Useful facts about the Greek ferries: the ultimate guide

It's a fact, Greek ferries are fun!

You’ve probably heard various myths and tales about the Greek ferries. However, what is the truth behind the myth, right? Read our guide on Ferryhopper to find some useful facts and information about the Greek ferries:

A panoramic view of the port of Chios in Greece

A panoramic view of the beautiful port of Chios in Greece

Are there ferries between the Greek islands?

Apart from ferry routes between the mainland and the islands, there are also ferry companies operating crossings between the Greek islands. Depending on the ferry route, there are seasonal crossings or ferry trips active all year round.

So, before starting planning your ferry trip, make sure to check the available ferry crossings on our Map of ferries.

Tip: if you’re thinking of traveling between the Greek islands, you can go island hopping in the Small Cyclades and enjoy sunny and carefree holidays by the sea.

Is it better to fly or take a ferry to the Greek islands? 

On most Greek islands there is no airport. Therefore, we suggest you take a ferry to the Greek islands. That way, you can skip the long check-in procedure at the airport and enjoy the sea breeze and warm sun from the ferry deck instead. Plus, summer and sun go great with ferry trips, don’t they?

Do ferries depart from Athens ports to the Greek islands?

There are many ferry crossings between the ports of Athens (Piraeus, Rafina, Lavrion) and the Greek Islands. Most of the ferries depart from the port of Piraeus in Athens. However, depending on your destination, it may be more convenient to catch your ferry from Rafina or Lavrion

Tip: ferries depart from the ports of Athens to Hydra, Spetses and the Argosaronic islands, Cyclades, Dodecanese, Northeastern Aegean islands, Crete, and Euboea. So, if you’re planning to take the ferry, you can also read our suggestions for day trips from Athens to nearby islands.

Do Greek island ferries sell out?

Not all Greek ferries sell out. However, we suggest you book your ferry trip in advance, especially if you're planning to take your vehicle aboard. Also, you should keep in mind that some Greek ferries are seasonal and have limited onboard seating.

Tip: if you’re into island hopping, plan your trip and have an amazing vacation in the Greek islands. You can also read our article about the ultimate Greek island hopping tour to get some ideas for your holidays!

The port of Adamantas in Milos

Ferry departing from the port of Adamantas in Milos

Is it cheaper to book Greek ferries in advance?

If you are wondering how to get the best price on a Greek ferry, the answer is simple! By booking your ferry tickets in advance you can find early booking offers and choose among different companies before the ferry tickets are sold out.

Therefore, you can book cheaper ferry tickets, save some money and choose the best ferry company for a more comfortable trip.

What is a deck space on a ferry?

The deck space is the outdoor area on the ferry that is often equipped with tables and seats for the passengers. Therefore, if you book a deck ticket, you can choose from the available seats on the ferry deck and enjoy the sun, the breeze, and the stunning sea views.

Can you travel with your pet on a Greek ferry?

Most ferry companies in Greece are pet-friendly and offer specially designed cabins for your pet, kennels, or special areas on the ferry deck.

Therefore, you can travel with your pet on a Greek ferry with ease and comfort. However, before your trip, do not forget to check the ferry company’s pet policy and see what documents are required for your pet. 

Can you bring luggage on board Greek ferries?

Ferry companies in Greece are usually quite flexible regarding the number of items, luggage size, and weight.  Also, if you’re wondering where to leave your luggage, you can normally find the luggage storage on the bottom level on most conventional and large high-speed Greek ferries.

However, depending on the size of the vessel and the ferry company, there are various luggage racks on the deck or near the entrance.

Tip: keep in mind that there is no check-in procedure for luggage items. 

The deck of a Greek ferry at the sunset

Gazing at the horizon on the deck of the ferry

Can you bring your car on a ferry to Greece?

Yes, you can travel with a vehicle on the majority of the ferries in Greece. Most conventional and high-speed ferries provide the service of vehicle transfer.

Good to Know: you are not allowed to stay in your car or visit the car deck during the ferry trip for safety reasons

Where can you sleep on a Greek ferry?

If you’re planning to take an overnight ferry ride or you have a long trip ahead, it's better to book a cabin. Cabins are available on most Greek ferries for the long ferry routes between the mainland and the Greek Islands. 

Therefore, you can choose between single, double, family cabins, and pet cabins and enjoy a comfortable trip. Also, most Greek ferries offer cabins specially designated for people with disabilities

And now, the big question! Is it cold in the Greek ferries? It depends on the weather conditions, the season, and the vessel. However, during the hot summer months, the air conditioning on most Greek ferries can make the indoor spaces quite chilly

We know that when it’s 36°C outside, you won’t be thinking of packing warm clothes. However, we suggest you bring a jacket or a light scarf to wear on the ferry deck, in case it gets windy or if it's cold inside due to the air conditioning.

How long before the ferry departure should you leave?

If you don’t want to get off to a bad start on your vacation, you should arrive at the port at least 1 hour before your ferry's departure time.

Holidays are all about relaxation and carefree time so avoid stressing out or waiting in long lines. Also, if you’re traveling with your vehicle and still need to collect your ferry tickets, it's recommended to arrive at least 90 minutes earlier at the port.

Do ferries in Greece make you seasick?

It can be windy during July and August due to the strong winds (meltemia) in the Aegean Sea. Therefore, whether or not being prone to motion sickness, we suggest you have Dramamine with you. 

Lights at the old port of Mykonos at night

The old port of Mykonos in the nightlight

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