Island hopping in the Aegadian Islands

4 days to discover the archipelago

Are you planning to visit the Aegadian Islands, but only have a few days for your trip? Say no more! Follow our guide to organize the perfect island-hopping ferry trip and discover 3 islands in 4 days.

Don’t believe us? Pack your best hiking shoes and let us show you how it's done! 😎

Panoramic view of the coast of Trapani and the nearby Aegadian archipelago

The coast of Trapani and the nearby Aegadian archipelago

4-day trip to the Aegadian Islands from Trapani

The Aegadian (Egadi) Islands, off the west coast of Sicily, are surely one of the most beautiful archipelagos in Italy. Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo are the 3 major islands and the only inhabited ones, although the islet of Formica and the rock of Maraone are also included in the group.

The port of Trapani is the closest port to the archipelago, which is why we decided to start our 4-day itinerary from here. First stop: Favignana, the biggest island, where we’ll stay for 2 nights. Then, off to the wild Marettimo and last but not least, we’ll devote 1 day to the small Levanzo, before taking our ferry back to Trapani.

Breathtaking beaches and unspoiled nature awaits you. Are you ready to set sail?

Day 1: Ferry from Trapani to Favignana + first exploration of the island

Taking the first ferry to Favignana from Trapani is the best idea if you want to enjoy the whole day on the island. The route is operated by Liberty Lines and Siremar with several daily crossings. The crossing takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Take a good spot on the deck of the ferry and enjoy the view! Arriving at the port of Favignana is an amazing experience, thanks to the beauty of the scenery, the crystal clear waters and the characteristic butterfly-like shape of the island.

Start exploring Favignana from its historic center by delving into its narrow alleys and enjoy a typical Sicilian breakfast in the cafes of Piazza Europa. From here, your next stop could be the former Florio factory, one of the largest and most famous tuna fisheries in the Mediterranean. The complex can be accessed only with a guided tour, so you will need to book yours in advance.

After this cultural activity, you have 2 options: stroll around the traditional little stores on Vittorio Emanuele Street or head to the beach for a swim. The small Praia beach is very close to the Florio factory, but if you want to enjoy some peace far from the crowds, we suggest Lido Burrone beach or Marasolo beach to the south.

The former Florio factory in Favignana

Part of the former Florio factory in Favignana.

Before sunset, you should wear your comfortable shoes and climb up to Santa Caterina Castle, one of Favignana's most beautiful attractions. Located at the highest point on the island, you can reach it by walk through an uphill trail, by bicycle, scooter or taxi.

The view is particularly charming at sunset. Along the trail you’ll be able to admire the Mediterranean scrub and maybe even spot tuff quarries.

No better way to end the day than dining at the port of the island. Try the couscous, the “neonata” fritters, the spaghetti with sea urchins, or go to Kebabberia di tonno to try the real "treat" of the island, the tuna kebab!

Day 2: Diving in the coves of Favignana + sunset at the lighthouse

Favignana's coastline hides bays and coves with unequaled charm, so we suggest you to save your second day to explore the most beautiful ones.

Keep in mind that most beaches have no services and can only be reached by boat. You can rent one or join guided tours to visit them.

Dive into the turquoise waters of Cala Rossa and Cala Azzurra, the most famous on the island, or go as far as Cala Rotonda with its “Arch of Ulysses” and admire the tufa cliffs of Bue Marino beach.

Tip: remember to always wear rock shoes while exploring the coves of Favignana, especially if you’re going to swim and snorkel around.

The tuff cliffs of Bue Marino beach in Favignana

The beautiful Bue Marino beach in Favignana

After a reinvigorating swim, it’s time for another magical experience: sunset at the Punta Sottile lighthouse. Located in the southeastern part of the island, it offers breathtaking views extending to Marettimo and Levanzo.

Keep in mind that the only way to reach the lighthouse is on foot or by bicycle through a fairly challenging 2.5 km trail. Trust us, the spectacular views are worth the effort!

Day 3: Ferry to Marettimo + castle + more beaches

After Favignana, it is time to continue our adventure to Marettimo, the most remote of the archipelago. The fastest Favignana - Marettimo ferry takes only 30 minutes to arrive in Marettimo!

The castle of Punta Troia will be the first thing you notice while approaching the island, and also the first place we recommend you visit. Admission is free and the view from this small promontory is really fantastic. Today the castle hosts many exhibitions and events, even international ones. It also houses the Museum of Prisons and an observatory of the Mediterranean Monk Seal.

For the rest of the day, we suggest you to explore the wild and untouched coast of the island. Marettimo is in fact famous for its secluded coves and 400 sea caves that you can discover by boat. Scalo Vecchio beach is the closest to the port, but you can also walk to the beautiful Praia Nacchi and Rotolo Beach.

For the hiking lovers, don’t miss the challenging trails that lead to Cala Nera, Cala Manione and Zotta Muletti.

The castle of Punta Troia and the rocky coast of Marettimo

The rocky coast of Marettimo and the castle of Punta Troia standing out on the promontory

And if these natural wonders are not enough to make you fall in love with Marettimo, wait until you try the local cuisine. The restaurants of the island, all located in its only village, offer a variety of fresh seafood dishes that are simply incredible! Among our favorites: La Cambusa and Al Carrubbo.

Tip: Marettimo is quite a small island, which means that accommodations are limited, especially in high season. You can find apartments and houses to rent around the port, just make sure book well in advance.

Day 4: Day trip to Levanzo + return to Trapani

We’re reaching the end of our trip, but it’s not over yet! Wake up early and jump on the ferry to Levanzo! The Marettimo - Levanzo ferry usually takes only 30 minutes. This will allow you to enjoy a full day on the island before returning to Trapani.

With its authentic and less touristy vibes, Levanzo is perfect if you want to relax on your last day of your trip. Start with a walk to Cala Dogana (the town of the island) and continue by visiting the Genovese Cave. This archaeological site is known for its graffiti dating back to the Paleolithic. Furthermore, it has allegedly been the home of the cyclops Polyphemus, according to the Homeric myth.

If you would rather enjoy some well-deserved relaxation, we suggest you to go to the beaches of Cala Fredda, Cala Faraglione or Cala Tramontana.

Another great idea is Cala Minnola, with a pine forest and wooden tables, perfect for a nice picnic. Step into a local bakery near the port and get the delicious levanzara-style cabbucio, to enjoy later on the beach!

Alternatively, if you would like to venture into the hiking trails of Levanzo, just put on your best shoes and head north. Hike to the lighthouse of Cape Grosso and get ready to take lots of photos!

Tip: keep in mind that you can only transfer your vehicle on Siremar ferries.

Hikers at the lighthouse of Capo Grosso, Levanzo

Group of hikers at the lighthouse of Capo Grosso, Levanzo

Although we'd love to stay here forever, it is now time to return home. Keep in mind that the last ferry to Trapani from Levanzo is at 20:00 and the trip takes about 50 min.

So, are you ready for this 4-day island-hopping adventure? The Aegadian Islands are waiting for you! On Ferryhopper you can book your ferries and plan your itinerary in just a few clicks, with no hidden costs. Sail away to explore these hidden gems of the Mediterranean Sea!