough thinking, we’ve made a list of villages to visit. Keep reading and find the one that speaks to your heart!

The village of Atrani in Italy and its beach

The characteristic village of Atrani and its beach

The most beautiful villages on the Amalfi Coast: our ranking

With a total length of 55 km, the Amalfi Coast combines rich history, sea, fun, culture, and great food.

Most locations become crowded, while others remain hidden, waiting for you to discover their secrets. Out of the 13 villages on the Amalfi Coast, we chose the ones that have something unique to offer.

These are the 5 villages of the Amalfi Coast that are absolutely worth a visit.

1. Atrani

Found in the valley close to the river Dragone, between crystal clear waters and cliffs, Atrani is the smallest municipality in Italy. Despite its size, it’s definitely worth a visit and has a lot to offer.

The village is 1 km from Amalfi, making it an ideal gateway destination, away from nearby crowded and touristy locations.

Enjoy its stunning beach, take photos of its famous stairs and go to Piazzetta, the village’s main square, for some limoncello. Atrani is all about enjoying the little moments.

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2. Cetara

Located on the slopes of Falerio, Cetara carries on the traditions of the past. Its name derives from the ancient cetaria (meaning tuna-fishing nets), as the village is a popular fishing spot for tuna and anchovies.

Visit one of the restaurants at the port, try out spaghetti with anchovy sauce or have a delicious cuoppo (fresh fish and seafood rolled up in paper) and wander around the alleys of the village. Make sure to go to the village’s baroque church and admire the ancient tower on the coast.

If you’ve got enough time, we recommend swimming at Spiaggia degli Innamorati, a secluded cove for romantic, idyllic moments.

Important: you can travel from Salerno to Cetara by ferry in just 10-20 minutes!

Colorful houses line the harbor in the fishing village of Cetara, Italy

Harborside charm in Cetara, Italy

3. Praiano

The impressive village of Praiano offers magnificent views and is ideal for those who want to combine the mountain and the sea.

From the petit village of Vettica Maggiore, you can admire the gulf of Positano, the Li Galli islands and even the breathtaking Faraglioni of Capri. And let’s not forget the amazing views of the sunset!

As you go downhill in Praiano, you can reach the small beach Marina di Praia. Surrounded by stone walls, you can admire its historic tower, which was a fortress against the Saracens, and go for a refreshing swim.

You can reach Praiano by SITA buses from Sorrento or opt for the scenic Sorrento - Positano ferry ride and continue to Praiano by bus or cab.

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4. Vietri sul Mare

If you’re a fan of culture and rich traditions, then Vietri sul Mare is for you. This charming village, the first Amalfi Coast gem you'll encounter south of Salerno, boasts a captivating cultural scene. Best of all, getting there from Salerno is a breeze – the Salerno - Vietri sul Mare ferry ride takes just 5 minutes!

Known across the globe for its ceramics, this village welcomes you with its unique creations. As you walk through Corso Umberto, you can admire beautiful vases, plates and other crafts in beautiful colors.

Every corner of Vietri sul Mare is a work of art: from the imposing temple of San Giovanni Battista to its buildings and the Villa Communale (which bears resemblance to Park Güell in Barcelona). With so many wonders, Vietri sul Mare is an unparalleled village in Italy!

A ceramic mosaic in Vietri sul Mare, Italy

An extraordinary ceramic mosaic in the streets of Vietri sul Mare

5. Positano

Putting this as our #1 choice might have been a little too expected, since this is the most famous settlement on the Amalfi Coast. We could go on and on about its majestic beauty.

With its scenic alleys, colorful houses and numerous stairs, the village of Positano is among the most popular in the world. Wear your most comfy pair of shoes and start exploring Positano. Highlights include its port, Spiaggia Grande (Marina Grande beach) and then the pedestrian street that leads you to the center of Positano.

Browse through its boutiques and shop for local handmade souvenirs. And once you reach the top of the settlement, ideally at sunset, you can admire breathtaking views of the sea. Positano, after all, never disappoints!

The village of Positano and the Marina Grande beach in Italy

Panoramic view of the village of Positano and the Marina Grande beach

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