Moby Lines Livorno - Olbia ferry: a complete guide

Ferries, Schedules & Prices

Moby Lines ferries to Olbia (Sardinia) from Livorno run all year round with 1-2 daily crossings. In this page, you can find all the information you need about the Livorno - Olbia route: timetables, prices, duration, as well as ferry amenities and services.

The Moby Fantasy ferry of Moby Lines sailing

The spacious and quick Moby Fantasy ferry

Moby Lines Sardinia ferry schedules from Livorno

The Livorno - Olbia route is operated by Moby Lines throughout the year with 2 daily crossings in the high season: one ferry in the morning and one evening departure. In the low season, there are 1 or 2 daily departures.

In the summer months, the morning ferry usually leaves Livorno at 09:30 and reaches Olbia around 17:30. The evening ferry is overnight: it normally departs at 22:00 and arrives in Olbia the next morning around 07:00.

Departure Arrival Starting price Duration
09:30 17.30 €39.20 8 hr
22:00 07:00 €44.20 9 hr

In the low season, the morning ferry usually leaves at 10:00 and arrives around 19:00.

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Livorno - Olbia ferry ticket prices

Moby Lines standard ferry tickets for the Livorno - Olbia connection start at approximately €39 and can cost up to over €100.

Τicket prices depend mainly on the season. Moreover, the morning crossing is usually cheaper than the evening one.

Discounts and offers

Bear in mind that infants and toddlers up to 3 years old travel free of charge on Moby Lines ferries to Sardinia, while children 4-11 years old are entitled to 50% discount. The company also offers 75% discount or more to Sardinia residents.

The operator also promotes seasonal offers for this and other Sardinia ferry routes. For example, in summer 2024 you can take advantage of:

There are also special discounts for trips with campers, caravans, trailers, and vans.

The port area and city of Livorno in Tuscany, Italy

The port area and lovely city of Livorno in Tuscany

Livorno - Olbia ferry trip with Moby Lines

Find out all about the ferry trip to Sardinia with Moby Lines starting from Livorno: duration, vehicle transportation, cabins, vessel characteristics and pet amenities.

How long is the ferry trip from Livorno to Olbia?

The Livorno - Olbia crossing with Moby Lines normally takes 8 hours or 9 hours, depending on the vessel serving the route.

Where is the port of Livorno?

The port of Livorno is located in the city of Livorno in Tuscany, and is one of most important in the Mediterranean. Ferries to Sardinia depart from Molo Capitaneria pier, located at the old port of Livorno.

The port is easily accessible by bus: you can reach it from Livorno's central train station and stop at Piazza Grande, which is near the port area. As for parking, there are several paid car parks near the marina entrance.

Which Moby Lines ferries travel between Livorno and Olbia?

There are normally 2 Moby Lines ferries operating on the Livorno - Olbia connection:

The twin vessels are actually two of the largest ferries in the world. They can accommodate up to 3,000 passengers each and can carry up to 1,300 cars. They are equipped with approximately 441 cabins and provide excellent on-board services. They also offer great dining options, as they have 2 bars (one of which is external), a bistrot, and an à la carte restaurant. In addition, there’s a children's area and a playroom on board, which makes them perfect picks for families.

Important: on Moby Lines vessels there are no luggage restrictions.

Restaurant with tables, chairs and glasses on the Moby Fantasy vessel

Chic restaurant area inside the Moby Fantasy

How much does it cost to bring my car on the Livorno - Olbia ferry?

Car and van prices on Moby Lines ferries normally start at around €86. As for motorcycle tickets, prices start at around €50.

Can I book a cabin?

Yes, you can. In fact, there are several cabin types available that you can choose from: interior or exterior (with or without sea view), 2-bed cabins, cabins for 4, suites for 4 or with double bed, as well as pet cabins. Some of the cabins have bathrooms, showers and A/C.

Cabin prices start at around €84, depending on the type of cabin. As cabins usually sell out fast, we recommend booking at least 1 month before your trip.

Can I bring my pet on the Olbia - Livorno ferry?

Yes, pets are welcome on Moby Lines ferries traveling to Sardinia. You just have to include them in your booking and pay a fee.

Pets should be recently vaccinated. Therefore, make sure to bring along updated health certificates. Also, remember to bring a muzzle and leash for your dog.

Pets are allowed on the external decks of the ship, but are not allowed to enter cabins, ferry lounges and communal areas.

Tip: the best option for traveling between Olbia and Livorno with your pet(s), is booking a pet-friendly cabin that can accommodate up to 3 pets.

Dog on a Moby Lines ferry deck

Excited Moby Lines passenger, ready to sail off to Sardinia

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